Summer Hair Protection

Don’t take your tresses for granted

Summer is here, and while we’re all pretty mindful about protecting our skin with sunscreen and moisturizers, most of us don’t realize our hair needs protecting too! So, unless you’re gunning for limp locks that look more fried than sun-kissed, make these precautions part of your beauty routine ASAP.
Shampoo Rules: Sulfate-Free and Sparingly
You need not have a keratin treatment to enjoy the benefits of shampoo sans-sulfates. Sulfate-free shampoos are more delicate than the alternative and strip less moisture from your hair, especially if you use them less often. Try washing once or twice a week depending on your hair texture.
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…
Ingesting plenty of water isn’t just good for your skin and your body – it’s vital for healthy hair, so drink up. Also, add a cold water rinse to the end of your shower and find a nourishing conditioner or after conditioning oil with plenty of omega-3 oils to seal in the moisture.
Air Dry over Hair Dry
If all possible, let your hair air dry during the summer months. Sound scary? Worry not, the right products will keep it healthy and tame the frizzies.
Hair Mask Magic
Face masks may be all the rage this year, but hair masks are not far behind. The right mud mask can soften, smooth and tame your tresses. You’ll wish you’d started using them sooner.

SPF on Top
The reasoning here may or may not be obvious. It’s not just your hair that can get sun damaged; it’s your scalp! A good head scarf, hat, or even a ponytail will keep your hair and scalp safe. A swim cap will also help, especially in chlorinated pools. Scalp SPF is a great option too. It comes in a powder form, and it will keep you from getting a dry, flaky scalp. After all, no one wants that. 
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