Springtime Sun Security

Protect it. Don’t neglect it.

As we move out of winter into the warmer days of spring, it can be easy to forget or neglect sun protection, since the sun feels cooler than in the summer and the mornings can even be cold.  However, even though the sun may not feel as intense, its effects can still be damaging to our skin; causing hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, dryness or even skin cancer. Here are some ways to safeguard your skin in the spring sun and beyond:
Wear SPF Everyday
If you wake up in the morning and see clouds, it is not a hall pass to skip on sunscreen. In fact, no matter what time of year it is, applying sunscreen is a must to protect your skin. During the winter months you may apply an SPF of 15 or 20. Once springtime hits, be sure to check the expiration date of any sunscreens with an SPF of 30 or above; they may not be as effective if they’re from last year.
Adjust Depending on Your Activity
If you are going to work, wearing an SPF of 30 or above on your face might be sufficient. However if you are attending your child’s baseball game, or heading to a pool on spring break, you will need to apply sunscreen from head to toe. It is also important to understand the form of sunscreen you are applying; whether it is a synthetic sunscreen with chemicals such as oxybenzone or avobenzone, or a physical sunblock with ingredients such as zinc or titanium dioxide. Synthetic sunscreens need to be applied at least 20 minutes before going out in the sun in order to be effective. They also tend to be thinner formulas and can spread and blend easily into the skin, which is a plus for daily use under makeup. Physical sunblocks sit on top of the skin and offer protection against both UVA and UVB rays naturally. They tend to be good choices for activities such as beach or pool days.
Don’t Forget to Reapply
No matter what form of sunscreen you choose, the most important point is to reapply throughout the day. In the summer while at a pool or a beach, most of us are aware to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. This is just as important during the spring time, especially if you are swimming at a pool or sweating. A good idea is to set your phone alarm for every 2 hours and reapply to protect your skin.  
Safe, Stylish Sun Attire
Spring weather is a great time to wear fashion that shields your skin and looks chic at the same time. A long sleeve shirt and wide brimmed hat are ideal to defend your skin against the sun’s harmful rays. At the pool, it might be a rash guard and straw hat, while during lunch with friends it could be a floppy hat paired with a white long sleeve button down shirt and jean

Nina Sutton is a TV host, spokesperson and beauty/lifestyle expert. She specializes in mommy beauty and style.  She is also one of the winners of People Magazine’s “Real Beauty at Every Age” contest and was featured in the April 2012 “Most Beautiful” issue. With an MBA and a business background in beauty, fashion and consumer packaged goods, Nina brings real world expertise to audiences around the country. 


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