Elevate Your Face Powder Know-How

Get the most out of this makeup must have

Face powder is one of the hardest working products in your makeup kit. It keeps makeup in place, creates a pore-less finish and helps cope with oil production during the day. Choosing a face powder can be confusing if you’re not clear on what type to use—pressed, loose, tinted, or translucent—and exactly how to use it. Here’s what you need to know:

Pressed Powder offers more coverage than loose powder and because it’s firm and comes in a compact, it’s the best choice for carrying around in your bag for touch ups. Use it to set your foundation after it dries. Later in the day, press powder around your nose, chin and forehead with a puff or sponge to tone down shine when sweat and oils break through.

Loose Powder comes in a jar rather than a compact and makes for a dewier, more natural finish over foundation and concealer. If you are oily and need extra shine relief, it can be layered on for a heavier matte look and is best applied with a brush. Dust on JAFRA Skin Perfecting Translucent Loose Powder for a smooth finish to your morning makeup routine.

Tinted Powders that match your skin tone are available in both pressed and loose forms. Apply after foundation is dry and before applying blush and other color cosmetics. Along with foundation, tinted powders add extra coverage to help even out your complexion and keep makeup looking fresh longer. When used on their own, without foundation, they may be all you need to run out the door quickly with just a little bit of polish. JAFRA Skin Balancing Pressed Powder is a non-drying formula available in six shades.

Translucent Powder matches all skin tones when blended well. This transparent powder also gives holding power to color cosmetics without changing the colors. Brush a light layer over your blush, dust it over your eyelids and apply a little to your lips before adding color. 

Daina Hulet spent ten years as the west coast editor for Glamour magazine covering beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She has also written freelance articles for national publications and created content for corporate fashion and beauty websites.


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