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Question: How do I remove gel nails?

Having gel nails and using gel polish formulas can do real damage to your nails if removed improperly.

Don’t peel! You may actually be removing the top layer of your nail. Yikes!
The soaking process that uses acetone for an extended period of time can be harmful, as it can severely dehydrate your nails and hands. The foil process is better for nails, where you buff the surface of your nail and soak a cotton ball in the acetone. Place the cotton ball on your nail, and then wrap each finger with a small piece of tinfoil. Your gels should slide off in about 15 minutes.

Avoid getting gel manicures back-to-back, give your nail beds some time to breathe and bounce back hydration wise. When you’re in between gels, be sure to hydrate your hands and nails with cuticle oil and use a nail polish remover that hydrates, like our Conditioning Lacquer Remover. When you get back to gels, try our 2-step Beyond Brilliant Gel Nail Lacquer for salon-status nails with no UV light.    
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