Beauty Solutions: Curl Class

Learn how to loop those locks just right to get the look you want

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Question: How should I curl my hair?
Crave-worthy curls got you all worked up? Don’t worry! Here are a few different techniques to achieve the coiled tresses you desire.

Braids – Braids are a fast, easy way to get a quick curl. Braid your hair into even sections (2 or more, depending on how thick your hair is) and clamp your flat iron down for five seconds on each section of the braid, working your way down. Repeat on the other braid(s). To finish, take the braids out and rake through using your fingers. Don’t brush!

“S” Waves - Nicci Welsh’s now infamous S wave method is another way to get some speedy spirals. Instead of using the flat iron in an up-and-down motion, push a 1 to 2-inch section of your hair into an "S" shape and give it a quick tap with a flat iron to set it. Alternate directions all the way down that section of hair and repeat as desired. This technique gives you more control over the location and size of your curls.

Wrap Curls – For a standard flat iron curl, start with roughly dried hair, combing out any tangles with your fingers. Next, wrap a one-inch section of hair around the top plate of the flat iron, wrapping it away from your face. Gently ease your straightener down the lengths of the strand, and release, stopping about two inches before the ends, leaving them uncurled. Repeat. For loose texture, do a few hair flips and shake out your new waves.

Heat-Free Curling – Not into the hot? No sweat! There are tons of heat-free curling options out there. Braiding your hair while it’s damp and letting it set overnight works well and you can use braids of different styles and sizes to get different looks. You can also wrap your hair around baby wipes in small sections for tighter curls. You can even spritz the wipes with water and use them again. Get softer ringlets by placing a headband around your head and twisting your hair up and around the headband. The smaller the sections, the tighter your curls will be. Just keep the headband on for a few hours and you’re good to go.

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