Beauty Solutions: Curl Class

Learn how to loop those locks just right to get the look you want

Beauty problem? Don’t freak! We’ve got your back. Beauty Solutions discusses the ins and outs of the most common beauty issues, so your beauty routine gets better with every read.

Question: How should I curl my hair?
Crave-worthy curls got you all worked up? Don’t worry! Here are a few different techniques to achieve the coiled tresses you desire.

Braids – Braids are a fast, easy way to get a quick curl. Braid your hair into even sections (2 or more, depending on how thick your hair is) and clamp your flat iron down for five seconds on each section of the braid, working your way down. Repeat on the other braid(s). To finish, take the braids out and rake through using your fingers. Don’t brush!

“S” Waves - Nicci Welsh’s now infamous S wave method is another way to get some speedy spirals. Instead of using the flat iron in an up-and-down motion, push a 1 to 2-inch section of your hair into an "S" shape and give it a quick tap with a flat iron to set it. Alternate directions all the way down that section of hair and repeat as desired. This technique gives you more control over the location and size of your curls.

Wrap Curls – For a standard flat iron curl, start with roughly dried hair, combing out any tangles with your fingers. Next, wrap a one-inch section of hair around the top plate of the flat iron, wrapping it away from your face. Gently ease your straightener down the lengths of the strand, and release, stopping about two inches before the ends, leaving them uncurled. Repeat. For loose texture, do a few hair flips and shake out your new waves.

Heat-Free Curling – Not into the hot? No sweat! There are tons of heat-free curling options out there. Braiding your hair while it’s damp and letting it set overnight works well and you can use braids of different styles and sizes to get different looks. You can also wrap your hair around baby wipes in small sections for tighter curls. You can even spritz the wipes with water and use them again. Get softer ringlets by placing a headband around your head and twisting your hair up and around the headband. The smaller the sections, the tighter your curls will be. Just keep the headband on for a few hours and you’re good to go.

Beauty Solutions: Gel Education

Are you going about this nail trend the right way? Keep reading…

If you’ve got a beauty question, we’ve got the answer! Beauty Solutions discusses the common beauty questions that keep some of us wondering. Look for new Beauty Solutions on Beauty Scene to see which beauty head-scratcher we take on next!
Question: How do I remove gel nails?

Having gel nails and using gel polish formulas can do real damage to your nails if removed improperly.

Don’t peel! You may actually be removing the top layer of your nail. Yikes!
The soaking process that uses acetone for an extended period of time can be harmful, as it can severely dehydrate your nails and hands. The foil process is better for nails, where you buff the surface of your nail and soak a cotton ball in the acetone. Place the cotton ball on your nail, and then wrap each finger with a small piece of tinfoil. Your gels should slide off in about 15 minutes.

Avoid getting gel manicures back-to-back, give your nail beds some time to breathe and bounce back hydration wise. When you’re in between gels, be sure to hydrate your hands and nails with cuticle oil and use a nail polish remover that hydrates, like our Conditioning Lacquer Remover. When you get back to gels, try our 2-step Beyond Brilliant Gel Nail Lacquer for salon-status nails with no UV light.    

Elevate Your Face Powder Know-How

Get the most out of this makeup must have

Face powder is one of the hardest working products in your makeup kit. It keeps makeup in place, creates a pore-less finish and helps cope with oil production during the day. Choosing a face powder can be confusing if you’re not clear on what type to use—pressed, loose, tinted, or translucent—and exactly how to use it. Here’s what you need to know:

Pressed Powder offers more coverage than loose powder and because it’s firm and comes in a compact, it’s the best choice for carrying around in your bag for touch ups. Use it to set your foundation after it dries. Later in the day, press powder around your nose, chin and forehead with a puff or sponge to tone down shine when sweat and oils break through.

Loose Powder comes in a jar rather than a compact and makes for a dewier, more natural finish over foundation and concealer. If you are oily and need extra shine relief, it can be layered on for a heavier matte look and is best applied with a brush. Dust on JAFRA Skin Perfecting Translucent Loose Powder for a smooth finish to your morning makeup routine.

Tinted Powders that match your skin tone are available in both pressed and loose forms. Apply after foundation is dry and before applying blush and other color cosmetics. Along with foundation, tinted powders add extra coverage to help even out your complexion and keep makeup looking fresh longer. When used on their own, without foundation, they may be all you need to run out the door quickly with just a little bit of polish. JAFRA Skin Balancing Pressed Powder is a non-drying formula available in six shades.

Translucent Powder matches all skin tones when blended well. This transparent powder also gives holding power to color cosmetics without changing the colors. Brush a light layer over your blush, dust it over your eyelids and apply a little to your lips before adding color. 

Beauty Travel Must-Haves

Tips to make your next trip a little easier

Whether you travel for work or are heading off to vacation, packing your beauty products is one of the most important parts of your trip; especially when you have to fit your carry-on liquids into a quart-sized clear plastic bag! There are definitely some beauty products that are essential travel companions. Here is a guide to makeup, skincare and haircare that should make your voyage:
Multi-tasking products are a girl’s best friend while travelling. Starting with your foundation, opt for a cream to powder foundation, such as JAFRA’s Cream to Powder Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15, which goes on like a cream but sets like a powder and allows you buildable coverage. A creamy, solid concealer can cover up dark circles and blemishes or can be used on your upper lids to brighten up your eyes. Define your eyes with a self-sharpening, automatic eyeliner pencil in black or brown (you can also smudge the eyeliner in the outer corners of your eyelids for an evening look). Your eyebrows should not be forgotten; pack a dual-ended eyebrow pencil/ highlighter, such as JAFRA’s Brow Define and Lift Duo. Not only can you define your eyebrows and brow bone, but you can use the highlighter on the tops of your cheeks or inner corners of your eyes for a night out on the town. Another travel essential is a neutral lip pencil. Similar to the eyeliner, pack an automatic pencil so you do not need to worry about sharpening and use it to define and fill in your lips, or even to spot cover a pimple. Finally, finish your face with a creamy lip crayon; it’s portable, easy and perfect for on-the-go.
Skin Care
Just like your makeup, your skin care needs to multitask while you travel to be effective. Pack your favorite cleanser (if it’s over three ounces, take a small sample in a travel-sized bottle) and two moisturizers; one daytime moisturizer that has an SPF and your favorite night cream. Another skin care essential is a power-packed moisture balm, such as JAFRA’s Royal Jelly Extra Soothing Balm, which can be used on dry cuticles, elbows, knees or even to slick down fly-away hair.
Hair Care
In addition to your daily shampoo and conditioner (placed in carry-on size bottles), pack a multi-tasking hair treatment, such as JAFRA’s Hair Detangling and Shine Spray. Your other essential items should be a travel-sized brush and no-tangle ponytail bands for hair that is always polished and styled. 
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