Holiday Gaze

Bold eye looks for the holiday season

We’re all about after dark celebrations any time of the year, but during the holiday season, the night takes on a different kind of life. If you haven’t had a minute to think about your holiday look, we’ve got your back. Have fun this holiday season by taking a chance with your eye makeup. JAFRA’s Adorisse Eyeshadow Palette has black, blue, silver, plum and pink hues that are all perfect for a fearless holiday eye. Here’s some inspiration to get your started:
Fireside Eyes
Blend the black and blue shades in the Adorisse Eyeshadow Palette for a sultry dark and smokey look.
Pro Tip: Blue shades make brown eyes pop! Use it on the inside corners of your eyes for a little intrigue.
Sugar Plum Perfection
A beautiful plum eyeshadow looks especially festive with black liner, some dramatic mascara and a glossy, nude lip. Rosy hues complement any skin tone and eye color.
To make things more dramatic, try winging your liner or mixing your plum shadow with gold or copper and you have an effortlessly glamorous look.
Fabulous and a little futuristic. Let the light of the night catch the silver on your lids with the most metallic option of the Adorisse Palette. Pair it with a bold, brushed up brow for a look that is super subtle and yet totally captivating.
Scent of the Season
Don’t forget to finish your look with Adorisse Night. It has season-appropriate notes of bergamot, neroli and creamy white chocolate.  A bold eye and a beautiful scent; it doesn’t get any more festive than that!

Quick Gifts

Gifts so easy, they practically give themselves!

Giving presents to the people we care about during the holiday season is a feel-good tradition. It’s a thoughtful way to show appreciation for our family, friends and co-workers, and strengthens the connections between us. Then there’s that warm, fuzzy feeling we get when we find just the right gift for a special someone on our list, and that’s nothing compared to how you feel when they open it! <3

The other side of this holiday coin can be stressful and expensive. Choosing just the right gift, wondering if we’ve spent too much or too little and finding the time to shop for everyone on your list can be daunting. So, to make gift giving a little simpler this season, we have exclusive Holiday Packages and Special Offers that will make last minute shopping personal, yet speedy.
For Men
Gifting the men in your life can be a challenge, but most of them could use some help staying stocked up on grooming supplies. For the men that you hold dear to your heart, choosing a men’s fragrance based on their tastes and needs makes for a meaningful gift. JAFRA Legend, Legend Hero and the latest men's fragrance, Xclusive Speed are all great gift picks.
For Moms
The mothers in your life will love these quality time gifts for baby and toddlers! The JAFRA Tender Moments Collection includes Delicate Baby Bottom Balm and Massage Cream that are perfect to add to a homemade Mom-themed gift basket. The One 2 Four Collection makes bath time a breeze with Toddler Hair Detangler and Shampoo. Anything that makes a mother’s life a little easier will be greatly appreciated for the holidays!
For The Chic and Sophisticated
For a gift that can’t miss, take her away to the City of Lights with the beautiful Paris et Moi fragrance. It comes in a special set for the holidays that includes a mini take-along bottle, a FREE Royal Jelly Luxury lipstick in a shade of your choice and a holiday ornament box. (You’ll probably want to treat yourself, too!)
For The BFF
For the woman on your list that you want to spoil with a very special gift, consider JAFRA skincare packages that include special care products for specific skin types and needs. The JAFRA Royal Jelly Ritual Gift Set is a great value for the holidays. Don’t forget to tell her about the Stay Royal Auto-Delivery Program after she falls in love with Royal Jelly. ;)
For All
‘Tis the season when almost everyone from your BFF to your coworkers could use a little pampering to soothe their dry winter hands. Hand care makes for an easy and useful gift for almost anyone! JAFRA’s Royal Jelly Hand Complex, Day Care for Hands with Broad Spectrum SPF 15 and Intellishield and Precious Protein Hand Cream are all great options. Add a gift certificate for a manicure to your best friend’s package, a pair of garden gloves for your mom to make it even more personal.

Happy Holidays to you and yours and happy gifting!

Beauty Solutions: The Dark Side

What you can do to send those dark circles packing

If you’ve got a problem, we’ve got your solution! Beauty Solutions tackles the most common beauty problems and makes your beauty routine a little easier with tips and tricks to fix them! This one is sure to make your day a little bit brighter (especially under your eyes).

Question: How do I get rid of bags/dark circles under my eyes?

All In The Family - Dark skin underneath the eyes can be a hereditary hurdle. If your parent or parents have hyperpigmentation in this area, you’re more likely to have it as well.

Zzz’s, H2O & SPF - Sleep can minimize discoloration around the eyes, as does staying hydrated. Avoid alcohol and salt, which can both dehydrate you and enhance any dark areas on your skin. Sunscreen is a must; it protects your skin and sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide help decrease skin pigmentation over time, which lightens skin overtime. 

Plump It Up - Daily moisturizers and eye creams with plumping ingredients can help if things look a little droopy, but be careful with certain ingredients when it comes to the sensitive skin around your eyes. Pink or peach toned cream correctors can keep you from looking fatigued during the day. Our CC Crème Concealer with SPF 20 is a great one; it’s the perfect pick-me-up for your lower lids. When they aren’t combined into one product, eye cream helps concealer go on smoother, so use both for the best results.

Mask It Out - A quick sheet mask specifically made for under-eye treatment is a great option for a more immediate lift. No one will ever know you’re running on 3 hours of sleep. ;)

Natural Light(ening) - Tomatoes and lemons both have lightening properties that can be harnessed for your dark circles. Just mix tomato juice and lemon juice in a 2:1 ratio and gently apply underneath your eyes for 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Repeat this process morning and night for 2-3 weeks for best results. Kojic acid and licorice extract can also be used to brighten and even skin tone.

Ghoulishly Gorgeous

Beauty inspiration for 4 fun Halloween looks

Halloween is quickly approaching and that means it’s time for all things spooky and sparkly! Your makeup can really take your Halloween attire to the next level. Here are a few ideas that will help you add a little “BOO!” to your beauty on the 31st.
The Sultry Cat
You can make this Halloween standard all yours this year! Start with CC Crème Broad Spectrum SPF 20 and the Contour Palette to even things out and define your features. A strong cheekbone contour can help give you a cat-like structure. Use Kajal Eyeliner for intense color around your eyes and lightly line your lips in black Eye Pencil to add some feline features to your face. Add whiskers and a nose with whichever one gives you more control over your creativity and use Cream Eyeliner to keep things in place (it’s waterproof!) Create a smokey eye with the darkest shade in the Adorisse Night Eyeshadow Palette and add a pop of color with Moisture Rich Lipstick in Red Satin, or cover just your top lip in black liner and connect it to the bottom of your drawn on nose as an alternative to a red pout. Put on a few coats of Lash Stretching Mascara and remember, there’s never been a better time to grab that Felt Tip Eyeliner for a dramatic cat eye.
The Mystical Unicorn
This is a fun one, because it’s all about your imagination! Start by brightening your eyes and defining your features with White Soufflé Highlighter and the Contour Palette. Then, use the Girl Squad All Eyes On Us Eyeshadow Palette and the All Night Long Felt Tip Eyeliner in the bright bold shade we call Feather to feel truly magical. The Girl Squad collection has the perfect high-pigment shades to make this look happen. Blend the colors as your see fit from your eyes to your cheeks, even down your neck. Finish it off with some Powder Blush in Sunset, a few swipes of Lash Stretching Mascara and a sweet Liquid Matte lip in the shade First Kiss. Add gems and sparkles for a fantasy feel. Your hair, ears and horn could be a fun DIY project!

The Mermaid Queen
Once you even things out with the Contour Palette and brighten things up with White Soufflé Highlighter, the Girl Squad Eyeshadow Pallet is all you really need to really get this look going. Pair it with the Girl Squad All Night Long Felt Tip Eyeliner in Feather and create lighter shades of teal and purple with the lightest shade of the Powder Eyeshadow Trio in Drama. Set this look out to sea with a little Lash Stretching MascaraMoisture Rich Lipstick in Rich Cabernet, a Clear Gloss Lip Tint and an aquatic-colored wig.

Tip: Use a pair of fishnets to give an amphibious texture to the color you apply to your face.
The Royal Goddess
Yaaas, queen! No, seriously. Get this regal look by defining your cheekbones with the Contour Palette. Use Inkwell Eyeliner to heavily line your eyes all the way around and Cream Eyeliner to solidfy your ultra-dramatic cat eye. Add golden accents to your face in the same places you would apply a highlighter for a regal Cleopatra-inspired look. Use the Powder Eyeshadow Trio in Amazonian for your eyes and give yourself a glow with Powder Blush in Havana Spice. Lightly layer Royal Jelly Luxe Shine Lip Gloss in Regal Peach over Royal Jelly Luxury Lipstick in Gilded Bronze for a glistening lip fit for a queen.
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