Jet-Setting Beauty Care

Tips to looking good post-touchdown

Warm weather is in full force, which means summer travel is here! However, we all know that being on an airplane, especially during a long flight can mean dry, worn-out skin. To top it off, airplane regulations limit the liquids and products that we can carry on with us, so here are some tips to make sure you arrive looking healthy, happy and pretty with limited use of lotions and potions.

Prep your carry-on
Since we are restricted to how much we can carry onto the plane and be stored in our suitcases, buy some small containers and transfer your favorite beauty products into them. On the airplane itself, be sure to have your favorite facial moisturizer, serum and hand cream on hand for easy reach.

Take it all off
Once you board the airplane it is time to take off any makeup during flight. The easiest, most portable solution are baby wipes; sweep one across your face for clean skin that is ready to be beauty treated! To swipe away stubborn eye-makeup, you can also “pre-dip” cotton swabs in makeup remover and take them with you in your quart size plastic bag.

Moisture mask
Now is the time to infuse moisture into your skin. Apply a thick layer of a rich moisturizer to your face (this way you will not have the look of a true face mask which may scare some people!). Follow with an eye cream and a hydrating lip balm to cover all bases. The last step is to moisturize your hands – something you will continue to do throughout the flight.

May I have some water please?
During the flight drink as much water as possible; take every chance you can to hydrate your body from the inside out. Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine since these can dehydrate you even more.

Arrival time
About 1 hour before landing, use another baby wipe to clean your face. Apply an antioxidant serum to recharge your skin; now you are ready for makeup. Keep your makeup simple - a CC cream with an SPF like JAFRA's CC Creme is your best bet; you can even out your skin tone, moisturize and protect at the same time. Use a creamy concealer to cover up any dark circles and now you have a polished face.

Color me pretty
Complete your face with a cream blush applied to your cheeks to attain a healthy glow. Touch up your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and sweep on a few coats of black mascara to open up your eyes. Your final step is to apply a neutral pink lip balm; look for pencil lip balms since these are TSA friendly! 

Get the Glow

Your Guide to this Season’s Fresh-faced Look

According to trend forecasters, fashion week runways and anyone in the know, makeup and style for summer 2016 skin should be dewy, glowing and natural. Sounds simple right? Good news – it is! A flawless, fresh-faced complexion doesn’t take as much work as you might think. Try these tips to get a naturally glowing look with minimal effort.

Start with your skin care
It’s true that makeup can do wonders, and good strobing is positively magical, however, to keep your maintenance to a minimum, start with a solid base - your face. Keep it hydrated with a rich, creamy moisturizer and smooth by exfoliating it at least once a week. Since summer is sun-exposure central when skin tends to dry out, think about introducing more moisture to your skin care regimen, and according to the experts, do that with Royal Jelly. Royal Jelly is a honey bee secretion packed with complex B vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, enzymes, natural antibiotic properties, and antibacterial properties that is best applied onto your face before bed at night, and then before you apply makeup in the morning. Try JAFRA’s Royal Jelly Longevity Balm.
Treat your mirror like a kitchen
When you think about it, the best chefs are skilled at combining ingredients or using them for dual purposes with surprising success. This same logic also applies to your makeup bag. For starters, rather than applying foundation then highlighter, add a drop of highlighter to your foundation, and then apply it with a brush or sponge; this creates a slight glow all over, which gives your face sheen, even if you keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum. On a similar note, blend a creamy matte lipstick and a gloss with sparkle and then pat a small amount onto your cheekbones for a youthful, flushed look. And if you want a little extra sheen, mix things up by adding a drop of coconut oil or avocado oil to your usual cream blush. It’s all about experimenting!
Finally, don’t forget your lips!
No dewy look is complete without a lightly hued, glossy pout, just make sure to keep it in the flesh, pink or coral families, so as not to overwhelm. In other words, super sheen and red or a 1990’s brown lip may be too much, but a soft, kissable mouth goes perfectly with your new, grown up girl glow.  


Make-up Brush Must-Haves

What to use, and with what

Since your face is the canvas and you are the artist, you should know that the makeup brush you use makes a big difference in how makeup glides onto your canvas and how it will dry. Even the size affects the artwork; it would be impossible to create intricate details with a large brush. These same principals apply when it comes to “painting” our faces; here is a guide to some essential makeup brushes every woman needs in her tool box!
Foundation brush
Ideal for liquid or cream foundations is a foundation brush, which has flat, wide bristles that allows you to create your perfect canvas. To use with liquid foundation, dot foundation around your face and use the brush to blend. To apply a cream formula, dab the brush directly into the compact and apply to your face, remembering to blend into your hairline and down to the neck.
Powder brush
A powder brush has large, fluffy bristles and should be used to dust powder onto your face to set your foundation. The large brush head allows for lightweight, yet even application without disturbing the other makeup on your face.
Blush brush
A blush brush is smaller than a powder brush and usually has denser bristles allowing you to blend your cheek color precisely. For a brush that can multi-task, look for one with angled bristles; you can use this with powder or cream blush or bronzer to buff color from the apples of your cheeks up to the top of your cheekbones for a natural, air-brushed look.
Lip brush
The secret to perfect lipstick application is using a dedicated lip brush. These small, slim brushes have tapered points to make sure you “paint” inside the lines. The fine point also gives you control to outline your lips with precision. Using a lip brush also helps your favorite lip product last longer since you are able to dip your brush directly into the tube; allowing you to use all of the color, be it gloss or lipstick.
Eyeliner brush
Similar to a lip brush, an eyeliner brush is small, flat and dense. Look for one with an angled brush head to help you paint liquid, gel or cream liner close to your lash line. Also use the angled brush to apply eyeshadow in the same color over your liner to create a look that lasts all day.
Eyeshadow brush (x2)
To apply eyeshadow like a pro your tool kit needs two small eyeshadow brushes: one flat and fluffy and one that is slightly tapered. Use the small, flat and fluffy brush to sweep shadow across your lid, and then use the tapered eyeshadow brush to blend color into the creases and outer corners of your eyelids.
One more brush essential
Finally, no brush set is complete without knowing how to clean your brushes! Clean brushes ensure that your makeup is applied perfectly and are free of acne-making bacteria. Dirty brushes will have left over color-residue that will affect the look of your makeup or even worse, they can harbor bacteria that can cause skin irritations. An easy way to clean them is to wash in gentle shampoo and let air-dry; a quick cleaning solution is to use makeup cleaning or baby wipes.  
Try JAFRA’s Professional Brush Set and begin applying makeup like a pro!

Make Braids Work For You

Simple, sophisticated Ways to Unravel this Trend

Braids are having a moment. From the runways at fashion week to every red carpet in tinsel town, the world’s chicest women have been putting on the plaits in unexpected ways this season. And it’s no wonder. Whether you’re having a bad hair day or need to add a little something special to your look, braids will do the trick. Dressed up or dressed down, they can highlight your face, disguise unruly locks or simply help you break up the monotony of your otherwise daily do. Best of all, whatever your length, texture or face shape, there’s a braid that works for you.
Parlez-Vous Français?
You don’t need to speak French to seize the simplicity of this elegant and versatile look - medium length hair and a few minutes of time will suffice. Simply start as far back from your face as you like and gather three sections of hair (one each from the left, right and middle). Then, begin braiding, sweeping up more hair from alternating sides with each round. Depending on how tight you pull, you’ll get a different effect. Looking for high impact drama? Pull hard and tight. Want a more romantic, windswept look? Knit your hair together loosely and tuck the tail under in back once you’ve secured it. Bottom line: whichever style of French braid you opt for, the result is a polished ‘do that travels. 
Knock ‘em out
Meanwhile, if the tightly-cropped French braid works for you, why not try two? Popularized by Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, then taken to the red carpet by stars like Amanda Seyfreid, Boxer Braids are an easy way to add some edge to any outfit. Simply part your hair down the center then follow the French braid directions twice, pulling as tight as you can stand. Don’t be afraid to let the braid stand up (almost like corn rows). The resulting hairstyle goes great with a smoky eye and will emphasize your face…along with your saucy attitude!
Go half way
What about a more gentle approach? Don’t braid your whole head! Take a small section from the front of your scalp, probably to one side or slightly off-center and create a small braid. Do the same on the other side. Then, fasten both back around your head for a half up-half down look that’s a little more polished than simply pulling both sides back. You can even try small French braids on the sides to pack some extra punch. The key is to leave the back long and loose. And finally…
Crowning glory
When it comes to updos, a crown of braid(s) will keep you au courant any time and any place. Want proof? See Olivia Wilde’s French braid at this year’s Oscars. It circled the crown of her head and led back to a braided bun, creating a look that suited the year’s biggest party, yet would’ve complemented any office outfit – the signature of this style’s versatility.  

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