Elevate your self-care with a JAFRA at-home Spa experience!

Discover new products and ways to elevate your spa routine on a budget from the comfort of your own home!

The NEW JAFRA Spa is a premium body care collection that brings the spa experience home. Our brand philosophy combines our 66 years of skin care expertise with a scientist’s commitment to results and a belief in the benefits of sensorial self-care. JAFRA’s Spa products are scientifically developed for visible results, clinically tested for safety, and enhanced with sublime textures to delight the senses. Turn a few spare minutes into me-time with products that work effectively, feel indulgent, and fit seamlessly into your routine.  

You Deserve A Hand 

Perhaps metaphorically, and most likely literally… but also, couldn’t your hands use some help? Treat your hands to skin-caring formulas that feel indulgent and work as hard as you do! Introducing JAFRA’s Jojoba & Papaya Hand Polish. This creamy exfoliator will renew your hands and nails, helping cuticles look softer, smoother, and healthier. The jojoba beads exfoliate and soften skin while the papaya fruit extract provides gentle acid exfoliation, and the shea butter softens rough, dry skin.  

Niacinamide and Vitamin E Hand Cream with Broad Spectrum SPF 15 is the second ‘handy helper’ in the JAFRA Spa lineup. The moisturizing formula softens and smooths hands while protecting from signs of aging and giving a boost of radiance, plus SPF protection! The niacinamide improves skin hydration, and the ingredients of Vitamins E and B5 are known for their skin-conditioning benefits.  

Put Your Best Foot Forward 

If you find yourself dreading sandal season, then you might want to start with the Charcoal & Pumice Foot Polish. This exfoliating formula smooths tough skin and rough patches on feet while glycerin helps skin to retain moisture, and the creamy formula leaves them feeling smooth and refreshed. The pumice helps to exfoliate dry, rough skin; walnut shell powder helps to exfoliate the top layer of skin; charcoal powder helps to absorb odor.  

JAFRA Spa Dry Heel & Foot Relief is an overnight rescue cream that works well in conjunction with the other Spa products. It helps bring intensive overnight relief to dry, cracked skin on your feet and heels. At bedtime, massage a generous amount onto feet and ankles then wake up to baby-soft feet! The shea butter softens dry, rough skin, the panthenol is prized for its skin-conditioning benefits, and the lactic acid is known for its hydrating and exfoliating properties.  

If you are looking to beautify your feet from heel to toe, there is the JAFRA Spa Silky Smooth Foot Balm. A skin-caring blend of moisturizing shea butter, niacinamide and avocado oil helps this foot balm soften, smooth, and soothe rough, dry feet, fast. Glycerin helps skin to retain moisture, niacinamide improves skin hydration, and avocado & olive oil increase hydration and moisture.  

From Your Head to Your Toes 

Often masks are thought to be just for your face, but the JAFRA Spa Mud Mask allows you to indulge in a full-body facial inspired by thermal mud baths; this all-over mask leaves skin looking firmer, tighter, and brighter. It nourishes, smooths, and hydrates skin for total radiance… rejuvenating your skin from head to toe. The kaolin & bentonite clays absorb oil, dead sea silt is a mud that is rich in trace minerals, and the glycerin helps your skin to retain moisture. Since the time of Ancient Rome, mud has been used in skin care for its many qualities; it is water based, draws out impurities as it dries, and helps to hydrate skin.  

If dry, crepey, or ashy skin has become a concern for you, then JAFRA’s new Spa Anti-Crepe Hydrating Massage Cream is the perfect addition for your spa regimen! This indulgent formula delivers dramatic results from the first use, improving the look of dry, crepey skin and ashiness. You can use it daily as a full-body moisturizer or as a relaxing massage treatment. The avocado butter moisturizes skin, apricot kernel oil smooths and conditions skin, and niacinamide improves skin hydration.  

A long-time personal favorite of mine, the JAFRA Spa Ginger & Sea Salt Body Scrub exfoliates to remove impurities and dead skin, leaving skin smooth and touchable. Formulated with sea salt to exfoliate, moisturizing sunflower oil to improve skin’s moisture retention, warm ginger root extract for scent, and Vitamin E which is an antioxidant with skin conditioning benefits.  

Perhaps your skin is already polished to perfection… but is it your locks that need some love? JAFRA Spa Scalp Massage & Hair Treatment is a salon-inspired formula that invigorates the scalp while restoring shine and manageability to hair; it leaves hair feeling stronger and deeply conditioned. Formulated with wheat protein to help condition hair, algae extract to moisturize hair & scalp, and Vitamin E an antioxidant with skin-conditioning benefits. Simply replace your normal conditioner with this Spa Scalp & Massage Hair Treatment once per week! After shampooing, massage onto scalp using circular motions and spread through hair, then rinse thoroughly.  

Elevate Your Self-Care 

In addition to the amazing new products that JAFRA has in their Spa line, there are simple and affordable ways to elevate your spa experience at home. From adding unique food items to your evening, to shopping smart and purchasing some add-ons to use during your routine, I will share with you some of my favorite ways to take your Spa experience to the next level!  

  1. - Add cucumber to your mask routine 

  1. - Take a warm bath before applying Spa products 

  1. - Light a candle – have a signature fragrance!  

  1. - Use a silicon scalp massaging brush 

  1. - Add a Gua Sha or other facial roller tool to your routine 

Enhance Your Spa with Snacks 

It may seem cliché but adding cucumber to your mask routine will help to make it feel less like your living room and more like a spa. Cucumbers also bring an added benefit of soothing puffy eyes and reducing swelling! I would recommend using cucumber in a few ways for a full spa effect. High-end spas often offer iced, flavored waters; cucumber lemon or cucumber strawberry is a great, refreshing flavor and really simple to throw together. For your eyes, slice the cucumber about ¼ inch thick; keep them on your eyes until they are no longer cool. If your mask still needs time to dry, replace it with another set and continue to relax! Slice up some extra cucumber and strawberries to snack on, too. 

Warm Up to Wind Down  

One of the best ways – and most affordable ways – to indulge in your at-home Spa experience is to enjoy a warm bath before applying your Spa products. If you are doing your Spa routine in the evening, your warm bath may even help you to sleep better, especially since the warm water will help to relieve mental and emotional stress and melt away some of your physical tension as well.  

Choose A Signature Scent 

You probably have a favorite fragrance that you wear when you get dressed up for a night out, or one that you wear daily, right? So why not choose a signature scent that relaxes you? It should be calming for YOU. Studies show that most people find fragrances like lavender, chamomile, and bergamot to be the most calming… but it is best to find what is personal for you. Maybe you smell sugar cookies and are suddenly completely relaxed because it reminds you of the safety of your childhood. Whatever relaxes you most, find a candle or incense in that fragrance and use it during your warm bath. 

Get A Mini Massage  

One of my favorite products from the JAFRA Spa family is the Scalp Massage & Hair Treatment. While it is perfectly lovely on its own, you could elevate your spa experience very affordably by purchasing a silicon scalp massaging brush. These brushes fit in the palm of your hand and look like a small circle with spikes. They are meant to increase blood flow and help to better cleanse your scalp (and I bet it feels nice, too)

How To Use and Choose a Gau Sha 

Gau Shas are scraping tools used in facial massage and traditional Chinese medicine; they promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, reduce inflammation and support healthy cell renewal. There are a ton of stones and materials on the market to buy, so how do you know which one to choose? Here are some of the options and what benefits they may have for you:  

  • - Jadeite: This is the idea stone if your goal is contouring, lifting, and skin clarity.  

  • - Rose Quartz: Naturally calming, rose quartz is best for sensitive and reactive skin.  

  • - Green Aventurine: This is said to “eliminate old patterns” (think wrinkles) and promote renewal and happiness. 

  • - Bian Stone: This is one of the most authentic materials as it originates in the village of Sibin in China. It is also heavier, which lends it to stress relief.  

  • - Amethyst: Amethyst is said to help with relieving muscle tension along your jawline and in your temples.  

  • - Opal: Opal is said to intensify emotions and stimulate creativity.  

Whether you do your skin care routine in the morning or at night, the repetitive strokes and movements with the facial tools can be extremely calming – both physically and mentally. Make sure that you use enough cream or oil on your skin before using your tool. You can do short, long, or circular motions with the Gau Sha or the facial rollers; It is recommended to move mainly upwards and from inner to outer with your strokes while on your face. If you do need help with ideas for movements, there are many great YouTube videos too!  

Pro Tip: store your Gau Sha or facial roller in the fridge or freezer for an extra refreshing facial (especially in the summer!).  

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Treat Your Mom Like the Queen Bee She Is

Spa treats and more to help you find the perfect present!

All year long Mom takes care of everyone else; isn’t it about time she gets the ROYAL treatment? Let’s gift treats to pamper and indulge the senses to make Mom feel like a Queen! JAFRA has fragrances for every lifestyle, skincare based off skin needs and concerns,, unique products for Mother-daughter bonding time, beautiful and bold pops of color to brighten any makeup routine, and fun finishes to finalize any gift! Are you ready?

The ROYAL Treatment

JAFRA ROYAL Boost Purifying Gel Cleanser: This Cleanser gently exfoliates and refreshes your skin, removing dirt, excess oil and dull skin as it helps protect against free radical damage with energizing antioxidants. The citrus refreshes your skin to help visibly even skin tone, while beets help to fight signs of aging, and powerful matcha energizes and protects your skin against free radicals and future signs of aging. This is one of my personal favorite products. It is great for daily use and perfect for preparing your skin for the rest of your daily routine! 

Royal Jelly Berry Powerful Lip Care: This is one of my favorite “small” products that doesn’t get all the attention it deserves. This lip care is specially formulated to repair and moisturize and is flavored with a hint of sweet berries! It takes advantage of the amazing power of Royal Jelly, is color-free, and glides on buttery-smooth. 

Silky Skincare for the Queen Bee

JAFRA ROYAL Revitalize Longevity Crème: This ultra-nourishing intensive moisturizer firms and rejuvenates with youth-boosting skincare technology. [Pro tip: Skin enters its most revitalizing phase when we sleep – apply Longevity Crème at night for a skin-nourishing boost!]

JAFRA Microdermabrasion Cream: JAFRA’s gentle microdermabrasion cream contains silica, crushed bamboo powder and jojoba butter beads to boost renewing power and help promote surface skin cell renewal. As skin resurfaces over time, nurturing sunflower oil and shea butter soothe and condition skin to reveal a more radiant you! (or Mom!)
JAFRA Sun Broad Spectrum SPF 50+: Although many JAFRA products already have built in SPF (because JAFRA knows just how important skin care and protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays is), it is still important to be sure that Mom can have some extra protection in her arsenal when she needs it! This Broad-Spectrum SPF helps defend against UV ray damage and signs of aging while it conditions skin and provides a burst of hydration. 

JAFRA Spa Foot Balm: This balm features a rich blend of emollients that helps to soften even the roughest skin to revitalize tired feet, calves, and ankles.

Mother Daughter Bonding Ideas

Mani-Pedi: Start your Mani Pedi with JAFRA’s Conditioning Lacquer Remover to remove any existing polish and condition dry nails. Next, choose your polish from JAFRA’s lineup of Beyond Brilliant Gel Nail Lacquers. There is a hue for everyone; with bold shades ranging from White Out to Extreme Teal, and a Limited-Edition line of Natural Nudes ranging from Pink Latte to Espresso! [Pro tip: Be sure to layer in an ultra-rich moisturizing body cream to your Mani Pedi routine. Royal Olive Rich Hand Cream is a great choice for hands and feet!]

Mud Masks: Treat your mom (and you!) to a skin care evening with JAFRA Spa Mud Masks derived from Dead Sea minerals. This Mud Mask gently exfoliates and nourishes skin with energizing natural ingredients to deliver a visibly brighter complexion. Before applying your JAFRA Spa Mud Mask, I recommend removing makeup – if you do not have a makeup remover at home, try the JAFRA Beauty Makeup Remover. Once you have a ‘blank canvas’ paint on the Mud Mask (I like to use a clean makeup brush, or a silicone mask spatula – you can also use your fingers, but I personally find the brush to be calming) in a generous, even layer, avoiding the eyes. Leave on for 15-20 minutes then rinse thoroughly. 

Fragrances to Delight and Dazzle

Eau d'Arômes Sunshine: A splash of citrus. A dash of flowers. A spark of pure joy. Does your Mom remind you of the infamous My Girl lyrics? I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day. Then this is the fragrance for her. The bright Italian lemon and vibrant sunflower mingle with base notes of driftwood to create a scent that is full of contentment, warmth, and effervescence – just like your mom. [Awww]

JAFRA We EDP: This fearlessly feminine fragrance is a luminous blend of velvety peach, golden amber, and creamy jasmine. If your mom wants to feel empowered and emboldened by her fragrance of choice, then JAFRA We is for her; she will be uplifted with the burst of citrus and the modern, feminine florals.

Perfumer’s Edition Flores EDP: This special edition of Flores fragrance, created by master perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux is inspired by a woman who “lights up a room the moment she walks in” and showcases the rare Brassavola orchid and sweet blood orange that brings a larger-than-life vibrance and lasting aroma. The front of the bottle is graced with the signature of its creator; much like Rodrigo's handwriting, the fragrance inside is exuberant and joyful.

Vesen Delice: Perfect for the sweet-loving Mom or the gourmand, this lighthearted and delicious fragrance will delight the senses with juicy strawberry and creamy mascarpone. These sweet notes are enhanced with a warm base of patchouli. 

Pops of Color

JAFRA Beauty Liquid Eyeshadow: These high-impact, buildable colors provide lustrous shimmer, glide on smoothly, and blend flawlessly. They can be worn alone for a sheer wash of color or layered for a sparkling finishing touch. The seven gorgeous shades that are available range from a champagne shimmer to a deep sparkling sapphire. The possibilities of these shades are endless and meant to inspire self-expression.

Luxury Lipstick: JAFRA ROYAL Luxury Lipstick delivers radiant color and nourishing skin care for a combo that just can’t be beaten! Enriched with Royal Jelly RJx, these lipsticks will help lips look younger and feel softer. You can choose from fourteen vibrant shades to give Mom: ranging from Lavish Lilac to Coral Chic. 

Unique Ideas to Make Your Gift Standout

You Bloom: JAFRA’s newest fragrance, You Bloom is inspired by the journey of a flower from bud to bloom and beyond. The eco-friendly packaging on this botanical fragrance can be repurposed into small starter pots for flowers! Check out the article I wrote earlier this month for more details about this amazing new perfume. This unique fragrance can be made into a truly special gift; simply add a small bag of potting soil, a package of seeds of your choice, and place it all in a gift bag. [I think you just became the family favorite.]

Life is a picnic! Pair your gift with a special homemade dessert, meal, or beverage! Check out You Art What you Eat for some amazing – and easy – homemade, and JAFRA Vesen Delice inspired recipes! Vesen Delice has bliss-inducing juicy strawberries and creamy mascarpone – perfect for sweet or savory, mouth-watering gourmet treats to surprise any mom on your gift list. 

Fab-You-lous Fun Finishes

Nail Art Tools: The perfect add-on for a Mani Pedi bonding gift, or for a mom who already has a lot of JAFRA polish but just wants to get more creative! This set includes a dual-ended dotting tool for applying drops of polish, angled brush for painting shapes and lines, detail brush for intricate designs, and fan brush for fine lines and feathered strokes.

Revitalizing Sonic Cleanser: This is a great add-on for a makeup maven looking for a more spa-like feel in her makeup removal routine. The soft silicone bristles will thoroughly yet gently lift makeup, dirt and oil leaving skin fresh and radiant. Pair with JAFRA Beauty Makeup Remover for a great gift finish! 

With these amazing unique present ideas to pamper and indulge from JAFRA, there really is no wrong choice. I encourage you to think of this quote from Maya Angelou as you weigh your options: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This Mother’s Day, give your mom the ROYAL treatment and make sure she feels like a Queen Bee.


Ways to give back to Mother Nature

Celebrate Earth Day with these kind gestures.

Every year on April 22nd we give thanks to the planet that we live on. Some of us give thanks by going on a local hike for the day, others partner with a local organization for a park or beach cleanup!  

At JAFRA, we show appreciation towards Mother Earth by continuing to improve our standard of clean beauty. We care about how our products are manufactured, packaged and the ingredients we use because we care about you and the planet we all share. Working together makes a difference when it comes to sustainability. In partnering with How2Recycle® and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, we are doing our part to help reduce the amount of beauty product packaging that ends up in landfills. Of course, there’s always much more to do!
We’ve also created our “JAFRA Cares List” where we have an ever-evolving list of ingredients that we choose not to use in our products. Now this is beauty for a better, brighter future! 
This year, what are you going to do for the planet, JAFRA Beauty?  
For the past few years now, climate change has been at the forefront of current global issues. A recent study discovered microplastics in human blood. These environmental factors have progressed and can ultimately not only keep affecting our planet but affecting our health as well.  
This Earth Day we encourage you to take the first step toward sustainability for a healthier planet. Here are five ways to go green this holiday: 
Donate to Environmental Causes  
Environmental organizations in your area need YOU! 
We tend to believe that because someone is already helping these causes, then it means that our help isn’t needed. This is far from the truth! Especially for environmental causes, there’s so much work to do and so few people that are willing to do it. Right now, there’s an environmental organization that needs your help. Try volunteering at organizations in your area or donating money. If those two things aren’t doable, what about donating your professional skills? Catchafire connects you with nonprofits in your area or in the United States that need your professional expertise! Projects vary from 1-3 weeks of work to a 1–2-hour phone call with the organization you connect with. 
Plant Trees 
Add a new plant baby to Momma Earth. 
Be careful what you plant and where you plant it! Planting trees can also have a negative effect on the planet if done wrongly. Consider the tree diversity in your area and the best location for it to grow. For example, some common trees in Los Angeles are the Purple Orchid Tree, Tecate Cypress, and the Southern Magnolia. Before you start digging a hole in your backyard, also consider the climate and location that the tree will need. Remember, a happy tree is a healthy tree! This is the perfect activity to do with your family on Earth Day. Teach your children the importance of growing plants and how helpful they are to our planet. 
Beach Cleanup 
Connect with your community for a cleaner area! 
Close your eyes and imagine one of your first memories of walking on your local beach, forest or park. Do you remember how amazing it felt? To breathe in the salty breeze or damp moss and tree trunks. Does that place look the same as it did when you were younger? I don’t think so either. Lake Tahoe, among other natural landmarks, doesn’t look the same as it did 10 years ago. For Lake Tahoe, UC Davis Research has shown that even if the water clarity has plateaued for the last 20 years, climate change is one of the several factors that can contribute to it.
We know how crucial places like Lake Tahoe are to our environment and to us as well. Keeping these areas clean from trash, plastic, and other pollutants is a good way to start sustaining these places. Start off by connecting with local groups that do monthly beach or park cleanups on the weekends. If you can’t find a local group, then start one! Try to avoid using rubber gloves since they’re not recyclable and use metal trash picker pins instead. 
Reduce, reuse, and recycle your trash. 
Reusing and recycling has been a hot topic for a few years now. Most eco-conscious people (like us, right?) have transitioned from plastic to steel water bottles, metal straws, paper cups, and so forth. What about the to-go box from last night’s dinner? Or the 10-cent bag we said yes to at the grocery store. These kinds of small everyday items add up.  
As eco-conscious consumers, our job is to be aware of the constant use and find solutions that are less impactful to the planet. I know! It’s hard to go cold turkey right away. So, the best advice is to start with small items like opting out of plastic bags and going for paper bags or taking your own when you go to the grocery store. Little by little you’ll notice how easy it is to reduce, reuse, and recycle everyday items! 
Go on a Hike! 
The benefits of the outdoors! 
There’s something special about hugging a tree. If you don’t consider yourself a tree hugger yet, go try it right now. See when the last time you completed your smart watch rings and get to walking! There are so many mental and physical health benefits to being outside and moving your body. If you’re not an avid hiker, that’s okay! Start small and work your way up to a 1–3-mile hike and so forth. Remember, expert hikers were once beginners, too. The National Park Service has over 400 parks to explore. Start your nature adventure today! 
We appreciate everything about Mother Nature and have been enamored by its beauty that some of our products were inspired by some of its elements: 

Navîgo Ocean Collection 
Eau d'Arômes Collection 
JAFRA ROYAL Boost Micellar Cleansing Water 
Blossom Collection 
Royal Rose Body Care
JAFRA You Bloom 
* Product formulas as light as air* 
JAFRA Beauty White Soufflé Highlighter 
JAFRA ROYAL Color Translucent Matte Powder 
JAFRA Beauty Always Liquid Lip Stains 
JAFRA ROYAL Luxury Lipstick in Feeling Fuego 
JAFRA Beauty Always Liquid Lip Stain in Always Fierce 
JAFRA Beauty Powder Eyeshadow Trio Wet/Dry Formula in Sol 

We want to see what you’re up to on Earth Day! Mention us on Instagram or Facebook on your stories, reels, and posts for a chance to be featured.

Increase your Fragrance Sales with these Tips!

Here’s the best way to sell fragrances in the virtual world.

With the rise of Zoom meetings and video chats, there really doesn’t seem to be much you can’t do with the help of the internet. This year people went to doctor appointments, had meetings, went on playdates, hosted events, went on dates, and even offered wine tastings… all virtually. Fragrance parties are the logical next step, right? So, how do you let people smell… virtually? 


Trying out new fragrances and selling has become a great challenge in the virtual world. With planning and using the right tools though, selling fragrances can become less of a hassle! If you can pre-plan and mail some samples out, then there are some fun ways to do it! If you have samples at the ready, then life is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy… but, what if you’ve run out of samples? Or what if your hostess wants to feature scents that you don’t have samples of?! Here are some fun ideas!  


Sending the scent” and unwrapping: 

  • Scent Surprise: Spritz a piece of paper or fabric with a special fragrance that you are featuring and put it in a small Ziploc – then mail it to one of your partygoers. Mail a different scent to each guest. Make note of who gets what scent – but don’t tell them! Have them open the scent live at the party and describe it to all the guests and have everyone guess what fragrance it is! [Pro Tip: If your guests are fragrance newbies, this works best with 3-5 fragrances and names, so they have a small pool to choose from!] 


  • Round Robin: Package your fragrance samples similarly to the above example, but this time you will send the same samples to every guest. Label the samples with the fragrance name. At the party you will open the same fragrances together and smell them as a group. This will give everyone a chance to see how differently everyone experiences the same scents – guests can share which notes of the fragrance they loved best or smelled first, and what drew them in.  


Our sense of smell is the sense most strongly connected to memory – and the memories we create while enjoying time with friends, bonding over floral fragrances and awesome beauty products will surely last a lifetime. 


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