Why Your Pet Is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You

Spend some extra time with your fur babies on National Pet Day!

They say a dog is a (wo)man’s best friend for a reason! Today is a very special holiday on social media that lets us “show and tell” our most beloved family members, our pets. National Love Your Pet Day reminds us how important it is to appreciate and love the fur babies that love us even when times are ruff. For all the new fur parents that recently adopted while working from home, now’s your time to show off your new fur baby! Lights, camera, action! 


Here’s 5 things to do with your fur baby for National Love Your Pet Day: 

Go for a long walk in the morning and at sunset!  

A long walk is not only a gift for your pet, but also a gift for you. Walking boosts all the happy juices in your brain. According to North Dakota State University, “walking promotes the release of brain chemicals called endorphins that stimulate relaxation and improve our mood. Walking does not have to be done at a fast pace to have stress-relieving benefits. Even a stroll at a comfortable pace promotes relaxation, studies indicate.” So really, this is just another way your pet takes care of you! 


Meet Sunny, who never goes out without sunscreen! 

“This my dog Sunny. I love her because she is so kind. We got her during quarantine and so I was spending the entire day with her! I just love that she always wants to be around me.” Stephanie Ramos, JAFRA USA Digital Department 

Buy them their favorite treats like a puppuccino or a pupcake…and while you’re at it, treat yourself too! Make sure you snap some pics with your bestie enjoying your favorite snacks together. 

Meet Luna, a pup who enjoys a sweet treat! 

“Luna changed my life. For months before we rescued her, I would say that my “dogilogical clock” is ticking… and it certainly was. I didn’t realize I could love anything as wholly and completely as I do this compact little nugget of puppy goodness. Not only is she my partner in crime, but she’s also my partner in snacks. Who knew I’d find a friend who shares my love of Netflix binges AND sweets! 

 Melissa Pardo, JAFRA USA Digital Department 

Gift them a new toy!  

Playtime for your pet is also playtime for you. Nothing gets the endorphins flowing like something new and shiny to enjoy—and it’s even better if you can enjoy it together. Consider getting your pet a new bone, squeaky toy, or collar!


Meet Athena & Loki, two wild and crazy pawty animals 


“Athena and Loki make every day better and I love them so much! They’re the happiest and most fun doggies in the whole world.” Mayam Lillard, JAFRA USA Marketing Department 


Take a selfie or make a video of all the things you love about them. I bet you’ll realize that so many things you love about your pet are also things you love about you. 


Meet Olly, your most photogenic friend 


“Our pet is Olly, a male Lemon Beagle who’s 2 years old. What I love about him is his energy, that he’s very playful, and how he expresses his love for each one of us.  He accepts us the way we are and he loves us equally.” Jose Buenrostro, JAFRA USA Communications Department 


Enjoy a nap together.  I bet you didn’t know that people who sleep with dogs actually sleep better than those who don’t. One study found that humans had an 81 percent sleep efficiency and the dogs an 85 percent sleep efficiency.  



Meet Joey and Lily, the best cuddle buddies you could ask for 

Little Joey loves to snuggle up as close as he can (to people and dogs) and Lily is so sweet she'll allow it no matter how tight of a squeeze it may be!” Steven Craine, JAFRA USA Digital Department 

Spoil your pet with a massage. 
Give your fur baby their favorite belly rub, ear massages, or even a paw spa experience. Shower them with relaxing scents like chamomile, lavender, or bergamot. Your pet deserves all the love and spa vibes on National Love Your Pet Day!

Meet Teddy, a pet with bellisimo taste in body products! 

Teddy is only 6-months old & he’s very playful and outgoing, I love how Teddy greets me every time I get home from work. He’s very smart and he loves the smell of the JAFRA Royal Olive line as you can see in the picture. Teddy’s favorite things to do is going for walks and he loves to chase our cats and play with them even though they hate that.” Esperanza Morales, JAFRA USA Marketing Department 


Do their favorite activity like a long drive with the window down or playing catch. What's one activity that your pet looks forward to every week? Today's the day to do a lot of that! Amp it up by inviting there friends to join in the fun. There's nothing more fun than a pet spending time with their favorite human and their friends.


Meet Coco, his favortie hobby is sleeping
I love Coco because he’ll be napping on me and if I dare move a muscle, he sighs very loudly. It’s hilarious.” Natalie Borraez, JAFRA USA Recognition Department 



We’d love to see which JAFRA product your pet loves! Tag @jafracosmetics on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to be featured. Have a paw-tastic day, JAFRA Beauty! 



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