Stay active!

While Practicing Physical Distance

It is officially s-u-m-m-e-r! 2020 is a year that none of us expected and it’s one that we’ll never forget.
Without summer festivals, concerts and trips getting cancelled, it may seem like there’s not much to look forward to. Look on the bright side! This just gives us the opportunity to do other things! Maybe even things that we would have never thought of doing before.
The days are longer and warmer so let’s enjoy it! Here are a few activities to consider while practicing physical distancing. Feel free to do them with people you live with or on your own.
  1. Scrapbooking old family pictures
I’ll never forget the first time I scrapbooked! I fell in love. If scrapbooking is not your thing then try other kinds of crafting. Most craft stores offer curbside pickup or deliver!
  1. Plan a camping trip
Most recreational areas are still open to the public with certain restrictions. There’s nothing like relaxing next to a fire while making s’mores. Don’t forget the star gazing!
  1. JAFRA Spa-cation
Your skin is going to looove you for it! Start off with a bubble bath or hot shower. Then continue by cleansing your skin and patting dry after. Try one of our products from the JAFRA Spa Collection. I highly recommend the Ginger Sea Salt Body Rub 😉
  1. Go for a long bike ride
Check for bike paths near your city for a relaxing stroll through nature. Most street bikes work for this or if the mountains are calling there’s also mountain bikes! Make sure to always wear a helmet and bring a bell to alert hikers that you’re biking through.
  1. Make a summer playlist
What’s your 2020 summer anthem? Last year I had “Sucker” by the Jonas Brothers, not sure which one will be for me this year.
  1. Declutter your space
Marie Kondo vibe approved. Only keep what sparks joy! Leave the old and move on to the next.
  1. Go for a hike
Literally, not figuratively lol. If you’re not an avid hiker or explorer, then it’s okay to start small. 1-3-mile hikes are still as awesome! Trail running is also a great option. Don’t forget your JAFRA Sun! Remember, you’re not racing with anyone else but yourself. Stay safe and watch out for our slithery friends! That’s codeword for snake.
  1. Home gym
It’s still hot-girl summer, you know! Build an outdoor gym in your backyard or an indoor gym in your garage. No need to buy new equipment! Any old yoga mat, dumbbells or elastics go a long way.
  1. Learn something new!
Read books about topics of interest, learn a new language or binge on a docu-series! There’s so much to do right now while staying at home.
Multimedia enthusiast and freelance writer, Isel brings a young and fresh perspective to JAFRA. An integral part of our social media and influencer team, she is a style-savvy voice with an eye for what’s up-and-coming.  With a degree in Journalism from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, she continues to feed her passion by learning everything about the beauty and skin care industry, providing readers insights into top tips and trends. We never know what she’ll come up with next, but we can promise it will be worth the read!

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