Our Sustainability Checklist

Beauty for a better future

As Green Team and Vice President of JAFRA’s Worldwide Marketing and Product Development, I am proud to share important strides that JAFRA has made on our path towards sustainability and clean beauty.
You may be wondering, ‘What is JAFRA’s Green Team?’ Our Green Team is made up of chemists, research scientists, packaging engineers, operations managers and business experts who work together towards a common goal: helping JAFRA make more eco-conscious decisions. Combining each of our unique strengths and insights, we meet regularly to push for environmentally friendly changes and cleaner beauty formulations.
Here’s a little known but important fact: we have our own dedicated manufacturing facility located at JAFRA Manufacturing in Queretaro, Mexico. Enhanced with green technology, our facility does more than produce beauty products—it gives us control over our environmental stewardship choices and socially responsible business practices.
With ever-evolving research and science, the path towards sustainability is complex, but essential to our future. We’ve already made great strides and we’re committed to doing even more. It’s with great pleasure that I present our running tally of accomplishments.

We call it our Sustainability Checklist:
What: Clean Industry certification for JAFRA Manufacturing
From: Mexico’s federal environmental protection agency, Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente,
When: Since 2016
Why: Strides in clean energy sourcing, recycling, and water use reduction
What: Inclusive Company distinction for JAFRA Manufacturing
From: Mexico’s ministry of labor and social welfare, Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión
When: 2019-2021
Why: Promoting inclusive, egalitarian, and equitable labor policies
What: Socially Responsible Company designation for JAFRA Manufacturing
From: Centro Mexicano para la Filantropia, a Mexican nonprofit and research organization
When: Since 2010
Why: Strides in community support, ethics, and environmental preservation
What: Halal certification for JAFRA Manufacturing and our products
From: Majelis Ulama Indonesia, Indonesia’s halal certification council
When: Since 2020
Why it’s important: Supporting cultural diversity

JAFRA does not test its products on animals
As Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Product Development for JAFRA, Dena drives brand growth, new product development and sustainability initiatives at the global level while fostering cross-cultural collaboration. She joined JAFRA’s marketing team in 2015 after working for top brands in the toy and entertainment industry. Dena holds an MBA in Marketing and Bachelor of Science in Bio-Medical & Mechanical Engineering as well as a Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing.

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