Motherly Moments

A new Mom’s take on motherhood and making memories

When I was sixteen years old, I wrote a list of things I wanted to do before I turned 30. My "30 List" included the whimsy of my sixteen-year-old self (#1: Swim with dolphins) and the aspirations of a young adult (#31: Fall in love). Of the items on the list, however, the one dearest to my heart is #67: Be a mom.

This year, eight days before my 30th birthday, I will celebrate my first Mother's Day.

On the afternoon of January 11th via emergency C-section, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Addison Ruth. The first few weeks after we got home from the hospital were difficult. She was fussy, her days and nights were reversed, and as first-time parents, we were overwhelmed. The past few months have gotten progressively better, we figured out how to calm her, began to understand her better and learned to savor the sweet moments.
As a new mom, it is the small moments that give me comfort and confidence. The joy you feel when your little one rewards you with a sweet smile or squeal of delight is nearly unparalleled,  but so is the heart break you feel when you are unable to successfully calm your inconsolable baby. In bath time, we found both of these extremes.

While the warm baths were enjoyable, Addison did not appreciate the cold world that followed and she had no qualms letting us know just how she felt. In adjusting our bath routine to include the Tender Moments Collection, we have been able to make this time much more enjoyable for all of us. The Tender Moments Lavender & Chamomille Softening Baby Hair and Body Wash is tear-free (which is so important with our squirmy little girl), and the scent of the lotion relays comfort and calm.

Addison seems to love the entire Tender Moments Lavender & Chamomile Collection, and where she finds solace - so do we! Our baby bath routine has become one of my favorite evening activities and is now full of tender moments with our sweet girl.

My mom used to tell me that I would never know how much she loved me, until I had a child of my own. It wasn't until I became pregnant that I understood the depth of a mother's love, my mother's love. Being a mother is the most wonderful, terrifying, joyful, stressful, and rewarding thing I have ever done.

To all the children out there... be sure to show your Mother love and appreciation, you may not yet know just how much she loves you. To all the moms, Happy Mother's Day and I couldn’t be happier to be one of you.

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