Mom Knows Best

Beauty tips from everyone’s #1 lady

Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to honor the best women in our lives! Not only do moms love, care and support us, they also have great advice; especially in the beauty area (whether we listen to them or not!). For example, my East Indian mom taught me to use lemon juice on my face (fresh squeezed, applied and rinsed off after a minute or so) to smooth my skin and give it a “glow”. Of course, lemon juice is a source alpha hydroxy acids, which are found in many products to exfoliate the skin.
To get more advice, I reached out to a group of women to find out the best beauty advice that their moms (and sometimes dads) ever gave them.
She forced me to always wear sunscreen in the non-sunscreen 70’s and 80’s. The skin damage I now have is from the years I didn’t listen in my 20’s and tried to tan my lily-white skin. And, Never. Ever. leave the house without lipstick. It wakes up your whole face and makes you look more put together.”
Tara, Corporate Executive
“My Greek Grandmother would always say, ‘Look up, not down.’ Another way of saying hold your head up high with dignity and class and you will always be beautiful.”
Dessa,  Mother of 2 and Children’s Music Teacher
“My mom always told me to protect my skin from the sun, use facial lotion on my face and not to forget about my neck.”
Melanie, Mother to Twins and Entrepreneur
“Here is what my mom always preached – make sure to use a good moisturizer on your face, neck and hands every night.”
Shelby, Mother of 2 and Pharmaceutical Executive
“My mom would tell me to always wash my face. She always used to take me to get a facial every other week when I was 12 and 13 because I had a few pimples.”
Tracy, Mother of 2 and Entertainment Industry Executive
“My mom never gave me any advice on cosmetics, but my father always said that beauty is a discipline. He also said at 20 you have the skin you were born with, at 40 you have the skin you earned, at 60 you have the skin you deserved and at 80 you are still a beautiful lady!”
Paige, Financial Industry Executive
My mom told me to always smile! If you smile, you will always be beautiful!”
Julie, Beauty Industry Creative Director

Nina Sutton is a TV host, spokesperson and beauty/lifestyle expert. She specializes in mommy beauty and style.  She is also one of the winners of People Magazine’s “Real Beauty at Every Age” contest and was featured in the April 2012 “Most Beautiful” issue. With an MBA and a business background in beauty, fashion and consumer packaged goods, Nina brings real world expertise to audiences around the country.

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