JAFRA must-haves for your weekend BBQ

Keep your makeup fresh this summer!

The season we’ve all been waiting for— S-U-M-M-E-R! The warm weather, lounging by the pool (or beach for those best coast peeps), and barbecuing our favorite foods while seeing the blue sky turn into sunset orange and pink hues. sigh….
Now let’s get real for a second. We know how hard it can be to keep your makeup perfect when your face gets accidentally wet while near the pool. Or how about all those times you had to go to the “restroom” so you could blot all the shiny-ness from your face? We’ve all been there, sis. Humidity feels AMAZING on the skin but is harsh on our makeup.
 Here are the JAFRA essentials to help you achieve a successful happy girl summer with a melt-proof and healthy glow!

JAFRA Sun Collection

Sunburns can be vibe killers. That’s why we suggest a sunscreen that’s over SPF 30! JAFRA Sun is reef friendly, helps defend skin against UV ray damage and signs of aging as it conditions skin with a breathable formula that absorbs quickly while delivering a refreshing burst of hydration.


Always Liquid Lip Stains

Who loves BBQ? How about a soft-serve vanilla-chocolate swirl dipped cone from the ice cream truck? SAME! With JAFRA’s newest lip stain collection, you can enjoy these lip-smacking foods without compromising your lip color. Our Always Liquid Lip Stains have a high-performance formula that won’t smudge or transfer and is perfect for wearing under your mask! It also has an all-day wear and a comfortable matte finish. So, enjoy those baby back ribs without the smudge, JAFRA Beauty.


JAFRA Daily Hand Sanitizer

No soap in those public restrooms, no problem. We’ve designed a hand sanitizer that’s harsh on germs but gentle on your hands. PLUS, it’s fragrance free and perfect for sensitive skin! Its key ingredients are aloe and glycerin for a more soothing and hydrating experience.


JAFRA Beauty Makeup Setting Spray

Keep your makeup fresh with glacial and coconut water! Enjoy most of the day (16 hours to be exact!) with this multitasking, hydrating setting spray. Its formula delivers a burst of antioxidant-rich moisture to soothe and refresh skin while prolonging the life of your look.
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