Digital Slowdown

Finding a balance between your phone and the real world

In the U.S., people check their phones an average of ever 12 minutes. That adds up to about 80 phone checks per day. Our technology-packed lifestyles have led some of us to seek a little break from the digital world. There’s a good chance you’re reading this article on your phone right now, but don’t start your phone break just yet! Wait until the end of this article to get a few tips to detach from social media and your phone. 
No More Nightstand
Don’t make your phone the first thing you look at in the morning. Stop using your phone as an alarm clock and put it out of reach when you got to bed. This will alleviate the urge to check Facebook, Twitter, and your email first thing in the morning. It also helps set the tone for the rest of your day to include less of your phone.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
You can’t check an app you can’t see! Downloading software like FocusMe and others will help you stay productive and undistracted by making your most addictive apps less accessible. 

Set a Schedule
Most of us check our phones more than we even realize. To set a new habit for yourself, schedule time to be without your phone, laptop, or tablet. Try finding a morning activity to do every day before you log on or make a rule for yourself to stop checking your phone an hour before bed. You’ll forget how much you used to check your timeline!
REAL Face Time
Don’t replace your friendships with posts! Social media is meant to be an extension of your real-life friendships. If you have something you want to talk to a friend about, call instead of texting. Set a standing date with a friend to meet up and chat weekly. Having real, face-to-face conversations with the people who matter most is important to maintaining genuine relationships. It also keeps you in-tune with how your words affect people to take things offline. 
Following these few tips will help you keep a good balance of on and offline living. Now get out there and do something worth posting about! ;)

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