Cool Foods

No heating required for these tasty low-temp treats

Fall may be right around the corner, but in many states across the country high temperatures tend to persist well into October. It you’re bored with BBQ, salads and sandwiches, these days are just right for indulging in the cold food trend. Easy, no-cook chilled food recipes have moved up to the next level with their eclectic ingredient combinations and unusual spice mixes. Both savory and sweet, these frosty ideas are generally packed with the healthy, tasty nourishment of raw fruits and veggies and easily prepared for both family and company.
Smoothie Bowls
Make a whole meal out of your favorite smoothie! Whether it’s avocado and kale, or a mix of fruits and almond or coconut milk, smoothie bowls couldn’t be easier to make. Put your favorite smoothie ingredients into a bowl and garnish with puffed rice cereal, cornflakes, granola, sliced fruits and berries, chia seeds, whatever your healthy heart desires! Drizzle with honey, syrup, or yogurt.
Glow Pops
Homemade popsicles can be created in a snap with a combination of juices in your fridge, or you can explore recipes with a more modern twist. Enliven your taste buds with an unusual combo of fruit and vegetable juices seasoned with a taste of cinnamon or chili powder plus a little milk and honey. For exotic popsicle creations check out Glow Pops by Liz Moody, named for her recipes formulated to make your skin glow, like her superfood recipe for Strawberry Cardamom Rose and Turmeric Golden Milk. These quick blender creations call for about an hour of freezer time before serving.
Cold Soups
Classic cold soups are back. Grab your mom’s favorite recipe or hit the web for revised versions for ideas. Cucumber, cantaloupe and watermelon soups are all great options, and new takes on gazpacho, like avocado and roasted veggie may become your now/old favorite.
Shaken, not stirred. Mocktails, ice cold non-alcoholic drinks, are the trendiest beverages for the day or night. They’re invented by mixologists at some of the best restaurants and hotel bars with the same care as a handcrafted cocktail. The drinks feature combinations of fresh herbs and spices, bitters, juices, and syrups to appeal to a sophisticated palate. If you have a cocktail shaker at home, look for a recipe that you find appealing and make it your house special!

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