3 Steps toward Sustainability

“What does sustainability mean to me?” is a question I hear often and am always glad to discuss. It’s a topic that’s near and dear to my heart, on both a personal and professional level. I’m a passionate advocate for clean beauty, sustainability and environmental responsibility.
As a southern California native, I’ve grown up with a strong connection to the environment. The mountain trails and beaches were my childhood playground. And, I want to help preserve them for my children, their children and so on. I believe that the choices we make today will directly impact the experience of every future generation to come.

As Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Product Development for JAFRA, I play a central role in JAFRA’s sustainability strategy. My team considers a multitude of factors pertaining to ingredient safety, sourcing, recyclability, and environmental impact. We tackle these questions every day as we develop new beauty innovations and update our product portfolio.

JAFRA is fortunate to have a stellar team of scientists on our side, too. Our Worldwide Research & Development department features smart, savvy chemists and formulators lead by our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Hongjie Cao. With clean beauty in mind, we work together tirelessly to bring you the best skin care, color, and fragrance products available.

JAFRA eagerly looks to the future. It’s time for a clean start. And, I’m thrilled to share three steps that we’re taking toward a better, brighter tomorrow.

Our Green Team is harnessing our passion to push for cleaner beauty formulas and more eco-conscious business decisions.

Our Sustainability Training Program is educating employees on sustainable packaging, recycling and more.

Our Clean Beauty Principles are helping us create cleaner formulations for our new products and top-selling favorites.

JAFRA has many exciting sustainability and clean beauty initiatives planned for 2021. From recycled and recyclable packaging to new ingredient standards and more, our goals are big, impactful, and beautiful. I can’t say any more at this time but look forward to sharing more Green Team news with you very soon. Stay tuned!
As Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Product Development for JAFRA, Dena drives brand growth, new product development and sustainability initiatives at the global level while fostering cross-cultural collaboration. She joined JAFRA’s marketing team in 2015 after working for top brands in the toy and entertainment industry. Dena holds an MBA in Marketing and Bachelor of Science in Bio-Medical & Mechanical Engineering as well as a Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing.

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