Spring Back

4 ways to recharge for spring

Spring is almost here and it’s an exciting time to revive ourselves after a long winter. Warmer weather, nature blooming and birds singing are motivation to refresh our mind, body and home. Here are 5 things to freshen up your life for the transition to spring:
Plan a Closet Clean-Out
We know that cleaning is usually not an exciting activity, but spring cleaning is a great way to toss what’s old to create a clean, peaceful environment. Start by going through your closet to pull out the items you never wear anymore. You can donate things that aren’t too worn or organize a clothing swap with your besties! Ask a group of stylish friends to bring unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories and plan a night where everyone comes over to refresh their look with something new (to them). As the saying goes, one woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure. You can donate whatever is left at the end of the night to charity.
Bring Your Skin Out of Hibernation
Spring is a crucial time for exfoliating your face and body. Removing dry, rough skin creates the perfect foundation for your spring skincare to penetrate and properly moisturize your skin. Start by cleansing your face thoroughly with a spin brush, like JAFRA’s Face and Body Cleansing System, which has two brush heads for your face and body. Next, use a gentle microdermabrasion cream, such as JAFRA’s Microdermabrasion Cream with Jojoba beads and Crushed Bamboo to give yourself a professional-style facial treatment at home. Finish with a moisturizing serum, try JAFRA’s Royal Jelly Vitamin Infusions Extra Hydration Serum with Vitamin E to glow right into the next season.
Update Your Look
For Spring 2018, the “no-makeup” look is still in style, but you can take it to the next level with ultra-dewy cheeks and eyes. First, use a lightweight foundation, like JAFRA’s Long Wear Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 20. It’s light, airy formula will give you a matte finish. Next, apply highlighter starting at your brow bones and going upward towards your temples. JAFRA White Soufflé Highlighter which will brighten and add moisture to your skin. For your eyes, you have 2 trendy choices for spring; a sweep of metallic bronze or glittering gold eyeshadow. Finish with a slightly winged cat-eye for understated drama. JAFRA’s Felt Tip Eyeliner is a quick-dryin, smudge-proof option.
Love Your Mani/Pedi
While your makeup maybe gorgeously understated, your manicure will not be. This spring, the manicure is all about brights and neons. First, pamper your hands so they’re soft and supple to show off spring’s in-your-face colors. Try JAFRA’s Hand Scrub with Jojoba Beads to gently lift dead skin while hydrating your hands with plant oils. Follow up with JAFRA’s Day Care for Hands Broad Spectrum SPF 15, to moisturize and protect your hands from the sun.

Now, the fun part. When it comes to polish this spring, anything goes! Try a bold metallic on your nails and balance it out with a gorgeous neutral on your toes. Cover all of your bases with JAFRA’s limited edition Sweet & Chic Topping Trio Nail Lacquer in Sweet

My Funny Valentine

How to have fun for this lovey-dovey holiday

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the pressure is on to plan a special date with their significant other. But what about those of us who are single? Valentine’s Day isn’t just for love birds. Grab your friends (unattached or not) and celebrate each other! Here are some tips to have a fabulous, fun Galentine’s Day!
Send Grown-up Cards
Do you remember bringing your adorable paper Valentine’s Day cards to school? Well keep up the tradition and send your favorite friends cute Valentine’s Day cards. You can buy card packs or even make your own; add special touches like glitter or stickers to glam them up. Inside each card, write a special note about why you cherish your pal. Your friends will love receiving a hand-written card, it’s way more meaningful than a text.
Have a Beauty Bash
Valentine’s Day dates mean dressing up and making yourself feel pretty and sexy! Invite your friends over for an evening of makeup and glamour and then paint the town red (starting with your lips). Ask your friends to wear their favorite dress to go out in, but come over sans makeup. Lay out your collection of eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses, nail polish and perfume and finish your looks together! One perfect collection to try is JAFRA’s Sweet and Chic Collection. The colors are perfect for a fun night out with your favorites!
Arrange a Dinner
While Galentine’s Day is traditionally celebrated on February 13th, there is no reason February 14th can’t be Galentine’s Day as well. Make a dinner reservation at your favorite restaurant for your friends and ask each guest to bring a flower of their choice. Bring a vase to the restaurant and place it on the table; each friend can add their flower to create a bouquet symbolizing your friendship, support and love for each other.

Visit the Lonely
It’s important to appreciate our friends, especially because some of us don’t have the opportunity. Valentine’s Day is about love and delivering happiness; not just to those we know, but to strangers as well.  So gather your friends and visit an elderly home or homeless shelter and bring Valentine’s Day cards and treats to the people who could use a lot of love. You might make a new friend and it’s sure to make your heart swell. Who knows, this might end up being your best Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day ever! 

Plus One Positivity

Seasonal socializing when you’re solo

It’s December again, and you know what that means; parties, presents, and too many cocktails to count! It’s prime time for socializing and odds are good your calendar is jam packed with soirees and stop-ins that seem cut out for couples. This is great if you’re in one, but if you’re flying solo this season – whether it’s because you’re actually single or simply away from your nearest and dearest – this time of year can be more intimidating than intoxicating. But It doesn’t have to be! Here’s your guide to navigating the holiday season solo:
Don’t Wait – Decorate!                                                                   
When you live alone, it’s easy to blow off the urge to decorate. After all, no one will see it but you, right? Even if you don’t have an ounce of company (see tip number two ahead), a little dose of the holiday spirit at home will take the edge off winter’s chill and instill a dose of gratitude for all that you have. So, whether it’s a little tree, a menorah, a string of lights or something else that warms your heart, get to it! You’ll enjoy the festive glow, even from the sofa.
Entertain en Casa!
Now that you’ve gone the extra mile to up your home’s holiday mojo, it’s time to stoke the hearth. Whether it’s a dinner party for four or a few cocktails for anyone who’s still in town over the holidays, have a few friends over to embrace the aura you’ve created. You’ll make memories to outweigh any lingering sense of loneliness and maybe even last a lifetime.
Don’t Be Afraid To Go Solo
You may feel the urge to hibernate, but don’t skip that Saturday night holiday party just because you don’t have a date. Mingle! You’re likely to find you’re far from the only solo attendee and community is about more than your relationship status.
Be Grateful
Whether your life is everything you’ve ever dreamed of or you still have a long way to go, you have plenty to be grateful for. Take a moment each day to practice saying thank you for the past year. Whether it was good, bad or in between, lessons were learned and ground was gained. You are the master of your own destiny and with ever year’s end, comes a new beginning. Put yourself in the space to seize yours and have the New Year of your dreams.

Healthy for the Holidays

How to eat, drink and be merry, in a healthy way

The focus of many winter celebrations are the delightful high-calorie foods we share with family and friends. Some of us just go for it and indulge in festive feasting and worry about the effects later, while others stress over every single bite. Consider a happy medium with these healthier holiday food strategies.
Food Game Plan
Just because you’re trying to be party health-conscious, doesn’t mean you have to go hungry. Have a food plan prepared before each event. An hour before your gathering, have a healthy snack; a handful of almonds, a bowl of greens or an apple, to curb your appetite. Saving yourself for the party will only leave you hungry and vulnerable to unintentional binging. You can apply the same snack prep rules to any traditions or celebrations that restrict eating for a certain amount of time.
Analyze Your Options
Survey the table before filling your plate and make a B-line for salads, veggies and proteins. Pass on the gravy and other sauces and keep track of your starches; they stack up fast on those holiday buffets. If you can’t help yourself, pick the foods you’ve been looking forward to all year. Totally worth the calories…in moderation, of course. If you’ve opted out of desserts entirely, make it easier on yourself by bringing along your own teabags. Sipping a tasty cup of hot peppermint, ginger spice, or cinnamon tea is a zero-calorie alternative to sweets and after dinner drinks.
Pass On The Spirits
Alcoholic beverages are full of calories. Look up the nutritional details of your favorite cocktails before you go out in case you want to find a more calorie conscious option. Fun Fact: Mixed drinks tend to have more calories than wine or champagne. If you don’t drink, or choose to forgo drinking, consider sparkling water instead of a soft drink. Order it with a splash of pomegranate or cranberry juice and a lime. Mock cocktails, or mocktails as they’re so fabulously called, are satisfying and just as festive!
Thanks, But No Thanks
You may feel obligated to partake in high-calorie homemade favorites around the holidays for fear of insulting a coworker or family member. Instead of giving into politeness and taking everyone up on their offers, know that it’s okay to just say, “No, thank you.” If you still feel guilty, mention that it’s hard to turn down such a delicious offer, but you’re being mindful of your holiday intake. ;)
Keep Exercising
It’s easy to abandon your exercise routine during the holidays. Be sure to schedule a regular time to break a sweat or it may slip to the bottom of your to-do list. After a holiday meal grab a friend or relative to take a walk with you, even if it’s just around the block. It will help you burn a few calories and keep your energy up.
Enjoy your family and friends and have a healthy and happy holiday season! 
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