Every Woman

Shedding light on the amazing women all around us

Every Woman is a series of articles where we take a moment to appreciate the strong, multifaceted women that embody what JAFRA is all about; some of them are employees, some of them are just amazing women we admire. We asked influencer, music and makeup artist, Monique Benabou what it took for her to become the inspirational woman she is today and here’s what she had to say:
1. Who or what has been the biggest positive influence in your life? 
I am so very fortunate to have the example of my amazing parents who immigrated to the United States 45 years ago. They brought their desire for a great life and tireless entrepreneurial work ethic with them. They exemplified the importance of dreaming; backing up their vision with hard work, integrity and desire to raise people up with them. Even through the hard times, they showed gratitude for what was there, making the most of everything and remaining hopeful. I learned so much watching my parents and I owe my optimistic, all inclusive mindset to them! 

2. What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome (in your lifetime, or just in the last year) as an entrepreneur?
The biggest hurdle I've overcome in the last year of my life has been handling professional success while maintaining a family balance. I had a lot of fear; of my relationship failing and of never having enough time to prioritize myself, my health and my professional career. I received some great personal development coaching that allowed me to have success as an entrepreneurial woman as well as a balanced and healthy home life.
I was able to breakthrough this fear by changing how I thought about my success.
I adopted the mantra, "Consistency is key!" Instead of focusing on accomplishing all of my goals at once - the well taken care of relationship and family, the professional success, the personal health and the financial freedom and security – I focused on, “filling each tank” a little every day. I also created "Office Hours," "Family Time" and "Me Time". Categorizing time like this helped me become more efficient, clear-minded and happy!
3. In your opinion, what’s the best thing about makeup? 
The best thing about makeup and being an influencer in this industry is the constant reminder to myself and others to PLAY! Makeup is fun; it allows us to connect with each other through that play and makes people feel beautiful. Makeup also invites one to create time to give back to yourself and fall in love with your face over and over again. I love my makeup journey and I love the community of men and woman here at JAFRA. It's one of the most fun and energizing parts of my life! 

4. What’s your advice for female entrepreneurs who question whether or not they have what it takes to follow their dreams? 
My advice to the female entrepreneurial community is to DREAM BIG, prioritize yourself as much as you prioritize others and lock into your WHY. When you’re clear on why you are doing what you're doing, you have the vision, energy and wherewithal to make it through those tough days, weeks, months and sometimes even seasons. Lastly, but most importantly, commit to developing yourself. The success and growth of your business is a direct reflection of how much you grow and develop yourself. I whole-heartedly attribute my success to this. 

5. How do you think JAFRA has impacted your life? How have you witnessed JAFRA effect the lives of others?
JAFRA has enriched my life by introducing a community of caring, inspirational people into my life! From corporate, to our super stars in the field working their business, there is no lack of love, passion and desire to raise each other up. This is HUGE for me and has given me a healthy and fun work environment with purpose and fulfillment. I get to support incredible men and women who are out there making their dreams come true, putting their kids through college and experiencing life in a way they never thought possible. I have witnessed this company change and grow people into their best selves, myself included! The team I work with at the Jafra corporate office has helped me grow into the influencer I am today, and the best thing about it is, I've been able to return the favor.

Why Women Rock in the Workplace

Gender intelligence and how it pays off

In their new book, Results At The Top, authors Barbara Annis and Richard Nesbitt say companies that practice what they call, “gender intelligence” are the ones to watch. What’s gender intelligence? Simply put, it’s an inclusive environment that not only actively seeks to include women in leadership and decision making, but also creates a culture where female management and decision making are valued as much as the more traditional, predominately male, style.
Annis, who heads up the Gender Intelligence Group says gender intelligent companies, “secure and retain the best talent, make better strategic decisions, produce more relevant products and achieve superior financial results.”

Indeed, research by the Glass Ceiling Research Center shows that the 25 best firms for women outperformed the industry medians on key measures of profitability. These companies had on average:
  • 34% higher profit margin
  • 18% higher asset value
  • 69% higher stockholder equity
Similar findings from a McKinsey Report titled, “Women Matter -- Women at the Top of Corporations” state that companies with more female leadership show the best performance. In comparing the top quartile of companies in terms of share of women in executive committees to companies that have all-male executive committees, researchers found that the companies with more female leaders outperformed the male-heavy companies by 41% in return on equity and by 56% in operating results.
What about the newest generation of working women? Well, they’re the best educated, most diverse-oriented and most confident generation of women yet. And millennials – male and female – are the most independent minded of any generation. Rather than take on traditional roles when it comes to work and family balance, researchers say millennials are highly flexible. In fact, more millennial women (66%) than men (56%) value career success. The bottom line: breadwinner moms and primary caregiver dads are on the rise, and just may be de rigueur in the future. 

Beauty Inside & Out: Banana Raspberry Skin Care Smoothie Recipe

This treat is good for you in more ways than one

They say you are what you eat, so eat something beautiful! Beauty Inside & Out is a series of articles that feature delicious recipes created with Termomix, one of the most amazing kitchen appliances we’ve ever come across. These recipes feature some of the same healthy ingredients you’ll find in JAFRA ‘s Royal Jelly skin care & color products, like Manuka Honey and of course royal jelly, but in an edible form. Not only does this smoothie give you a huge boost of energy, the ingredients have benefits that go beyond filling you up.
Banana Raspberry Skin Care Smoothie

Cook Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 2
You’ll Need:
  • 1 banana (approximately 4.5 oz.)
  • 6 oz. (1¾ cup) frozen raspberries
  • 1.8 oz. (½ cup) rolled oats
  • 8 oz. (1 cup) almond milk
  • 2 oz. (2 to 3 tablespoons) edible royal jelly
For a standard blender, add ingredients and blend until smooth. Serve immediately.

For Thermomix place your banana, raspberries, rolled oats, almond milk and royal jelly in the Thermomix mixing bowl and blend for 1 minute with the speed set to 10. Serve immediately. You can also substitute for other berries, like strawberries, blueberries or blackberries.

The Beautiful Benefits:
Red raspberries get their color from anthocyanin, a compound known to keep your skin looking young and refreshed. Almond milk contains vitamin E, which protects your skin from the sun and free radicals. A single serving of almond milk contains 50% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin E. Bananas are rich in potassium, which counteracts fluid retention caused by sodium, so eating them helps reduce puffiness around your eyes.

Successful Support

You don't have to go it alone – here’s how to get the help you need

Do you expect yourself to be superhuman? Able to pack lunches, rock board meetings and be the ideal partner, all in a single day? You’re not alone. The truth is, however, that it’s impossible to triumph all the time in everything. And even when you do manage to kill it in any arena of life, let alone all of them, that success is not a solo mission. Translation: we all need help sometimes. The problem is, many of us have trouble asking for it. If this sounds like you, have no fear. You too can ask for the support your need to be successful at work, at home and with your friends, whether it’s a night of babysitting, a shoulder to cry on or assistance with a project at the office. Here’s how:
Be Realistic
Look at your day – it has 24 hours. As such, there is only so much one person can do. If you seem overscheduled, you probably are. Don’t try to do everything. Consider what you can delegate to who and how you want to ask for help.
Be Strategic
Be sure to match your go-to with your need. You wouldn’t ask your two year-old to balance your budget, so don’t ask for your introverted sister to spearhead the planning on your Friday night activities. Sure, she may be your go-to for everyday life, but you probably know someone else better equipped to plan a girls’ night. Choosing the right person for the task at hand will make your friends and family more willing to help, and they’ll be a lot better at it.
Be Vulnerable
We all want to be perceived as capable. Some of us may fear that needing help at all proves we’re anything but. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Don’t worry about coming off as inadequate when you ask for assistance. e vulnerable. Say, “I’ve thought about it and I just can’t do this on my own… do you think you can help me, by _____________ ?”  Sharing your struggle and asking for help are integral to your success.
Be Courteous
Too often, we fall into the trap of having a singular go-to person for all our favors. Mix it up when it comes to asking for assistance. No one person can do everything for you and you could potentially overload those you cherish the most. Work on asking friends beyond your absolute inner circle for help. Sure this means you’ll have to cast a wider favor-net, but the occasional ask is easy and won’t be met with resentment by a true friend.
Be Willing to Reciprocate
Like attracts like and generosity begs reciprocating. Let your friends know you’ll help them when and where you can. Not only does it make you feel good to help a friend, it will make you more comfortable asking for their help in the future. Every request you make need not be a tit-for-tat, but if your friends know you’ve got their backs as much as they’ve got yours, you’ll create a reciprocal relationship where everyone helps each other, and nothing can beat that!
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