Adulting 101

Quick tips to help you stay organized

Staying organized seems to be a top priority for a lot of us, especially if you are working inside and outside of the home. Whether you are new to adulting or just adding something new to your routine, organizing your life can seem overwhelming, but there are solutions to staying on top of all of your tasks. Here are some tips to help you manage your life both at work and at home with ease.
Make Lists
Creating to-do or checklists are vital to staying organized and can make you feel a sense of accomplishment as each task is completed. At home, you can create your own to-do list each day and check things off accordingly; anything not finished should go to the top of the list the next day. Review and create your list the night before so you feel prepared for the day to come and not stressed. Use the same principal at work by writing down your top priorities each night before you leave the office. You can also designate a time period to accomplish each action item. For example, you might read and quickly answer emails and browse social media for the first 30 minutes of your day, so it does not become a distraction to your during the work day. (It helps to set a timer.)
Keep Everything In Its Place
At work and at home, it is important to file away documents, so that they are easier to find later, whether it’s an expense report for a coworker or your passport. Instead of piling papers on your desk, file them away before you leave the office daily. Make this a good habit to get into so you don’t feel overwhelmed at the sight of disorganization. At home, having a simple accordion folder with labeled tabs can keep important bills, forms and documents in order and ready to access.
Get Digital
In this digital world, scanning documents helps reduce clutter and the amount of paper you have to keep around. Scan documents when possible and save your files in a way that you can easily access them from anywhere, in case you need to work from home one day. It will eliminate the stress of accidentally leaving something at the office. At home, scanning documents will help you stay organized as well. You can also scan all of the masterpieces that your children bring home from school, so you can hold onto the memories without sacrificing too much space. It’s nearly impossible to keep everything, so scanning their art work will help preserve them forever. You can even use the scanned images to create a photobook of their amazing talents.
At work, trying to do everything yourself can run you into the ground. It’s important to delegate tasks to employees and co-workers as needed. The same goes for your home. It takes the entire family to chip-in and keep the home organized. Even a 2-year-old can pick up their toys and put them away, and older children can sort laundry, set the table, take out the garbage and other small chores that make a big difference. Post a list of chores for each family member to accomplish and ask them to check it off daily or weekly, so everyone knows what has been taken care of. Rewards for completing household tasks can be motivating for the whole family. 

5 Simple Ways to Love Yourself More Every Day

Easy ways to become your own #1 fan

Self-love is a huge buzzword right now. Yet it’s easy to be confused about what self-love actually looks like in daily life. No worries, we have 5 simple ways to show yourself a lot more love each day.
1. Sleep. You’ve heard this one before. The National Sleep Foundation says we need 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. Don’t fool yourself into believing this doesn’t apply to you. Health and happiness suffer when you don’t get enough sleep, and so do relationships. Researchers at the Ohio State University found that couples who shorted themselves on sleep fought more. Love yourself (and everyone else) by sleeping more! 

2. Move. Exercise for the human body is sort of like changing the oil in a gasoline-powered car. If you don’t change your car’s oil, it’s not going to last. This doesn’t mean you have to join Cross Fit, though. You can show yourself some love by simply moving often. Park as far as you can away from work, walk three times around the mall before you go shopping, do lunges while you brush your teeth, or pushups against the kitchen counter while your morning coffee brews. Run in place for 15 minutes or walk around your house for a half hour while you listen to your favorite podcasts. Each time you move a little more than you have to, you’re saying, “te quiero” to your bod. 

3. Say, “Yay me!” a lot. This tip comes from Christine Carter, author of The Sweet Spot. Humans are motivated by reward because a reward gives us a burst of the feel-good brain chemical, dopamine. Simply saying to yourself “Yay me!” after you do something super tiny, but positive can trigger a little hit of dopamine – just enough to tell your brain to repeat the behavior. Try it after you drink water, order a healthy lunch, walk twice around your cubicle, say nice things to a client, floss your teeth, anything! In fact, say it so often that, “yay me!” comprises most of your mental dialog and edges out any self-criticism that taken its place. 

4. Ditch the heels (hear us out). We know you don’t want to hear this, but it’s important. Since the late 1990s, gait researchers have been warning women who wear high heel shoes regularly that heels place an exceptional amount of pressure on the knees, hips, back and other joints. While this may not seem like a big deal when you’re 25, we guarantee you won’t like the results down the road. Show yourself some love with a daily dose of cute flats or a low-heeled boot and save your super high heels for special occasions. 

5. Be honest with others (and yourself). People often dedicate a large part of their lives to taking care of and pleasing others, women in particular. But if you’re not being true to yourself, you’re stressing out your brain and body. Sometimes we need a refresher on how to know if we’re really telling the truth or just saying what we think those around us want to hear. Try saying something you know is blatantly false and see how that feels in your body (for example, “I love to get strep throat!”). Now, say something true and see how that feels (like, “I love my dog.”) The idea is to practice saying what you really feel (the truth) and becoming familiar with that feeling. A big part of self-love is confidently knowing how you feel in a situation and being able to clearly express those feelings.  

Tiny Acts of Kindness

5 ways to help yourself by helping others

Do you love the idea of gratitude, but you don’t like waiting around for someone to do something nice for you to express it? Fear not, proactive and controlling one, we have another strategy. It’s random acts of kindness! You know, the small stuff that might brighten a coworker’s, or even a total stranger’s day. Doing something for someone else is one of the best ways to increase your own happiness. In fact, kindness and generosity have been linked to stronger relationships, better mental and physical health, and greater satisfaction in life overall.
Our advice? Start out small. Like, really small. Then, watch as your happiness grows. Here are 5 small things you can do to brighten someone else’s day:
1. Smile at a stranger. And if you’re brave, nod and say hello. With that simple gesture, the world instantly feels like a friendlier place. 

2. Allow someone to cut in front of you. Type As will go crazy, but just try it. Wave in the driver who is trying to merge in traffic. Allow the person with one or two items to jump ahead of you at the checkout line. See how it makes you feel to make someone else day go a little easier. 

3. Tell someone what you love about them. We’re not talking about a long, heart-felt convo (unless you’re up for that). Just a quick, “I love that you’re always so positive at work!” or, “I love how you answer the phone so politely.” You get the picture. A little love could be exactly what someone needs to hear to turn their day around. 

4. Intentionally take the inconvenient parking space. In your mind, focus on the idea that you’re leaving the convenient spaces for people who need them more than you do – like the elderly, pregnant women or parents with small children. You won’t see their gratitude necessarily, but you’ll feel your own generosity. Plus, you get a few more steps in by parking farther away. 

5. Call your mom (or any other relative you really should call). For many people, it’s tough to make time for these kinds of calls. If you’re a call dodger, alleviate the fear of getting stuck on the phone for hours by sweetly telling the person you’re reaching out to that you only have a few minutes to chat, but you wanted to check in and let them know you’re thinking about them. A few minutes to show that you care and an “I love you!” are a great place to start. 

Cool Foods

No heating required for these tasty low-temp treats

Fall may be right around the corner, but in many states across the country high temperatures tend to persist well into October. It you’re bored with BBQ, salads and sandwiches, these days are just right for indulging in the cold food trend. Easy, no-cook chilled food recipes have moved up to the next level with their eclectic ingredient combinations and unusual spice mixes. Both savory and sweet, these frosty ideas are generally packed with the healthy, tasty nourishment of raw fruits and veggies and easily prepared for both family and company.
Smoothie Bowls
Make a whole meal out of your favorite smoothie! Whether it’s avocado and kale, or a mix of fruits and almond or coconut milk, smoothie bowls couldn’t be easier to make. Put your favorite smoothie ingredients into a bowl and garnish with puffed rice cereal, cornflakes, granola, sliced fruits and berries, chia seeds, whatever your healthy heart desires! Drizzle with honey, syrup, or yogurt.
Glow Pops
Homemade popsicles can be created in a snap with a combination of juices in your fridge, or you can explore recipes with a more modern twist. Enliven your taste buds with an unusual combo of fruit and vegetable juices seasoned with a taste of cinnamon or chili powder plus a little milk and honey. For exotic popsicle creations check out Glow Pops by Liz Moody, named for her recipes formulated to make your skin glow, like her superfood recipe for Strawberry Cardamom Rose and Turmeric Golden Milk. These quick blender creations call for about an hour of freezer time before serving.
Cold Soups
Classic cold soups are back. Grab your mom’s favorite recipe or hit the web for revised versions for ideas. Cucumber, cantaloupe and watermelon soups are all great options, and new takes on gazpacho, like avocado and roasted veggie may become your now/old favorite.
Shaken, not stirred. Mocktails, ice cold non-alcoholic drinks, are the trendiest beverages for the day or night. They’re invented by mixologists at some of the best restaurants and hotel bars with the same care as a handcrafted cocktail. The drinks feature combinations of fresh herbs and spices, bitters, juices, and syrups to appeal to a sophisticated palate. If you have a cocktail shaker at home, look for a recipe that you find appealing and make it your house special!
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