Boost your Mood with Fragrance!

These JAFRA Scents Just Might Bring You Joy

When you think of summer, what scents come to mind? Many of us are practicing physical distance, working from home, and travel plans have been postponed, so we’ve collected a few little treats that might bring you back to your favorite place or even lighten and relax your current state of mind.

Navîgo Ocean Femme

The fragrance that dares you to tame the ocean waves. Figuratively or literally if you are Triton’s daughter. With Navîgo Ocean Femme, you can feel like you’re on your favorite island, relaxing at the beach. Or you can just wear this scent and carry a whisper of ocean breeze throughout your day. It has notes of pink grapefruit, California lemon blend with frozen pear, dewy freesia, California hibiscus, jasmine sambac, golden sand mix with cedar, sandalwood, and pink musk. Jasmine sambac works for relaxation but it’s also an aphrodisiac! Use it wisely 😉


JAFRA Reflections Radiance

The fragrance that brightens your day and your mood! Its heart note is luminous ylang ylang which boosts feelings of joy and ease. It helps bring more calmness and peacefulness into any environment. JAFRA Reflections Radiance has notes of Italian mandarin, luminous ylang ylang and golden vetiver oil. While you spritz a few on yourself, you might want to spritz a few around your home too!


Eau d’Arômes

Radiant and positive! Accentuate your natural beauty with a scent that brings uplifting energy and calmness.  Notes of violet, geranium and gardenia flowers, vanilla and sandalwood. Vanilla is known to reduce stress and promote relaxation. It’s also a popular scent that brings back memories of hot summer days eating ice cream at the beach. Awaken your senses to Eau d’Arômes!


Eau d’Arômes Homme

Casual and cool. Your energy flows effortlessly with this fragrance. This is a cool but calming fragrance that can take you to the glaciers but also do a pit stop at a fresh island. It has notes of ice salts, lavandin and white musk. Its heart note is lavender which is a very popular scent for relaxation and stress relief.


JAFRA Tender Moments Chamomile & Lavender

This one is a favorite for kids and adults. JAFRA Tender Moments Chamomile & Lavender was created to soothe babies before going to sleep. Its star ingredients are the aromatherapeutic benefits of lavender and chamomile. Its body wash also carries key ingredients of Aloe vera which soothes and hydrates and oat amino acids that soften the skin. It brings the calming and relaxing benefits to the bathtub! The line also carries a cologne! So, whenever you need a quick breath of relief, dab a little on your neck and behind your ears.

Whichever fragrance you choose, JAFRA Beauties, we want to see them! Don’t forget to tag @jafracosmetics on Instagram and Facebook for an opportunity to be featured!
Stay safe and happy posting!

Stay active!

While Practicing Physical Distance

It is officially s-u-m-m-e-r! 2020 is a year that none of us expected and it’s one that we’ll never forget.
Without summer festivals, concerts and trips getting cancelled, it may seem like there’s not much to look forward to. Look on the bright side! This just gives us the opportunity to do other things! Maybe even things that we would have never thought of doing before.
The days are longer and warmer so let’s enjoy it! Here are a few activities to consider while practicing physical distancing. Feel free to do them with people you live with or on your own.
  1. Scrapbooking old family pictures
I’ll never forget the first time I scrapbooked! I fell in love. If scrapbooking is not your thing then try other kinds of crafting. Most craft stores offer curbside pickup or deliver!
  1. Plan a camping trip
Most recreational areas are still open to the public with certain restrictions. There’s nothing like relaxing next to a fire while making s’mores. Don’t forget the star gazing!
  1. JAFRA Spa-cation
Your skin is going to looove you for it! Start off with a bubble bath or hot shower. Then continue by cleansing your skin and patting dry after. Try one of our products from the JAFRA Spa Collection. I highly recommend the Ginger Sea Salt Body Rub 😉
  1. Go for a long bike ride
Check for bike paths near your city for a relaxing stroll through nature. Most street bikes work for this or if the mountains are calling there’s also mountain bikes! Make sure to always wear a helmet and bring a bell to alert hikers that you’re biking through.
  1. Make a summer playlist
What’s your 2020 summer anthem? Last year I had “Sucker” by the Jonas Brothers, not sure which one will be for me this year.
  1. Declutter your space
Marie Kondo vibe approved. Only keep what sparks joy! Leave the old and move on to the next.
  1. Go for a hike
Literally, not figuratively lol. If you’re not an avid hiker or explorer, then it’s okay to start small. 1-3-mile hikes are still as awesome! Trail running is also a great option. Don’t forget your JAFRA Sun! Remember, you’re not racing with anyone else but yourself. Stay safe and watch out for our slithery friends! That’s codeword for snake.
  1. Home gym
It’s still hot-girl summer, you know! Build an outdoor gym in your backyard or an indoor gym in your garage. No need to buy new equipment! Any old yoga mat, dumbbells or elastics go a long way.
  1. Learn something new!
Read books about topics of interest, learn a new language or binge on a docu-series! There’s so much to do right now while staying at home.

Digital Slowdown

Finding a balance between your phone and the real world

In the U.S., people check their phones an average of ever 12 minutes. That adds up to about 80 phone checks per day. Our technology-packed lifestyles have led some of us to seek a little break from the digital world. There’s a good chance you’re reading this article on your phone right now, but don’t start your phone break just yet! Wait until the end of this article to get a few tips to detach from social media and your phone. 
No More Nightstand
Don’t make your phone the first thing you look at in the morning. Stop using your phone as an alarm clock and put it out of reach when you got to bed. This will alleviate the urge to check Facebook, Twitter, and your email first thing in the morning. It also helps set the tone for the rest of your day to include less of your phone.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
You can’t check an app you can’t see! Downloading software like FocusMe and others will help you stay productive and undistracted by making your most addictive apps less accessible. 

Set a Schedule
Most of us check our phones more than we even realize. To set a new habit for yourself, schedule time to be without your phone, laptop, or tablet. Try finding a morning activity to do every day before you log on or make a rule for yourself to stop checking your phone an hour before bed. You’ll forget how much you used to check your timeline!
REAL Face Time
Don’t replace your friendships with posts! Social media is meant to be an extension of your real-life friendships. If you have something you want to talk to a friend about, call instead of texting. Set a standing date with a friend to meet up and chat weekly. Having real, face-to-face conversations with the people who matter most is important to maintaining genuine relationships. It also keeps you in-tune with how your words affect people to take things offline. 
Following these few tips will help you keep a good balance of on and offline living. Now get out there and do something worth posting about! ;)

Motherly Moments

A new Mom’s take on motherhood and making memories

When I was sixteen years old, I wrote a list of things I wanted to do before I turned 30. My "30 List" included the whimsy of my sixteen-year-old self (#1: Swim with dolphins) and the aspirations of a young adult (#31: Fall in love). Of the items on the list, however, the one dearest to my heart is #67: Be a mom.

This year, eight days before my 30th birthday, I will celebrate my first Mother's Day.

On the afternoon of January 11th via emergency C-section, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Addison Ruth. The first few weeks after we got home from the hospital were difficult. She was fussy, her days and nights were reversed, and as first-time parents, we were overwhelmed. The past few months have gotten progressively better, we figured out how to calm her, began to understand her better and learned to savor the sweet moments.
As a new mom, it is the small moments that give me comfort and confidence. The joy you feel when your little one rewards you with a sweet smile or squeal of delight is nearly unparalleled,  but so is the heart break you feel when you are unable to successfully calm your inconsolable baby. In bath time, we found both of these extremes.

While the warm baths were enjoyable, Addison did not appreciate the cold world that followed and she had no qualms letting us know just how she felt. In adjusting our bath routine to include the Tender Moments Collection, we have been able to make this time much more enjoyable for all of us. The Tender Moments Lavender & Chamomille Softening Baby Hair and Body Wash is tear-free (which is so important with our squirmy little girl), and the scent of the lotion relays comfort and calm.

Addison seems to love the entire Tender Moments Lavender & Chamomile Collection, and where she finds solace - so do we! Our baby bath routine has become one of my favorite evening activities and is now full of tender moments with our sweet girl.

My mom used to tell me that I would never know how much she loved me, until I had a child of my own. It wasn't until I became pregnant that I understood the depth of a mother's love, my mother's love. Being a mother is the most wonderful, terrifying, joyful, stressful, and rewarding thing I have ever done.

To all the children out there... be sure to show your Mother love and appreciation, you may not yet know just how much she loves you. To all the moms, Happy Mother's Day and I couldn’t be happier to be one of you.
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