Accomplish your 2021 Goals!

Tips on How to Stay Focused

It's the time of year when social media is a-buzz with personal promises of change and resolutions to improve. Although friends and family may plan  to "workout more" or "eat healthier," studies show that 80% of resolutions lose their gusto before the end of February. Instead of pushing for drastic change this year, I encourage you to take a note from JAFRA and look within.

Believe in yourself: Jan Day was told she wasn't glamorous enough to sell makeup. Rather than succumb to the negative opinions of others, Jan envisioned a new type of cosmetic company - and more than 50 years later, look at JAFRA! Believing in yourself is the first step in accomplishing great things.

Be Inclusive: Friendship, common courtesy, and kindness are all best when spread like wildfire. When considering inclusivity, don't forget to include yourself! You are worthy, beautiful, and unique.

Be Empowered: You don't need permission to succeed (or to congratulate yourself for past triumphs)! Move into the new year knowing that you have the power to do anything you choose. You're going to be great.

Know Your Roots: JAFRA has presence around the globe, but the home of their founders in Malibu continues to play a big role in their organization. No matter where life takes you, returning to the places that made you who you are can provide a sense of security, love, and inspiration. Appreciating your past will help pave the way for your future.  

In 2021, I resolve to be unapologetically me... and I think Jan would want you to be unapologetically you, too.
*Cue This Is Me chorus, sung by Keala Settle*

My 2021 Goals


2020. WHAT A YEAR, AM I RIGHT?!  Truth be told, I haven’t written out any goals on intentions since 2017, mostly because I usually prefer daily or weekly habits versus stuff that’s like “I will do X 25 times in X year.”  I don’t know about you, but this year feels different for me; I want all the goals for 2021, which is why I partnered with JAFRA today to share what I’m planning for the new (and hopefully better) year for all of us.

Make time for weekly face masks
2020 has given me a newfound appreciation for my skin, ok?  I’m lucky that I only had one very short bout of maskne but, since I don’t really wear much makeup these days, I’m acutely aware of every pore and imperfection on my face, haha.  My big skincare goal for 2021 is to do weekly face masks with some of my favorites, like JAFRA SPA Mud Mask and the JAFRA ROYAL Boost Skin Drench Gel Mask J
Move my body daily
Not that I’ve ever been an avid workout queen or anything, but even the movement I was making legit just walking from my car to meetings etc. is now gone…and I can absolutely feel the impact in my health and, of course, my body.  I’m striving to commit to moving my body every day, even if just walking a slow mile on my foldable treadmill.

To see the rest of Jamie’s 2020 goals, check out her blog-- Honestly Jamie


Football-ready this Thanksgiving!

Enjoy this holiday with tasty snacks and JAFRA

Football season is in full swing but with limited options for in-person gatherings many are resorting to less traditional celebrations. Virtual football parties can allow you to enjoy watching a game with friends and family while still looking out for each other. With the amazing technologies we have available to us, setting up a video hangout is quick and easy... and choosing the perfect snack, and snack-proof make-up can be too!
In the past we may have needed to worry about everyone's likes and dislikes at the party, but now you only need to cater to your own household. Are you a Sweet, Spicy, or Savory home?
Even though we might be seeing our family and friends virtually, putting your best face forward is still important. Snacking without ruining your makeup can be tough. With some lipsticks, you can end up with more in your stomach than on your lips. JAFRA to the rescue! These beautiful shades of nourishing lipstick will help you keep your lips looking fresh, while still allowing you to enjoy bites of your favorite foods.
- Sweet: JAFRA Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in Soft Kiss, this on-trend matte liquid lipstick smoothly coats your pout in a perfect pink.
- Spicy: JAFRA Beauty Always Color Stay-On Lipstick in Kiss Me Coral, vitamin E enriches this sultry hue to provide stay-put color that hydrates and softens.
- Savory: JAFRA ROYAL Color Luxury Lipstick in Haute Berry, powered by JAFRA's exclusive Royal Jelly RJ× technology, this bold berry shade will leave your lips feeling hydrated and beautiful.
To complete your virtual hostess ensemble, consider pairing a signature scent.
- Sweet: JAFRA Sweetie Fantasy, whimsy and magic abound in this sweet scent full of sweet marshmallow, sparkling fruit, and dreamy flowers.
- Spicy: Adorisse Night, containing intoxicating Bergamot and hints of Neroli in a haze of smooth white chocolate, this fragrance is bold and captivating.
- Savory: Navîgo Ocean Femme, this nautical scent combines pink grapefruit and
California lemon blend with frozen pear for a burst of icy freshness. Whispers of freesia, California hibiscus, sandalwood and pink musk complete this signature scent.
Football may be the focus of your party - but make JAFRA the real MVP!



Today I partnered with JAFRA to make this seriously delicious blackberry and blueberry margarita, inspired by their new, limited-edition Magic Berry Mix Body Mist.  Guys, this scent is literally summer in a bottle, and I’ve been keeping mine in my fridge so it feels extra refreshing when I spritz it on. 🙂
The flirty, fruity fragrance has a top note of midnight blackberry, a mid note of purple freesia, and a bottom note of vanilla ribbons; it honestly just smells like something I want to eat/drink, which is why I knew it also needed to be in margarita form, you know?
But first, I wanted to also talk about the body mist’s scent refresh technology.  High-volatility ingredients in this mist create an immediate cooling sensation on the skin (yes, even if it’s not kept in the fridge!).  It also has odor-fighting smart molecules that keep the skin smelling fresh, anti-microbial advanced technology to prevent the growth of bacteria, AND refreshing scent molecules that continue to activate even hours after application.  It’s pretty much the most science-infused body mist you’ll ever try.
And now on to the margarita inspired by this fragrance…
  • Handful of blackberries
  • Handful of blueberries
  • One shot of tequila (my new favorite is VIVA XXXII – the bottle is super chic on top of the great taste of this tequila)
  • Ice
  • 2 lime wedges
  • Black salt
  • Jalapeno (optional, but a great addition if you like it spicy)
  • Add blueberries and blackberries to blender and pulse until smooth
  • Rim your glass with black salt using one lime wedge
  • Pour in one shot of tequila into the glass and then add in the berry mix
  • Top with a blackberry and lime wedge
  • Enjoy!
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