Our Sustainability Checklist

Beauty for a better future

As Green Team and Vice President of JAFRA’s Worldwide Marketing and Product Development, I am proud to share important strides that JAFRA has made on our path towards sustainability and clean beauty.
You may be wondering, ‘What is JAFRA’s Green Team?’ Our Green Team is made up of chemists, research scientists, packaging engineers, operations managers and business experts who work together towards a common goal: helping JAFRA make more eco-conscious decisions. Combining each of our unique strengths and insights, we meet regularly to push for environmentally friendly changes and cleaner beauty formulations.
Here’s a little known but important fact: we have our own dedicated manufacturing facility located at JAFRA Manufacturing in Queretaro, Mexico. Enhanced with green technology, our facility does more than produce beauty products—it gives us control over our environmental stewardship choices and socially responsible business practices.
With ever-evolving research and science, the path towards sustainability is complex, but essential to our future. We’ve already made great strides and we’re committed to doing even more. It’s with great pleasure that I present our running tally of accomplishments.

We call it our Sustainability Checklist:
What: Clean Industry certification for JAFRA Manufacturing
From: Mexico’s federal environmental protection agency, Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente,
When: Since 2016
Why: Strides in clean energy sourcing, recycling, and water use reduction
What: Inclusive Company distinction for JAFRA Manufacturing
From: Mexico’s ministry of labor and social welfare, Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión
When: 2019-2021
Why: Promoting inclusive, egalitarian, and equitable labor policies
What: Socially Responsible Company designation for JAFRA Manufacturing
From: Centro Mexicano para la Filantropia, a Mexican nonprofit and research organization
When: Since 2010
Why: Strides in community support, ethics, and environmental preservation
What: Halal certification for JAFRA Manufacturing and our products
From: Majelis Ulama Indonesia, Indonesia’s halal certification council
When: Since 2020
Why it’s important: Supporting cultural diversity

JAFRA does not test its products on animals


3 Steps toward Sustainability

“What does sustainability mean to me?” is a question I hear often and am always glad to discuss. It’s a topic that’s near and dear to my heart, on both a personal and professional level. I’m a passionate advocate for clean beauty, sustainability and environmental responsibility.
As a southern California native, I’ve grown up with a strong connection to the environment. The mountain trails and beaches were my childhood playground. And, I want to help preserve them for my children, their children and so on. I believe that the choices we make today will directly impact the experience of every future generation to come.

As Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Product Development for JAFRA, I play a central role in JAFRA’s sustainability strategy. My team considers a multitude of factors pertaining to ingredient safety, sourcing, recyclability, and environmental impact. We tackle these questions every day as we develop new beauty innovations and update our product portfolio.

JAFRA is fortunate to have a stellar team of scientists on our side, too. Our Worldwide Research & Development department features smart, savvy chemists and formulators lead by our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Hongjie Cao. With clean beauty in mind, we work together tirelessly to bring you the best skin care, color, and fragrance products available.

JAFRA eagerly looks to the future. It’s time for a clean start. And, I’m thrilled to share three steps that we’re taking toward a better, brighter tomorrow.

Our Green Team is harnessing our passion to push for cleaner beauty formulas and more eco-conscious business decisions.

Our Sustainability Training Program is educating employees on sustainable packaging, recycling and more.

Our Clean Beauty Principles are helping us create cleaner formulations for our new products and top-selling favorites.

JAFRA has many exciting sustainability and clean beauty initiatives planned for 2021. From recycled and recyclable packaging to new ingredient standards and more, our goals are big, impactful, and beautiful. I can’t say any more at this time but look forward to sharing more Green Team news with you very soon. Stay tuned!

Honoring the Strong Women at JAFRA

Celebrating Women's History Month with Empowering Stories!

True to our Mission and Vision statements, JAFRA has been transforming lives, empowering women, and building an inclusive community of entrepreneurs through high-quality beauty and fragrance products for 65 years. Those that are part of this community - at the corporate offices or as Beauty Consultants - enjoy a true sense of belonging and a heart-felt connection to each other and the founders. Appreciation for opportunity and one another is a common theme when speaking with any of these empowered, powerful women. In honor of Women's History Month, a few of JAFRA's entrepreneurs shared a story about a woman that made an impact on their lives.


-Carolyn Wilkins-

Women’s History Month gives us the opportunity to celebrate every woman from all walks of life who have contributed in shaping our homes, education, labor, businesses, corporations, government, military and public service selflessly above and beyond. It is an honor and privilege to share the JAFRA digital platform celebrating Women’s History Month. The empowerment of women has made it possible to celebrate leading women of JAFRA, as well as an honorable salute to our President Judith Sanchez. The words used in her March action message to consultants describe her as an amazing, unstoppable, fierce and a committed leader of excellence and quality.  “One Heart, One JAFRA”…a powerful theme empowering the careers and businesses of women with consistent vision, provision, inspiration, and committed leadership! While reflecting on President Sanchez comments and leadership, I couldn’t help but think of another strong woman who occupies a constant presence in my life. That person is none other than my beautiful mother, Vera Mc Million. Her 86 years on earth have come with many achievements… great and small… but certainly worthy of recognition, especially so as we celebrate 2021 Women’s History month. Her achievements and accomplishments speak gallantly and brilliantly of her character, integrity, effort, time and dignity of one who should be acknowledged in her reign as a mother, grandmother, friend, confidant, and as a steadfast disciple of Christ and his teachings.


-Irsis garcia-

I met my bestfriend when my two year-old and I became homeless. Now, we’ve been best friends for 11 years and I consider her more of a sister. We’ve lived together all this time and she’s one of my consultants. She pushes me every day and, above all, when I suffered an accident leaving half of my body burned, she was my physical and emotional support throughout recovery. She never gives up. She’s strong, brave and loving. She’s my best friend!

 -Helen Wells-

We would like to share with you my husband's grandmother.  Alice Stebbins Wells was the first woman policewoman in the United States.  Thank you  #lawpoa for sharing this.  We are so proud of Grandma Wells. She became a policewoman because she felt it was unfair the way that women were treated. As a young woman, she was very involved with the church.  After graduation from high school, she attended Oberlin College in Ohio. Then she attended the Hartford Theological seminary. When she graduated, there wasn't a church available for her so she made a living as a bible lecturer. In the early 1900s she was given a church on the Indian Reservation in Oklahoma.  In 1907, she and her family came to Los Angeles, California.  She felt women were mistreated by police so decided to join the police force. Read more of this story from Lawpoa's Facebook page.

-Nancy Meilahn-

Here’s my story about two JAFRA women that have inspired me in my 33 years with JAFRA Cosmetics.
Sharon and Lori have always modeled JAFRA’s concept... Do what is in the best interest for your client and or consultant. Share your knowledge. Share JAFRA’s generous opportunity! Their passion and wisdom about the strength of our company and our awesome products is beautiful to watch and listen! When you share JAFRA you’ll never be disappointed, you’ll be blessed, but I feel the most blessed is having them in my life!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to lift them up!


Our New Fragrance for Empowered Women

As Vice President of JAFRA Worldwide Marketing and New Product Development, I’m thrilled to introduce JAFRA We. JAFRA We is our new fragrance for women — a celebration of inclusivity, community and empowerment. Presented in a spherical blue bottle, it represents the world all women share. And, it evokes an inspiring, uplifting message that feels incredibly relevant to these times.
2020 was a year that challenged us on so many levels. But, instead of pushing us apart, it brought us closer. Together, we grew stronger – as parents and professionals, as co-workers and as a community. And, together we are unstoppable!
Everywhere you look, there’s a sense of new hope on the horizon. Women are speaking up, supporting each other and sharing a collective spirit of positivity. JAFRA We is driven by this authentic, expansive, exhilarating energy.
When my marketing and product development team started brainstorming ideas for this project, we knew that we wanted to disrupt stereotypes of femininity. We also wanted to respond to the growing need for affirmation and acceptance. By honoring diversity, our fragrance would create a meaningful experience of inclusivity and self-empowerment.
Above all, JAFRA We celebrates women who use their personal strength to empower others. This has a domino effect. As you champion the women around you and help them achieve their dreams, you build on your own skills, resources and successes. Another extraordinary benefit? Confidence! Helping others shows you how much you have to give, and how amazing you already are.
JAFRA We is more than a fragrance. It is a campaign to inspire women to rise up, stand strong and support each other. From all of us at JAFRA, here are our favorite tips for becoming an unstoppable force for good in your community:
              • Create a circle of positivity
              Surround yourself with people who inspire you and bring out your best
              • Learn from yesterday, but live for today
              Mistakes are only failures if you fail to learn from them
              • Empower the women around you
              Encourage them to speak up about what they need, then help them achieve it
To all the fearless women out there, We see you; We applaud you; We love you! JAFRA We is your fragrance. Please send us your photos, videos and messages. We look forward to following you on your journey of empowerment!
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