Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Try These Now!

Do you ever dream of having your own business? Don’t just dream it… Do it! Being an entrepreneur takes discipline, hard work and the right mind-set. The truth is that anyone can be successful if they have the right tools and attitude. Here are a few practices of successful business owners:
They have passion
Being passionate about your business is vital to sticking to your goals. When you truly enjoy your field (whether it be beauty, food, fashion etc.) you will be more likely to spend the time to grow your business. Sure we would all like to get rich quick, but that is not the end goal of most entrepreneurs; they focus on steadily creating a company that will not only be successful, but will open up opportunities for other people as well. In turn, they also find happiness in the success of other people, so as their company grows they know anyone involved will also do well.
They build a winning team
Successful entrepreneurs know that they cannot do it all, so they surround themselves with people that specialize in different aspects of business. These entrepreneurs also know how to ask for help and advice from family, friends or experts in the field. As the saying goes…it takes a village!
They sell, sell, sell!
Successful entrepreneurs know that selling is the key to growing their business. By focusing on the customer and what the customer needs, an entrepreneur can keep the business healthy. While other parts of the business (operations, finance, even marketing) are all vital to an organization, without sales a business cannot and will not flourish.
They seek out new experiences
Another habit of successful entrepreneurs is that they seek out new experiences. Even if they cannot board a plane to an exotic adventure, they still find the time to learn new skills (like dancing, cooking or music). They volunteer to help at local charities or even find a new hiking trail in their area. Whatever it is, they understand that when they return to work, they will be recharged and refreshed with new inspiration to continue fueling the success of their business.

Create the Perfect Mother’s Day

Fab Ways for You and Mom to Spend Quality Time Together

Does it seem like every year you do the same thing on Mother’s Day? Maybe it’s brunch or breakfast and maybe a pretty card and then it’s over? This year, do something different and try a fun activity that the two of you (and your siblings) can do together to create a Mother’s Day she will not forget!
Turn your living room into a spa
Moms of all ages love to feel beautiful! Light an aromatherapy candle and place a vase of pretty flowers in your living room. On the dining table, display everything you will need for a spa-style facial: warm towels, a bowl of warm water, a gentle facial scrub, a variety of mud masks to suit everyone’s beauty needs, and a luxurious moisturizer.  When mom comes over, offer her lemon or cucumber-infused water or a cup of chamomile tea to relax her. Now that you have created the ambience, everyone can choose their treatment; just be sure to take pictures of you and mom with your facial masks on! 
Bond at a cooking class
There is a saying that families that eat together stay together- so why not learn new recipes and gourmet tricks together? Treat mom to a cooking class of her choice, whether it is refreshing the basics or dishes from another country like France or India!  No matter what flavor you choose, the day will be stimulating and fun… and best of all you get to enjoy your sumptuous creations together.
Travel through history at a museum
If you are looking for an excursion that is inexpensive but fascinating, visit a local museum together. For the mom who loves nature, take her to the natural history museum or if she is interested in space, visit the local science museum and the  planetarium show too! If your mom is a lover of the arts, then she’ll enjoy a stroll with you through a local art museum. You can even end the day with a “paint and pour” class, where a local artist provides the canvas, paint and steps to paint a picture all while you enjoy a glass of wine!


Are You Beautiful?

What the Sages Say about the True Essence of Beauty

Poets and philosophers have tried for eons to define what makes a woman beautiful. More recently, doctors and scientists have weighed in. One California plastic surgeon, Stephen Marquardt, M.D., even produced a mathematical formula to describe the perfect female face, calculating its proportions as a series of consistent ratios.
But beauty is more complicated than a set of numbers. We have all met women who by conventional standards (and Dr. Marquardt’s formula) shouldn’t be beautiful, but undeniably are. Some cultures recognize this with a term like jolie laide, which translates literally from French as “pretty-ugly” and is used to describe a woman who is not predictably pretty, but still irresistible.
Let’s see what the wise women (and men) of history have to say on the subject:
Francis Bacon, scientist, philosopher, politician, writer and all-around brilliant 17th century British gentleman
“There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.”
Marie Stopes, early 20th century British scientist, sex-manual author, and early feminist
“You can take no credit for beauty at 16. But if you are beautiful at 60, it will be your soul’s own doing.”
Coco Chanel, 20th century French designer, founder of Chanel
“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”
Salma Hayek, contemporary Mexican-American actress and producer
“People often say that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves.”
Lady Gaga, contemporary American singer, songwriter, actress
“You define beauty for yourself, society doesn’t define your beauty. Your spirit and your faith define your beauty.”
Steve Maraboli, contemporary American behavioral scientist, author
“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.”
Can any woman be beautiful? The answer is, of course, yes, but it takes that uncommon mix of self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-confidence. Perhaps that is why beauty is a quality more often associated with grown-up women, rather than pretty young girls. 


7 Confidence Hacks to Get You Back on Track Fast

Try these Confidence Boosting Tips the Next Time You’re Feeling Low

It’d be great if we were all born supremely confident and stayed that way, no matter the circumstance, no matter a bad hair day or whatever else happens. But that’s not real life. Most of us can benefit from what I call confidence hacks – tricks to get us back on track when we’re feeling a tad low. Try a few of these and see if they work for you.
Feeling healthy and vital goes a long way toward feeling confident. Besides, exercise tends to instantly boost mood enhancing biochemistry. Something as simple as walking is great, but sweat and strenuous effort seem to work even better. Think running, kickboxing or maybe even CrossFit.
Imagine it
Researchers call this the “best possible future” exercise. It’s a cinch: close your eyes and imagine living the life of your dreams. Get as detailed as possible: imagine what you’ll wear, where you’ll live, your work situation and anything else you desire. Even 5 minutes a day of this will put your mind in a future-is-so-bright-gotta-wear-shades state.
Use the Body/Brain Link
Remember, you gotta walk the walk. Practice standing tall, shoulders back, head up and your body will help tell your brain that you’re confident. This is in the “fake it until you make it” realm, but there’s nothing wrong with that.
Speak with Kindness
First you’ll start with yourself. Nothing, absolutely nothing, deflates confidence like harsh, negative self talk. So just for one day, pledge to conduct a kind inner dialogue with yourself. If you catch yourself in negative self talk, stop and gently return to giving yourself a break. See how you feel after the day.  Most people feel much happier and more confident. If you’re kind to yourself, you’re more likely to be kind to others too -- a confidence booster in itself.
When you volunteer, you take your mind off of yourself while you pitch in and help someone else. Many volunteer positions also offer an opportunity to hone real work skills and further develop confidence-boosting social skills. Plus studies have shown that people who volunteer have lower mortality rates and lower rates of depression. Consider which causes and issues are important to you and volunteer for organizations that are in line. Find out how to volunteer by visiting the organization’s website or call their local office. Or go to www.volunteer.gov for a wide variety of volunteer opportunities in the U.S.
Surround Yourself with Support
Nothing saps confidence like hanging out with people who tell you you’re less than great. Do everything you can to surround yourself with kind, supportive people. With this in mind, take note of how often you criticize or belittle others. Do everything you can to stop criticizing others and start supporting. Live this way and you’ll probably see a whole lot more support coming your way, which always translates into confidence.
Use Music
One of the oldest tricks in the book: boost confidence by listening to music that inspires you. Maybe combine old-school like Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive and songs like Sara Bareillies’s Brave. The playlist will be highly personal. Need help? Start by searching Pandora or Spotify for happy and inspiring music. 
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