Sleeping Beauty

It’s Not Just a Fairy Tale

Perhaps the most important beauty tool that we all have at our fingertips is… sleep! Having sufficient sleep on a regular basis can help us not only feel healthy and energetic, but it can make us look younger too. While we sleep, our skin heals, restores vital nutrients and eliminates toxins. Here are some ways that sleep, and a lack of sleep, can affect our skin:

While we sleep the body boosts blood flow to our skin; that is why we wake up with a healthy glow. So not enough zzz’s means not enough blood flow, which leads to dull and sallow looking skin. During sleep the body also rebalances hydration; so no sleep further dehydrates our skin, causing more fine lines and wrinkles.

Tired Eyes
Probably the first area to show exhaustion are our eyes. Since insufficient sleep reduces blood flow, circles under our eyes can look darker and our eyes look red. Extra fluid can build up as well, causing the appearance of “bags” under our eyes. Finally, because of skin dryness, crow’s feet and under-eye wrinkles can look more prominent.

Product performance
When you get enough sleep, you are allowing your skin care products to work efficiently. Since this is the time the skin renews, your skin can focus on repairing itself, thus maximizing your skin care routine. With that said, sleep truly is the best beauty tool we have… and best of all it’s free!

Maximize your sleep
You can boost your beauty sleep with a few simple add-ons. Try sleeping with two pillows to elevate your head, this can reduce the amount of fluid under your eyes. Satin pillowcases can reduce scratching or pulling on your skin. Finally, try using an overnight sleep mask to plump, firm and moisturize your skin, so you wake up looking like you had a facial

How to Cheat Without Breaking Your Diet

6 Ways to Treat Yourself Safely

The temptation to cheat on a healthy eating plan looms large towards the end of the year, when there are so many reasons to celebrate with food and drink.

Instead of getting depressed or dumping your whole diet because you’ve succumbed to moments of weakness, plan for the inevitable by allowing yourself some wiggle room. Control cheating by preparing for splurges to maintain your weight and enjoy every bite while you’re at it.

Stay Accountable

Even if you don’t keep a food diary, jot down every small or large splurge you’ve indulged in on your calendar.

Don’t Be Scale-Obsessed

Allow for some leeway on your scale. If you go over the three to five pound variance you’ve set, then it’s time to scale back the treats and amp up the exercise.

Plan Ahead…

…for cheat meals. Think about how you can savor a turkey dinner without overdoing the calories. Forego the gravy and biscuits for a tablespoon of stuffing and a sliver of pumpkin pie instead. If you’ve been served a plated meal, visually cut the portion in half and ask the host for a doggie bag. Instead of drinking wine or a mixed cocktail, which adds calories and can help you forget to eat mindfully, go for a spritzer or a sparkling water with a lime wedge. Have in your purse, flavored tea bags like cinnamon apple, ginger spice or peppermint as a tasty zero-calorie finish to a wonderful meal. Bring extras as your friends may love the idea.

Eat Mindfully

Be sure the food you’re cheating with is truly worth it. Why allow yourself a cocktail at a boring corporate gathering, when you can save the calories and the pleasure of the drink for an evening in front of the fireplace with your honey. If the dessert you’ve saved yourself for isn’t all that yummy, don’t eat it.  

Have a Mantra

Mantra’s help you avoid unplanned treats. “My body is a temple, not a trashcan.” “I’ve worked hard to get into my amazing red dress.”


Get in a walk or a quick workout first thing in the morning on cheat days to avoid shining it on as the day gets busy. Remember weight loss is calories in, calories out.

Mind Tricks for the Healthy Entrepreneuress

How to stay sane in an insane business world

Stories of insanely successful business women are abound. But it’s the road kill – all those women who crashed and burned that also intrigue Suzi Lala, the author of The Motherhood Evolution. Lula, who has been a counselor for 18 years and recently expanded her business as a speaker, workshop leader and author, is obsessed with the field of human transformation and how mother’s in particular can thrive.
“What I figured out after talking with and counseling so many women – especially mothers – is that women are too often out of balance. That’s what gets in the way of their goals,” says Lula. The problem boils down to a lie women tell themselves - working harder and sacrificing more pays off. Lula says it rarely does. Too many women try to do it all and be everything to everyone. The result is exhaustion, burn out and unhappiness.
“What's helped me in my journey more than anything else is to have the courage to say ‘I’m done for the day’ and then go do something that really replenishes me; not something for my family or my business, but something small that makes me happy,” says Lula.
While going out to dinner with a girlfriend is one of Lula’s favorite replenishments, she also likes taking a yoga class, buying fresh flowers for her house (an instant pick-me-up), and rocking out to music while she cooks. Lula says that “these treating yourself to tiny treats every day work like a mind trick - they keep you focused on your intrinsic worth regardless of what’s going on in life.
“Women are brought up to think that our value and worth comes through how successful we are or how successful our kids are. The trick is that you have to know that you’re deserving regardless of anything. Your business will go up and down, and that’s the nature of business. But your self-esteem shouldn’t waiver in the process.  
Women who treat themselves with kindness, respect and plenty of replenishment conquer goals because they don’t question their worth. “Success comes when you create a lifestyle and attitude that’s grounded in self-worth, which breeds stability. Someone who stays centered even when the waves come has the best chance at truly becoming the captain of her own ship,” says Lula.

How To Make Your Time Off A Priority

Fear not. Your job will still be there!

If you are like most Americans, you work hard everyday. You might also have a difficult time letting yourself take time off from work; statistics show that Americans collectively leave over 170,000 vacation days untaken! Why? Most people fear losing momentum at work or falling behind, yet studies show that taking time off makes us more creative and efficient. If you are vacation-phobic, here are some tips to help make your time off a priority:

Understand why it is good for you

Taking time off allows you to recharge your body and soul. It gives you time to reconnect with your spouse, family and friends. It also teaches you to trust your co-workers with handling your workload, teaches you to delegate tasks and can make you efficient at finishing projects at work (your reward is time off!). When you entrust your work environment and colleagues, it can lead to deeper professional connections and growth; so you are really improving your professional life, not hindering it.

Don’t pressure yourself

Sometimes planning a far-away vacation sounds like a lot of work in itself, so don’t pressure yourself to travel a far distance. Taking a day off can mean going to a yoga class, meeting a friend for lunch or even catching a matinee… anything you want. You can even take a stay-cation and enjoy the sights in your own city or a nearby town, giving you the same adventurous feeling without the stress of spending money on an expensive vacation (and packing and unpacking!).  If finances are your reason for not taking days off, consider starting a part-time flexible business or job to help earn a vacation fund.  This is especially a good idea if you are a homemaker and want to make sure that your family is able to vacation without any financial burdens.

Schedule your time off

At the beginning of each year (or in the Fall at back to school time), try to map out your vacation days and put them on the calendar with your family and work. Knowing that these days are already on your agenda can help you mentally prepare to actually take (and enjoy) them!
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