Tender Moments Summer: sunshine, sandcastles, and baby’s sweet smile!

This new cologne will make your baby’s bath routine – or anytime - even sweeter!

Watching “baby’s firsts” is one of the greatest joys of being a new parent. First words, first steps, and first times of trying all sorts of mundane things suddenly become magical. I distinctly recall my husband and I making a pact not to take our first child to a park with a swing set without one another because we both wanted to see our daughter's face the first time she got to experience swinging through the air. It seems like a silly thing – but seeing those expressions on a tiny face that you love is magnificent. We wanted to be able to not only experience the joy of our daughter, but to experience it together as first-time parents. It's this same joy and fun that JAFRA has depicted within Tender Moments Summer!
Being able to capture those moments on film is sometimes difficult as they are often fast and fleeting. Sometimes we breathe in the sweet scent of our baby and think ‘I wish I could bottle this scent and have it forever’ – well, JAFRA has kind of done just that! In addition to the two existing Tender Moments colognes (which, if you haven’t tried yet, you’re missing out!), they have come up with a new cologne fragrance inspired by a blissful beach day with your baby.  
Tender Moments Lineup 
If you’ve taken a dive into the world of baby cologne, you may have already been pleasantly surprised by the fragrances that JAFRA carries. The two main scents within Tender Moments are so lovely that I insisted on using them with my kids into their toddler years. The calming Lavender & Chamomile scent is subtle and sweet – perfect for a wind down routine at bedtime. The fresh scent has a light floral scent with hints of rose, jasmine, and vanilla. Both fragrances are also available in a complimenting line of Hair and Body Wash, Massage Cream, Cologne, and Bottom Balm. 
Meet The Perfumer 
Leandro Petit was a naturally gifted scientist, skilled in both math and chemistry. He envisioned a career in chemical engineering until an internship at a fragrance house caused him to become fascinated with the craft, its history, and the ingredients. For Leandro, perfumery is the creation of dreams, memories, and passion. He found that he loved taking the abstract and turning it into something concrete, with no greater joy than turning his visions into distinctive fragrances. After spending time as a perfume assistant, he would stay on after work trying to replicate famous fragrances. He created unique formulas based on instinct, and using only his nose, persevering until one day he succeeded in crafting bespoke perfumes for each of his twenty-five family members: what an amazing gift for his loved ones!  
Summer is Here!  
Capture the memories of baby’s first beach day with Tender Moments Summer. Just like Tender Moments Fresh and Tender Moments Lavender & Chamomile, Summer has been specially formulated for baby’s delicate skin. This alcohol-free fragrance warms the heart with a floral fragrance that reminds us of all the things we love about summer. A gentle juicy citrus wave welcomes you; Bergamot, Lemon, and Mandarin essential oils all ride the crest of the wave as it washes over you. The fragrance of sun-kissed citrus is warm and light. Sweet beach flower petals of Jasmine and Lilac make up the heart of this soft fragrance. As the heart notes fade, sparkling sea foam made of musk and frothy vanilla finish this scent. The notes of this cologne mingle together to create the perfect summer day; calm, warm, and sweet.
Sandcastles, Sunshine, and Memories, Oh My!  
Summer fun is often full of days at the beach (or playing in the sandbox if you’re land-locked like me in Colorado) and building sandcastles is a staple of afternoon playtime. Inspired by a blissful beach day with your baby, Tender Moments Summer has encapsulated all the sunny seaside scents of summer and created a gentle alcohol-free formula for your little one to keep a reminder of the sweetness of your special day together with you every day.  
Imagine the perfect day spent at the beach with your little one. You have all the essentials packed and ready to go: a blanket to play on, an umbrella for shade, toys to play in the sand, JAFRA Tender Moments sunscreen & Summer cologne for baby, snacks and beverages. It is a perfect 72 degrees outside, and the sun is shining when you get to the beach. Your family finds a beautiful spot to sit – close enough to the water to walk, but far away enough that you won’t need to move when the tide starts to come in. You lay out the blanket, set up the umbrella, and you sit down with your baby to play in the sand.  
You and your little one build sandcastles together in the sand; there is a gentle breeze, the warmth of the sun can be felt on the sand, and even in the shade, and there is a hint of salt in the air. You look at your little one, and on their face is pure joy; you will remember this moment for years to come.  
Tender Moments Summer has wrapped all these dreamy sights, sounds, and scents into a wonderful little cologne and bottled them. It is ideal for after a bath or any time of day, and can be used in these three simple steps:   

1. Pour a few drops onto your palm   
2. Gently pat onto baby’s skin   
3. Cover baby in sweet kisses! 
Tender Moments Summer is a water-based fragrance, ideal for babies aged 6 months and up. It is made with natural essential oils of lemon and mandarin, and it has been clinically, allergy, and irritancy tested. In addition, Tender Moments Summer comes in a carton made from 95% recycled paper.  

You Are My Sunshine  
With Summer in full swing there are plenty of memory-making days on the horizon – make sure to bring along a sunscreen for yourself and your little one on your next adventure to protect the skin you love to nuzzle, smell, and cover in kisses! Tender Moments Baby Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ is ideal for any day in the sun; it is water-resistant, paraben-free, and fragrance-free. While protecting your little one from the harmful UV rays of the sun, this broad-spectrum SPF will also condition their delicate skin with botanicals, and since it is fragrance-free, will pair well with the Tender Moments cologne that you may choose to use during your special day, too! Be sure to take along a tube of sunscreen on any outing or have an extra Tender Moments Sunscreen in your diaper bag should it need to be reapplied throughout your adventure.  
Summer Bliss   
As you continue through summer, creating new sunny memories, Tender Moments Summer will be the reminder of the blissful beach day with your little one. Enjoy new experiences while having the sweet scent of summer memories with you as you live through the year. You can use Tender Moments Summer as part of your bed and bath routine, or as a lotion and cologne refresh for your little one. The way you choose to incorporate the scent of summer memories is up to you!

Celebrate National Best Friends Day with the perfect gift for your bestie!

Near or far, old or new, find the ideal way to say thank you for all that they do.

While this may seem like just another made-up holiday (although I am all-for any reason to celebrate friendship), National Best Friends Day is an actual US holiday that was established during a United States Congressional hearing and declared to be celebrated annually on June 8th. Let’s explore the many ways friends bring goodness to our lives and how we can give back to our best friends this June and celebrate the friends that enrich our world!

What’s In It for Me?
Did you know that aside from the run-of-the-mill enjoyment you get out of your friendships there are other actual, medical benefits, too? According to the Mayo Clinic, good friends can be beneficial to your health; they can provide support during bad times, help you celebrate good times, prevent isolation and loneliness, and give you a chance to offer needed companionship. Friends can also:
  • Increase your sense of belonging and purpose
  • Boost your happiness and reduce your stress
  • Improve your self-confidence and self-worth
  • Help you cope with traumas
  • Encourage you to change or avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits
Adults with strong social connections have a reduced risk of many significant health problems including depression, high blood pressure, and an unhealthy body mass index. Studies have even shown that older adults with more meaningful relationships and stronger social support are likely to live longer than their peers with fewer connections. Those same true friends also make that extra long life worth living!

Tell me about your friends
For some people, gift giving comes easy. If you are anything like me though, you may suffer from analysis paralysis. You might stand in the aisle of the store and look over all the beautiful options, considering and weighing your choices… over and over… thinking about your loved one… unable to come to a decision for quite some time (or in this case, staring at the gorgeous colors and packages on your computer screen). Don’t fret! I have done all the looking, considering, weighing, and thinking for you, and come up with some go-to categories that your best friend might fit into – and some great gifts that she (or he) will love! Here is a great way to celebrate friendship if your best friend is…
  • A new mom: Your best friend has just welcomed a brand-new teammate to the world: a baby. JAFRA's Tender Moments collection to the rescue! This baby-friendly line of products is the ideal gift for a friend who has a little one that has just become their whole world. With products ranging from shampoo to sunscreen to cologne – Tender Moments has you covered!
  • Your mom: It’s time to give back to your number one fan; after all, you got it from your mama! Chances are you caused mom some sleepless nights, whether as a newborn or a teenager, and it would be really great if we could give her back some of that lost time. JAFRA’s Revitalize Longevity Crème can’t give her more time at night, but it will help her skin rejuvenate to reveal visibly smoother, firmer skin! This ultra-nourishing intensive moisturizer is one of my personal favorite products!
  • Your dad: If you’re a daddy’s girl who has grown up to be dad’s best friend, honor that friendship with a gift that celebrates the amazing man that he is. JAFRA Legend is the perfect fragrance for a friendship for the ages. 
  • An artist: For the artsy bestie it’s a good bet that they would appreciate the bold, bright blues, and splashes of coral that cover the bottle of JAFRA’s Art = Life. Their creative and fearless spirit will appreciate the citrus pops and expressive floral layers of this fragrance. Whether your bestie is a fearless female or magnificent male, there is a his and hers version so you can be sure about your choice and send your gift with confidence!
  • A twin (or maybe YOUR twin!): Best friends are often a kindred spirit in another person – and sometimes they are literally our twin spirit! Whether they are your literal or figurative twin, Double Nature may be a great fit for them! Within the Double Nature line there are a number of options to choose from to fit their personality to tailor the gift to your friendship. JAFRA’s Double Nature is available in Rock (juicy red apple and black cherry), Crazy (uplifting florals and vibrant, fruity notes), Glam (sweet notes of berries and flowers), Cool (fresh fruits and soft florals), Sexy (white peach, hibiscus flower, and sweet sugarcane), Tender (white cherry blossom and playful fruity notes), Peace (pure musks, ripe mango, and hyacinth blooms), Wild (crisp notes of red currant and velvety jasmine), Nature (golden grapefruit, green basil, and grassy vetiver), and Tech (pink peppercorn, purple iris, and creamy white woods).
  • A nature lover: When your bestie is also besties with mother nature, it is best to embrace the competition. Thankfully, JAFRA just released an amazing new fragrance called You Bloom that encompasses many of the beautiful things we love about flowers and the natural environment around us. You Bloom has a lovely story to explore!
  • A traveler: If the line where the sky meets the sea calls to your best friend… then Navîgo Ocean is the ideal fragrance to gift them for National Best Friends Day! Feed their desire for something new with this adventurous aquatic fragrance that inspires with fresh sea salt and sparks a flame of intrigue with rich, distinctive notes.
Celebrate Friendship
In addition to gift giving there are several other ways you can use JAFRA to celebrate with loved ones! You can have a fun spa night with your besties using JAFRA self-care products; some of my personal favorites include the Revitalize Volcanic Micro Polish Mask, Boost Detox Clay Mask, Beyond Brilliant Gel Nail Lacquer, and the JAFRA Spa Foot Scrub. If spending time outside is more your thing, you can invite your besties on a hike or to a picnic in the park – but don’t forget to protect your skin and put on some JAFRA Sun Body Protector Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ before you go!  

Send Your Gift with Love
With all that has happened in the last two years, it might be some time since you have spent quality time with your BFF. If possible, try to hand deliver your gift to your bestie! Presents are always best when given with a smile – and of course a hug! One of the great things about JAFRA products is that the packaging is already beautiful, so there is minimal work needed to jazz them up; a basket or bag, some tissue paper, and a little ribbon is really all you need.

If you need to mail your gift, it’s always fun to throw in a little extra sparkle to really make your recipient feel special. Here are some fun ideas:
  • Choose shiny/glittery tissue paper rather than plain
  • Add confetti (instead of glitter, choose something larger that would be easier to clean up if it spills – your friends will thank you)
  • Throw in some candies in shiny wrappers
  • Add some costume jewelry that would compliment the makeup products you chose
  • Buy JAFRA make-up brushes that match JAFRA’s packaging
How ever you choose to celebrate your best friends this year… Here are my Best Friends Day wishes for you!
May you always have best friends to meet up and unwind.
May you always have besties to wipe running mascara from your face.
May your friendships be vibrant, joyful, and long-lasting.
“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” — Muhammad Ali

Why Digital Detoxes are Good for You

Celebrate National Day of Unplugging with these outdoor activities.

Now more than ever, we’ve seen how technology has kept us close during times where being physically together was next to impossible. From working from home to virtual watch parties, facetime calls, and virtual events, we stayed connected to the rest of the outside world right from our digital devices. Being digitally connected does have its benefits and drawbacks when consumed excessively though. According to Web MD, scheduling breaks from your digital devices can have a positive impact on your mental and physical health.  

With that said, when was the last time you’ve had a digital detox? Wouldn't hitting the "re-start" button be a welcome "refresh" on your outlook? In honor of National Day of Unplugging, we thought of a couple of ways to get started on a digital detox that might be long overdue. That selfie post can wait, JAFRA Beauty! Turn off all cell phones, TVs, and shut down computers. Go ahead, give Alexa the night off. Here are a few ways to detox from the digital world: 

Swap Digital Time for Volunteer Time 

There’s no better use of your digital time than volunteering for a local organization or club in your community. Find out what kind of causes you’re passionate about and see if there are any nonprofits around your area that focus on that. There are great nonprofit organizations like MeWater Foundation that are always in need of volunteers. If physically volunteering is not an option now, consider finding ways to fundraise money for them by selling items you no longer use. Volunteering is another way to meet other warm and kind-hearted individuals who are looking to make the world a better place. 


Stay Grounded with Nature 

When was the last time you went for a nature walk? How about taking your beloved self on a picnic? Or bring a special someone along to engage in yummy pre-packed treats and enticing conversation. Kick off your shoes and feel the green grass or soft, warm beach sand gently massage your tensions away. Adding outdoor walking or activities to your weekly schedule can create a healthier balance between the digital and the real world. Start off by walking to a local park for 30 minutes once a week. Slowly increase the time and switch to different locations. If you live close to any national park, consider visiting every weekend! There’s so much to explore in national parks or recreation areas. Being out in nature's open spaces has a way of recharging us with fresh air, sunshine, and beautiful scenery of wildlife. Plus, there are certain days where entrance to any national park is FREE! 


Self-care with JAFRA Spa 

Relaxing scents like chamomile or lavender help the body unwind from daily stressors. We know how hard adulting can be, JAFRA Beauty. Consider the JAFRA Spa Power Down Trio to help you press the "pause" button today! Ingredients like lavender essential oil and chamomile extract instantly calm, cleanse and renew. If you’re looking for a pick me up though, try the Power Up Trio for an immediate recharge! It’s an energizing self-care ritual with a zesty scent of citrus essential oil, jasmine, and cedarwood. 

Don’t have time for self-care? No worries! If you only have 15-20 minutes free, then multi-masking is the way to go. Apply the JAFRA Spa Mud Mask around the cheek area and the JAFRA ROYAL Revitalize Volcanic Micro Polish Mask around the nose, forehead and chin area. These two face masks are the perfect combo that’ll help refresh, hydrate, and gently exfoliate the skin during a time crunch. Your complexion will be renewed and revitalized in minutes! 


Balance Life and Technology 

We know how hard it can be to unplug, especially if social media is part of your job. Or maybe you don’t have any accumulated PTO so working is a must. Even then though, there are still different ways to limit screen time without falling behind at work.  

Most smartphones have “Focus” and "Screen Time” features that limit social media application use or reserve time for sleep, unwinding or just allowing yourself time to take slow deep breaths. Try laying out your schedule on a calendar or planner to see where there’s free time every week to block off as “me time.” Consider using “me time” to do your favorite hobbies like doing yoga, playing sports, hiking or reading at the beach (don’t forget your JAFRA sunscreen!). Take this time to stay grounded and maybe even use these precious moments to self-reflect on current life challenges. The mental and physical benefits of taking time for yourself, to pamper your inner being, recharge through exercise, lend a helping hand, and taking a "break" will be noticeable in the long run. 


Now that you’re done reading this on your mobile device, it’s time to put all these suggestions into practice! We’d love to know how you digital detox and how often. Maybe it's the first time you're willing to try to detach from your electronics. We'd love for you to share your experience. Tag @jafracosmetics on Facebook and Instagram and show us how you unplug for a chance to be featured! 


Why Your Pet Is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You

Spend some extra time with your fur babies on National Pet Day!

They say a dog is a (wo)man’s best friend for a reason! Today is a very special holiday on social media that lets us “show and tell” our most beloved family members, our pets. National Love Your Pet Day reminds us how important it is to appreciate and love the fur babies that love us even when times are ruff. For all the new fur parents that recently adopted while working from home, now’s your time to show off your new fur baby! Lights, camera, action! 


Here’s 5 things to do with your fur baby for National Love Your Pet Day: 

Go for a long walk in the morning and at sunset!  

A long walk is not only a gift for your pet, but also a gift for you. Walking boosts all the happy juices in your brain. According to North Dakota State University, “walking promotes the release of brain chemicals called endorphins that stimulate relaxation and improve our mood. Walking does not have to be done at a fast pace to have stress-relieving benefits. Even a stroll at a comfortable pace promotes relaxation, studies indicate.” So really, this is just another way your pet takes care of you! 


Meet Sunny, who never goes out without sunscreen! 

“This my dog Sunny. I love her because she is so kind. We got her during quarantine and so I was spending the entire day with her! I just love that she always wants to be around me.” Stephanie Ramos, JAFRA USA Digital Department 

Buy them their favorite treats like a puppuccino or a pupcake…and while you’re at it, treat yourself too! Make sure you snap some pics with your bestie enjoying your favorite snacks together. 

Meet Luna, a pup who enjoys a sweet treat! 

“Luna changed my life. For months before we rescued her, I would say that my “dogilogical clock” is ticking… and it certainly was. I didn’t realize I could love anything as wholly and completely as I do this compact little nugget of puppy goodness. Not only is she my partner in crime, but she’s also my partner in snacks. Who knew I’d find a friend who shares my love of Netflix binges AND sweets! 

 Melissa Pardo, JAFRA USA Digital Department 

Gift them a new toy!  

Playtime for your pet is also playtime for you. Nothing gets the endorphins flowing like something new and shiny to enjoy—and it’s even better if you can enjoy it together. Consider getting your pet a new bone, squeaky toy, or collar!


Meet Athena & Loki, two wild and crazy pawty animals 


“Athena and Loki make every day better and I love them so much! They’re the happiest and most fun doggies in the whole world.” Mayam Lillard, JAFRA USA Marketing Department 


Take a selfie or make a video of all the things you love about them. I bet you’ll realize that so many things you love about your pet are also things you love about you. 


Meet Olly, your most photogenic friend 


“Our pet is Olly, a male Lemon Beagle who’s 2 years old. What I love about him is his energy, that he’s very playful, and how he expresses his love for each one of us.  He accepts us the way we are and he loves us equally.” Jose Buenrostro, JAFRA USA Communications Department 


Enjoy a nap together.  I bet you didn’t know that people who sleep with dogs actually sleep better than those who don’t. One study found that humans had an 81 percent sleep efficiency and the dogs an 85 percent sleep efficiency.  



Meet Joey and Lily, the best cuddle buddies you could ask for 

Little Joey loves to snuggle up as close as he can (to people and dogs) and Lily is so sweet she'll allow it no matter how tight of a squeeze it may be!” Steven Craine, JAFRA USA Digital Department 

Spoil your pet with a massage. 
Give your fur baby their favorite belly rub, ear massages, or even a paw spa experience. Shower them with relaxing scents like chamomile, lavender, or bergamot. Your pet deserves all the love and spa vibes on National Love Your Pet Day!

Meet Teddy, a pet with bellisimo taste in body products! 

Teddy is only 6-months old & he’s very playful and outgoing, I love how Teddy greets me every time I get home from work. He’s very smart and he loves the smell of the JAFRA Royal Olive line as you can see in the picture. Teddy’s favorite things to do is going for walks and he loves to chase our cats and play with them even though they hate that.” Esperanza Morales, JAFRA USA Marketing Department 


Do their favorite activity like a long drive with the window down or playing catch. What's one activity that your pet looks forward to every week? Today's the day to do a lot of that! Amp it up by inviting there friends to join in the fun. There's nothing more fun than a pet spending time with their favorite human and their friends.


Meet Coco, his favortie hobby is sleeping
I love Coco because he’ll be napping on me and if I dare move a muscle, he sighs very loudly. It’s hilarious.” Natalie Borraez, JAFRA USA Recognition Department 



We’d love to see which JAFRA product your pet loves! Tag @jafracosmetics on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to be featured. Have a paw-tastic day, JAFRA Beauty! 



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