4 Things Your Girl Squad Knows That Your Significant Other Doesn’t

…Because friendship is thicker than water

Ah, you’re in love. You want to tell your partner everything, except you don’t. Why? This is probably because some secrets are better kept between you and your squad. Like what, you wonder? That depends on your history, but no matter what scandalous details your past does or doesn’t contain, here are our top four things your squad knows about you that your significant other doesn’t.   

Your Heartbreak Stories
Remember that time you spent months – years, maybe – mourning the one that got away? Spending your nights cyber stalking them on social media and crying into your cosmopolitan? Your friends sure do, and while it’s probably not advisable to get into too much detail with your current love about a past devastation (at least not early on), your friends remember what you went through. They can help you see how much you’ve grown since.

Your Embarrassing Tales
Although your significant other may believe otherwise, odds are good you haven’t always been perfectly composed and lady like. Witness that time you drank way too much in Cabo, or were so angry at your ex that you threw a glass across the room. Whatever blackmail-worthy things you’ve done (or have had done to you) are under lock and key with your inner circle. Hopefully you can all laugh about them now, because the past is history.

Your Love List
Let’s face it, you’re not in your first romantic relationship. There have been others and your squad knows the scoop from lurid details, to close calls, to secret longings. They’ve been with you through wild times and dry spells. They can remind you who is and isn’t good for you and what you took from every pairing. They can also see patterns and offer an ear when you need it with a special understanding of how you operate in love.

Your Relationship Fears
Even the happiest couples have complaints about their relationships. There are always things we’d like to change or difficulties we work with. When these arise, who do we go to as a sounding board? Our friends of course! We share the red flags from the get go, so they can keep track of our progress and remind us what we saw coming should things go wrong down the road. Ideally they won’t, but the one upside should your romance go awry, is that your squad will be there to help you pick up the pieces.

Stephanie K. Smith is a freelance writer working across mediums. Her pieces have appeared on sites ranging from CNN.com to National Lampoon and she’s written television pilots for Fox, CBS, The CW and Legendary Television. She lives in Los Angeles with her son, Dash and their (girl) cat, Fred.  http://www.stephanieksmith.com/

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