Work Well-Being

Staying happy & healthy with our in-house wellness program

We refuse to succumb to the, “New Year’s Slump” and let our life goals and resolutions fall to the wayside! Our JAFRA team in California is keeping the momentum up for 2017 with the Freedom to be Fit Program, a wellness initiative that supports employees with information on healthy living practices including eating habits, exercising, and weight loss.
We started things off in January with a weight loss challenge that offers up prizes that support our new lifestyles; like bikes and gift certificates for shopping, since some of us are starting to really shed some inches. The office parking lot has a sign indicating how many laps around the lot are equal to a mile, so we can get some fresh air and a few steps closer to reaching our fitness goals at the same time. There will be two winners of the challenge, one from the women’s category and one from the men’s, announced in May.
There are weekly activities to keep us all on the right track, including workouts held by personal trainers at the office and webinar events that focus on attaining physical, mental, social and financial wellness. All of this is gearing us up for the second phase of Freedom to be Fit, where JAFRA staff will begin preparing for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon and the Surfer's Point Marathon.
Your wellness shouldn’t go on a break just because you’re at work. Freedom to be Fit is more than just a fun few months with coworkers; it’s a full-on lifestyle change for some and a new source of knowledge and motivation for others. Whatever your goals may be, it’s easier to achieve them together! With a lot of hard work and support, we all look forward to treating ourselves a little bit better this year.

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