What Would Jan Day Do?

She Would Have Looked for the Opportunity

Jan Day is the first person I thought of in March 2020 when I found out so many people were affected by this health crisis, and our state would be staying at home indefinitely.. It was hard to remain calm as the news came flowing in. Naturally, I thought about my hero: “what would grandma be doing right now?” And the answer came to me, then followed by a laugh! My grandmother would have absolutely remained calm. She would have taken advantage of the extra time and done everything she can to help those affected. Then when forced to stay home, she would have pulled out her backgammon set and challenged me to a game. My grandmother was always so adaptable to any situation. Being able to adapt to any situation was one of the greatest lessons I learned from her.
If Jan Day were here, she would have used this as an opportunity to spend more time at home with her family and to connect with her JAFRA friends even more! She would have looked for the opportunity, not the set-back. She would look for new ways help people in need. Often in life, we go where we look... if you look for the setbacks, you most certainly will be set back. If you look for ways to help people, you will find them.
Right now, let’s all remember what Jan Day would do... now is a time for us to get out of our comfort zone and learn new things. It’s a chance to look at life differently. It’s a chance for us to shake things up and make some new ideas fall from our tree. If we look for the opportunity like Jan Day, we will help the world and improve our happiness as well!
Granddaughter of JAFRA’s founders, Jan and Frank Day, Estel has more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. Through her brand, MARK AND ESTEL, she designs custom bespoke fashion for some of today’s most stylish fashionistas including Lady Gaga, Kendall Jenner, and Kelly Osbourne. Her vast experience on the fashion runway, fashion photoshoots, designing for celebrities and growing up as a JAFRA Baby with Jan and Frank in Malibu gives her a unique perspective on beauty, style, high-fashion, and our JAFRA founders!


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