We are the Jan Days of the Future

My Grandmother left a Legacy

My grandmother Jan Day made history. It was her dream to teach others how to be as successful as she was and to replicate herself in others. This was the concept of JAFRA. From a small one-bedroom apartment, she and my grandfather dreamed of a company that would embrace all people who wanted success and had the will to transform their lives. From that dream, my grandmother became the first JAFRA Consultant and started to teach others how to be the best versions of themselves. She taught hundreds of women how to find success like she did. Today those hundreds of women have turned into hundreds of thousands of women!

My grandmother Jan Day left a legacy. That legacy is the concept of JAFRA. Today I am honored to share the journey with those women who were trained by my grandmother in the early days of JAFRA. During my lifetime I have watched these women create a legacy of their own and pass their own JAFRA Legacy on to hundreds and sometimes thousands of women. I am equally as honored to join these women and be a Jan Day of The Future, myself! I was born into a beautiful legacy and consider this legacy a gift. When I inspire someone to better their life or give somebody hope to transform their life, I feel like I am helping to continue the dream of my grandmother!
What thrills me more than anything is when I meet JAFRA Consultants who are the daughters or sons of those women who were trained by my grandmother. To pass the gift of JAFRA down to your own family is truly one of the greatest gifts of all. I received this gift myself!
Growing up as a young girl I admired my grandmother like she was a rock star or superhero. I know that the children and grandchildren of JAFRA Consultants feel the same way about them! To have such an amazing example for a grandparent or parent is the greatest gift a JAFRA Consultant can give their family.
Granddaughter of JAFRA’s founders, Jan and Frank Day, Estel has more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. Through her brand, MARK AND ESTEL, she designs custom bespoke fashion for some of today’s most stylish fashionistas including Lady Gaga, Kendall Jenner, and Kelly Osbourne. Her vast experience on the fashion runway, fashion photoshoots, designing for celebrities and growing up as a JAFRA Baby with Jan and Frank in Malibu gives her a unique perspective on beauty, style, high-fashion, and our JAFRA founders!


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