Staff Picks: Tia’s March Musts

One of our fave staff members talks beauty for spring

Spring is coming and it’s time for another Staff Picks! We asked Tia what she loved
most for the season ahead and this is what she told us:
1.  So many new things! What’s your top pick of the newest JAFRA arrivals?
My favorite product is the Sweet & Chic Collection! I love the Sweet Kisses Lipsticks and the bright, glittery colors of the nail lacquers and eyeshadows.
2.  What’s your favorite fragrance for when you’re feeling the love for spring?
My favorite JAFRA fragrance is hands down Double Nature Sexy. I can always count on it to make me smell amazing and feel put together! Silver Canyon is my favorite for men, although I may be biased, since it was the one that I helped create. ;)
3.  You left work a little late. You’ve got 5 minutes to get gorgeous for dinner. What are your makeup musts? GO!
Curl Luxe Mascara is my necessity whenever I go out. I hate to go anywhere without it! I’d luxe up my lashes, follow up with my Twist-Up Lip Crayon in Tawny Twist and I‘d be ready to go. Lipstick is the one thing I can put on and immediately feel dressed up.
4.   It’s Movie Night! What JAFRA product would you bring to relax with your faves for a ladies’ night in?
I would bring the JAFRA Mud Mask, so we could all detoxify our skin while bonding over wine and much needed girl time!
5.   Self-Love Alert! What is the thing that you love the most about yourself?
The thing I love most about myself is my kind demeanor and positive attitude. I believe that it is contagious and that it is something that the world needs so much more of! <3

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