Spotlight on Perfumer Philippine Courtière

Passion, patience, curiosity and instinct

Described by many as having a certain je ne sais quoi, Perfumer Philippine Courtière is a daring and impeccable tastemaker whose wit and unmatched instinct for what works in the world of perfumery has given rise to her shining star within the renowned Firmenich Fragrance House. As the noted olfactory artist behind JAFRA’s new and exclusive fine fragrance Paris et Moi, Philippine is the embodiment of strong, sexy, sophistication - words that incidentally describe one of her greatest loves – Paris, the City of Lights.
Philippine says that “The power of the sense of smell is so strong it can trigger any emotions,” a belief that inspires her to create one-of-a-kind fragrance masterpieces. Philippine also believes that “Perfumes are like non-verbal stories or messages [that communicate] between the creator and the consumer,” yet another reason why Philippine loves to dive head first into a new fragrance project. It is also this relationship between creator and consumer that inspired Philippine to create Paris et Moi – a fragrance that bridges the gap “…between the glamour, the elegance and the youthful energy of trendy Parisian girls,” and the notion of “Fall[ing] in love.”
Why Philippine?
Born and raised in Paris to parents who worked in perfumery, Philippine first attended school to become a legal adviser – a plan that was quickly dashed after she accepted an internship in the very career her parents worked. Once bitten by the fragrance bug, there was no turning back. The status quo had shifted permanently and a new career was born.
Philippine remembers spending time as a young girl with her grandfather, Jaques Rouet, a man who played an instrumental role in the fashion House of Dior. It was he that taught her the value of purpose and commitment, and instilled in her the belief that willpower and hard work are the keys to making your dreams come true. She proudly credits this mentality for why she is so accomplished.  
Joie de vivre
A former ballet dancer, Philippine has other interests away from the career she loves, ranging from riding horses to collecting art. Like herself, Philippine encourages others to be passionate, patient and curious about the world – while also helping those around them. All of these are ways to feed the creative spirit she needs in work…and in life, which she approaches with equal enthusiasm. No doubt, another key component of her continued and increasing success. 
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