Product Spotlight: Royal Jelly Solar Protection Fluid SPF 50

The ugly truth about aging and the sun

Planning to lie about your age? The great lie about our ages is a practice that will never end, especially when you look-good-for or look younger than your years. But to sustain said white lie? Make sun protection a priority in your now-and-forever beauty ritual.

Before your depression hits a fever pitch over this thing called aging, and its effects on your skin - the onset of visible brown spots, wrinkles, and sagging - all due to  damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun, perk up. One way to slow down the aging process and protect your skin from the sun is with JAFRA’s Royal Jelly Solar Protection Fluid. But first, the truth about the sun - known as aging rays, Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays reach deep into the skin and damages skin-plumping collagen and skin-firming elastin. Referred to as the burning rays, Ultraviolet B (UVB rays) harm the surface of the skin and cause the formation of age spots and other blemishes. It’s important to note that both UVA and UVB rays play a significant role in the cause of skin cancer.

Beautiful Fact
Sunscreen should be worn every day of the year – rain or shine.
To age gracefully (and slower than most) is the goal, so to aid you in this, the most noble of quests is superstar sun blocking agent, JAFRA Royal Jelly Solar Protection Fluid. This lightweight and non-greasy sun block, which can be added to your daily skin care routine, acts as a shield against harmful environmental hazards like pollution and UVA/UVB damage, which leads to the acceleration of visible signs of aging. Solar Protection Fluid also protects the skin’s support structures so it remains plump and firm, while diminishing age spots.

86% of women tested saw smoother, more youthful and protected skin*

Part of JAFRA’s Royal Jelly Ritual, Solar Protection Fluid is a power-packed blend of rare ingredients like Royal Jelly – rich in more than 20 amino acids, B-Complex and other vitamins, as well as Vitamin C, which prevents sun blemishes, and Chicory Root Extract, which acts like Vitamin D helping to tighten and firm skin without the UV activation associated with sun exposure. Delivering on its promise of broad-spectrum protection, it blocks both UVB and UVA rays to keep skin looking youthful now and forever.

Beautiful Tip
Get the most out of Royal Jelly Solar Protection Fluid by applying it 15 to 30 minutes before you go outside – your beauty regimen will thank you.

The age of high-quality sun protection is now in full bloom.

*Percent of women agreeing in an independent consumer test of Royal Jelly Solar Protection Fluid  
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