Product Highlight: The New Royal Jelly Balms

These new arrivals are the

The Royal Jelly skin care line is one of the most luxurious and effective age-defying systems in the world. This line of products has been making women love their skin for more than half a century, and we’re still finding new ways to use this miracle ingredient. It can heal wounds, treat ailments and boost the immune system. More than 60 years of research has brought this unparalleled ingredient to women everywhere.
The unique blend of amino acids and vitamins found in Royal Jelly holds endless possibilities for skin rejuvenation and restoration, and it’s at the core of these new, groundbreaking balms. Get ready to meet two new remedies joining the Royal Jelly family!
Royal Jelly Scar Balm
Did you know that scarring is one of the top 3 reasons women consult a dermatologist? Scars can be a hindrance in everyday life. They can make us self-conscious or just act as living reminders of the past that we’d rather not see on our skin.
JAFRA Royal Jelly Scar Balm is a lightweight, scar-fighting balm great for scars old and new. It contains a powerful complex that’s clinically proven to help diminish the look and feel of scars on the face and body. Care for your skin with a unique combination of vitamins, Manuka honey and our special Sangre de Drago extract, to immediately revitalize skin and diminish the appearance of scar size, thickness, color, texture, and overall appearance. Royal Jelly Scar Balm also reduces the uncomfortable feeling of tight skin associated with newly formed scars. Goes on smooth and absorbs into the skin in seconds with no odor or residue, acting as a second layer of skin to help you stay soft and moisturized with ideal results.
The Pretty Nitty Gritty
76% of women agreed that their scars looked smoother after using Royal Jelly Scar Balm the first time. The majority of women experienced improvement in scar appearance in just 2 weeks. 100% of women noticed a reduction in scar size and visibility in 12 weeks.
Every one of the key ingredients in this balm has an asset essential to scar skin care. Sangre de Drago is a miracle resin from a rare tree in South America, known for its ability to help reduce the appearance of scars. Royal Jelly, the complex at the center of it all, has more than 20 different amino acids, including B-complex and other vitamin-musts for your skin to look phenomenal. Manuka Honey is a fantastic natural moisturizer made by bees in New Zealand. Dimethicone is a highly effective, FDA-approved protectant and is a big player in the skin revitalization process. They all come together in this unbelievable balm that puts scars in the past where they belong.
How to Use It
After cleansing, apply JAFRA Royal Jelly Scar Balm evenly and gently. Rub into the affected area until it is absorbed into the skin. Great for use on minor cuts and scrapes, shaving nicks, acne scars, burns, tight skin, post-surgery scars and old and new scars. Remember, Royal Jelly Scar Balm is not intended for use on open wounds or broken skin. Wait until you’re completely healed before you start applying. Balm can be used for any external scar anywhere on the body, including the face, and is suitable for all ages and skin types. For best results, use morning and night.

Royal Jelly Extra Soothing Balm

JAFRA Royal Jelly Extra Soothing Balm is the ultimate multitasking lifesaver. Locks in moisture and gives you all-day relief from rough, dry, cracked skin in an instant. Give yourself a serious dose of hydration and renew your skin from fingertips to heels.

Royal Jelly Extra Soothing Balm gets its moisturizing power from a list of skin-soothing ingredients. Royal Jelly is at the top, our rare complex full of amino acids and other vitamins. Manuka Honey is an amazing natural moisturizer, made by bees in New Zealand. Shea, Cacao and Kokum seed butters are rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. They help moisturize skin and restore comfort and elasticity. Kokum butter is known for its softening and rejuvenating properties, a powerful ingredient for skin replenishment. Mineral-rich Botanical Oils packed with antioxidants smooth your skin and lock in moisture while adding more hydration to the mix. This revolutionary replenishing formula gives you all-day moisture while calming dry, irritable skin on contact.
How to Use It
Royal Jelly Extra Soothing Balm is for all ages and skin types. It can be applied everywhere and is perfect for treating elbows, knees, heels, feet, dry hands and cracked cuticles. Be prepared to face dry or cold weather any time with instant relief from skin overexposure to the sun and wind burn. This balm is also suited for reconditioning skin after frequent washing, or softening callused skin.
After cleansing, gently pat skin dry, being careful not to rub or remove all of the water from your skin to help the balm seal in moisture. Generously apply Royal Jelly Extra Soothing Balm to clean skin. Message into skin and allow time to absorb before dressing. For overnight treatment, keep bedside and thickly coat affected area and cover with cotton gloves or socks to hold balm in place overnight. For best results, apply twice daily.

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