My Life As A Leo

My parents met in astrology class. As early as I can remember I was told I am a Leo with a Cancer Rising and a Taurus Moon. I was taught that Leo has a big heart, that the Cancer Rising made me emotionally sensitive due to its water properties, and that the Taurus Moon gave me an appreciation for beautiful surroundings. My parents had hundreds of books outlining the positioning of the astrological planets. According to astrologers, your sun sign (in my case, Leo) represents only a fraction of who you are in all areas of your life. You also have several other planetary positions in your chart which influence who you are in relationships, career, home life, and everything else. 
One’s astrology chart is also combined by other factors including the date you were born, what time you were born, and where you were born. Sometimes you may come across someone like for example Lady Gaga. She is a Pisces, but some say she seems more like a Leo. Leos are sometimes said to display a more flamboyant personality, and water signs like Pisces are often said to be more reserved. Astrologers might say that she has other planets and signs in her chart other than Pisces which would make her seem more like a Leo.
I don’t know if Leos are really more flamboyant, but there have been many hot summers when I chose to wear a fuzzy warm coat just because it looked more extravagant LOL! At times I also wear high heels although there is no special occasion, as well as flashy red lipstick, red dresses, and all the red accessories a girl could ever want. I also love performing music on stage and striking poses for photoshoots. It may be a coincidence, but those things are considered typically Leo ...
On the flip side, I also can think of multiple ways I am not a typical Leo, for example my love for staying home, and my love for being behind the camera as well. After all, I think astrology is a fun way to learn more about yourself, but ultimately you can be whoever you want to be. Perhaps you may take inspiration from your sign but know you are the master of your own universe. I believe that we are all very adaptive, and we all have a yearning to learn, grow, and change, and we can emulate any sign we wish to be!
Granddaughter of JAFRA’s founders, Jan and Frank Day, Estel has more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. Through her brand, MARK AND ESTEL, she designs custom bespoke fashion for some of today’s most stylish fashionistas including Lady Gaga, Kendall Jenner, and Kelly Osbourne. Her vast experience on the fashion runway, fashion photoshoots, designing for celebrities and growing up as a JAFRA Baby with Jan and Frank in Malibu gives her a unique perspective on beauty, style, high-fashion, and our JAFRA founders!


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