July Staff Picks

See what summer beauty products Brittany loves most

We asked Skin Care and Fragrance Chemist, Brittany Bagdanov which products are making her summer:

1. Which nail lacquer matches your summer vibe?  
Strengthening Nail Lacquer in Silk Coral. It’s bright and vibrant just like summer, and it reminds me of my honeymoon in St. Thomas.
2. What’s your go-to product to keep your summer makeup manageable?
Mattifying Primer - a must for those hot sunny days. It keeps my makeup fresh and in place all day long!
3. Favorite product to relax with?
The JAFRA Spa Mud Mask. It’s a spa treatment without having to leave my home.
4. Fill in the Blank: _____________ is the one product I’ll never leave behind on a night out no matter HOW hot it gets!
Paris et Moi (the 7mL travel size, of course!) It’s the perfect burst of freshness. I won’t leave the house without it.
5. Best summer hair product to keep your locks looking their best?
The Moisture Replenish Hair Mask. The rich feel and perfect blend of extracts helps keep my hair feeling smooth and moisturized on even the driest summer days.
6. What’s your must-have product for a low-key summer vacation?
Royal Jelly Solar Protection Fluid. Sunscreen is essential at any time of the year, but especially important during a summer vacation when it can be easy to forget to apply. It’s lightweight and doesn’t make my skin feel greasy.
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