JAFRA celebrates 65 years!

In 1956 Jan and Frank Day set out with a simple mission.

This year, JAFRA celebrates 65 years of cosmetic innovation - from humble beginnings of meeting on the living room floor of their Malibu home, to JAFRA's current internationally recognized status as a leader in makeup, skin care, and fragrance. In 1956 Jan and Frank Day set out with a simple mission: to create a company that sold exceptional products and build an empowering community that enabled its consultants to reach their dreams. Jan was so focused on providing exceptional quality that when she met with Dorothy Gordon, the chemist behind much of our original Royal Jelly line, she told her that she wanted the very finest ingredients, regardless of cost. Jan wanted to be sure that the products were good enough to stand - and speak - for themselves, since they did not plan on doing any advertising.

 When Gordon and her team created a line of products for Jan to try at home, after a short time of use Jan wrote in her diary "Does my face feel great!" If you’ve tried any of JAFRA’s skin care products, the excitement, mild surprise, and joy that is evident in this simple statement is not foreign to you. Jan probably had much more decorum, but if you're anything like me, you exclaimed something about how nice your skin feels, and then immediately made your significant other, best friend, or child, feel just how soft and amazing it felt too.

The first JAFRA Royal Jelly Milk Balm launched in 1957, just one year after JAFRA was created. It’s one of our flagship, iconic products and has created an enduring legacy that has evolved and grown into an entire lineup of products. One of the bottles of the original Royal Jelly Milk Balm is preserved and on display at JAFRA’s corporate office, along with many of the other original lines. This sweet homage to our history shows how JAFRA cares about its roots, and how invested we are in growth and improvement.

The Royal Jelly Milk Balm was a unique and radical product at the time of its launch. Made with Royal Jelly, a natural elixir that transforms an ordinary bee into a queen, it filled the need for an improved skin care product that would help skin to look and feel younger. The newer generations of Royal Jelly, introduced in 2018, include RJX technology which has multiplied the power of this already impressive elixir. JAFRA Royal Jelly RJX products deliver clinically proven results: skin not only looks younger, but it stays that way longer. Today, a JAFRA Royal Jelly product is sold every 6 seconds!

JAFRA’s Royal Jelly is a foundational thread in the rich tapestry of this company's 65-year history.  Jan and Frank’s dedication to quality and persistent pursuit of revolutionary ideas is a spirit that is deeply woven into the fabric of what makes JAFRA a truly amazing company.

Happy Anniversary JAFRA!

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