Inspiring Women at JAFRA

We Celebrate these Female Pillars

"The mother is the first teacher of the child. The message she gives that child, that child gives to the world." - Malcolm X

 The significant impact of maternal figures in our lives cannot be denied. Women are born nurturers, have innate seemingly magical abilities, and are full of unparalleled strength. Through love and support, our mothers help us navigate uncharted waters and unknown territories.
The amazing women that comprise the body of JAFRA have been molded and raised by mothers from many walks of life. Their diversity is a celebration of strength and compassion. JAFRA would not be the company it is today if not for these strong women - and those that raised them. Mothers are warriors, and today we honor them. In spirit of this upcoming Mother’s Day, we celebrate the following female pillars that have positively shaped and impacted these JAFRA Independent Consultants.

Ana Gonzalez
My mom has had a very positive impact on my life. She’s taught me to be a hardworking entrepreneurial woman and to do everything with great passion and love.

From a very young age, I’ve seen her work hard to get ahead. She was left a widow when I was 12 years old and, despite the difficult circumstances that she had to face with 4 children living in Mexico, I never heard her say we don't have or we can't. Instead she said, “we will always get ahead,” with a smile on her face! Now that I’m an adult with my own children, I understand that sometimes we didn’t have and sometimes she couldn’t do what we asked of her but she taught me that you always have to try everything possible before saying, “I can’t.” She is an example of strength and unconditional love.
Elen Pantoja
She is a warrior woman that fortune didn’t bless with biological motherhood. Life took her sister at an early age, leaving her 6 children to care for. The years passed and she lost her brother and soon after her mother, leaving her alone with her 23 nieces and nephews, whom she cared for as her own children. In July 2020, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and passed away two months later. She was like a mother to me and she taught me that until the last moment one must fight for what she wants and inspired me to move forward and fight for my dreams.
Claudia Carmona
My mom was beautiful, determined, persevering, strong but at the same time loving. I always saw her working, she never stopped ... and although she only studied until 3rd grade, she always believed in herself, always attentive and smiling with everyone, she loved sales and always achieved her goals. I liked to go to our living room and look at that huge trophy that had her name engraved in gold letters LETICIA RAMOS recognized as the # 1 in sales in the state. I longed to be like her! My mom, taught me that there are no limits when you want to achieve something with all your heart. As I write about her, my eyes fill with tears. She passed on, but I carry her in my heart as my most beautiful inspiration.
Ana Aguilar
My Mother, a woman, an example to follow. A strong warrior! She never gave up in the face of life's adversities. Through her I learned to stand up for myself, to move forward, achieve my goals and to never give up. With great pride I can say that I am the legacy of my mother!
Nancy Silvestre
The values ​​that she taught us since we were children still inform how we live today. I consider her an impressive woman--I call her a "wonder woman" because she always instilled in us to get ahead based on academics, with sacrifices, being responsible and achieving our goals. She is a hard worker, fighter, full of life and energy, disciplined and faithful. As an orphan, my mother had to work hard from a young age and overcame many adversities, giving her great strength of character. When she wants to achieve something, she does NOT give in. She’s very positive and loves to learn something new every day. She loves her family, plants and she is an excellent cook. As a result of the health crisis, she learned to use technology to communicate with us since we live in the US, and she also learned more recipes! My mother is my coach and she encourages me all the time. She loves to travel and, thanks to my sister and niece, she got to know Europe. She is an extraordinary woman, she is unique and is loved and admired by her family and people who know her.

Claudia E. Cabrera
Hello, my name is Claudia E. Cabrera, JAFRA supervisor. I have been with the company for 25 years, and my best inspiration has always been my mother, currently she is a level II District Director. I practically grew up on JAFRA creams and perfumes. She taught me to love the product, to have a beauty routine from a young age, to share this business with everyone and that the best therapy for all kinds of situations, difficult times or good times, is the work we have. I am currently a supervisor at JAFRA and I am my mother's (María Elena Cabrera) secretary. It is a true pride to be able to share with you that the respect and love that I feel for this company today I owe totally to my mother.
Mom of two, writer, Realtor, and creativity enthusiast, Nicole is a multitasking maven with a passion for helping people. With almost a decade of experience in hospitality, she is an expert in personal customer service, active communication, and creative problem solving. She is a real life JAFRA fanatic, with the Tender Moments collection and JAFRA ROYAL Boost Purifying Gel Cleanser amongst her most-loved personal care products.

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