Work Well-Being

Staying happy & healthy with our in-house wellness program

We refuse to succumb to the, “New Year’s Slump” and let our life goals and resolutions fall to the wayside! Our JAFRA team in California is keeping the momentum up for 2017 with the Freedom to be Fit Program, a wellness initiative that supports employees with information on healthy living practices including eating habits, exercising, and weight loss.
We started things off in January with a weight loss challenge that offers up prizes that support our new lifestyles; like bikes and gift certificates for shopping, since some of us are starting to really shed some inches. The office parking lot has a sign indicating how many laps around the lot are equal to a mile, so we can get some fresh air and a few steps closer to reaching our fitness goals at the same time. There will be two winners of the challenge, one from the women’s category and one from the men’s, announced in May.
There are weekly activities to keep us all on the right track, including workouts held by personal trainers at the office and webinar events that focus on attaining physical, mental, social and financial wellness. All of this is gearing us up for the second phase of Freedom to be Fit, where JAFRA staff will begin preparing for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon and the Surfer's Point Marathon.
Your wellness shouldn’t go on a break just because you’re at work. Freedom to be Fit is more than just a fun few months with coworkers; it’s a full-on lifestyle change for some and a new source of knowledge and motivation for others. Whatever your goals may be, it’s easier to achieve them together! With a lot of hard work and support, we all look forward to treating ourselves a little bit better this year.

Shaping Societies through Entrepreneurship

From the Desk of JAFRA CEO Mauro Schnaidman

Entrepreneurship represents the opportunity for one to succeed independently. This is one of the core beliefs behind how JAFRA does business. Our President and CEO, Mauro Schnaidman, is committed to the notion of entrepreneurship as a driver for success. Among his many other activities, Mauro is an Ambassador of Barcelona for the Barcelona Global Initiative, and has a passion for bolstering the success of the city. In a recent article, Mauro expressed his thoughts on Barcelona’s current status and global entrepreneurship, an idea that is just as close to Mauro’s heart as it is the heart of our business. Entrepreneurship gives you the chance to make your way in the world on your own terms. Mauro explains more in the article below, which first appeared in the leading Spanish publication, La Vanguardia.

To Grow, Barcelona Needs a ‘Coach’
By Mauro Schnaidman

A few years ago, I was having dinner at an American friend’s house in California where I reside. At dessert, his son informed him that he wished to leave university in order to start a business. I expected to hear a resounding, “no” as an answer. However, it was quite the opposite. I witnessed a true business discussion between my friend and his son; exploring the idea, the business plan, the investors and partners. It was a surprising moment for me, since I come from a traditional culture where we consider it a must for our children to enter and complete university. Currently, the young man’s business – a home security system – is present in more than 10 countries and sold in major retail chains such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Target, and Best Buy. The business has received millions of dollars in participation from celebrities within the business world, like Richard Branson.

This is one of the thousands of examples of young Americans, with or without a degree, who are betting on entrepreneurship. At Harvard, students that are not involved in some kind of startup are an exception. Today, there are more than one hundred startups in the United States valued at more than a billion dollars, and in California, New York and other important centers within the United States, new businesses are created every day. Entrepreneurship is one of the drivers of job creation and growth within the country.

Entrepreneurship would be a fantastic solution for sustainable growth in Barcelona, providing jobs to the thousands of well-prepared youths who cannot find projects. Nevertheless, in the five years that have passed since I lived in Barcelona, I have not seen this change occur with the same intensity as it does in the United States. There are brilliant people, there is capital available, there are fantastic universities and ideas do exist, yet entrepreneurship is not progressing at the necessary speed. Changes need to be made to the economic system to allow entrepreneurship to develop in Barcelona. Lower taxes, a venture capital structure and more support for successful entrepreneurs are needed. 

Even though Barcelona has the proper intellectual conditions and resources, it faces a lack of ambition and an obsession with belittling itself; thinking that soaring high is for others. There desire to innovate is stifled by a culture that values what is secure. There is no innovation without a willingness to take risks. There is a fear of failure, which is seen as something for losers instead of a source of learning and part of the path towards success.

As we mark the 30th anniversary of the cities’ nomination as an Olympic host, let us remember and recover that spirit of the courageous citizens who preferred to risks and find glory. To be more entrepreneurial and grow, Barcelona not only needs new legislations and incentives, the people of Barcelona need to rethink who they are and how they want their city to be reinvented. To grow, Barcelona needs a coach.
“There is no innovation without a willingness to take risks.”
 – Mauro Schnaidman

Product Highlight: Beauty Dynamics Makeup Setting Spray

This new moisturizing spray really knows how to set an example

So your makeup looks great, but you’re on your way to an outdoor event and there’s no way your flawless foundation is going to hold up. You didn’t work this hard on your winged eyeliner to spend half of your night retouching in the bathroom! Now what?

Set it and forget it! JAFRA’s Makeup Setting Spray is a weightless setting spray that keeps your makeup looking flawless up to 8 hours. The setting spray is made with a blend of coconut water to soothe your skin and protect it from oxidative stress, and glacial water, from the Monte Rosa mountain of Switzerland, to refresh, revitalize and purify. Together, the natural antioxidants and moisturizing properties of these ingredients leave your skin feeling absolutely amazing. Lock in moisture and your look, all day long. Use throughout the day if your heart desires to refresh your face without piling on the products.

The Pretty Nitty Gritty
96% of women felt it delivered spectacular results, making their skin look revitalized and keeping their makeup in place. 100% of women said that their skin felt well-hydrated. It is clinically, allergy, irritancy and dermatologist tested, and appropriate for all skin types.

How to Use It
After makeup application, shake well and hold 10” to 12” away from your face. Close your eyes and feel the light mist quench your skin. Let dry to look great and feel moisturized from morning to night. 

The Fab Five: What’s Hot In February

5 products we’re loving this month

February is the month of love—and we’re not just talking the romantic kind. Show yourself a little TLC with these must-haves that nourish and enhance your natural beauty. From skin care to hair and makeup, we’re obsessed with these perfect little somethings that will help get you date-night ready. (And we couldn’t forget the sensual scents, of course.)
1. Don’t let dark spots steal your spotlight. Winter is in full force, which means you may be battling skin that’s more uneven than usual. That’s why Royal Jelly Vitamin Infusions Spot Serum with Vitamin C is our new beauty staple. It diminishes dark spots and prevents new ones from forming by conditioning and protecting from environmental aggressors.

2. We’re always on the go—and busy women don’t always have time for touch-ups! That’s why the Beauty Dynamics Makeup Setting Spray is a lifesaver. Spritz this refreshing mist on your face following your makeup routine to enhance your look and make it last. It’s the perfect finishing touch before a big date or a long day, and you can pack it in your purse for powder room touch-ups.

3 & 4. Is it possible to think of V-Day without thinking of fragrance? We think not. Whether you’re looking for you or your beau, our Valentine’s Fragrance Duo covers your bases. A feminine, alluring fragrance for you and a rich, enticing scent for him—it’s what we call a win-win.

5. Step out this V-Day with your best hair yet. All the dry heat and dyes we use can do a number on our delicate strands, so we count on JAFRA Hair Nourishing Oil to keep our locks silky smooth. The result? Healthy, soft, irresistible hair.
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