Product Highlight: JAFRA Diamonds Blush

The latest scent from JAFRA is sure to put some spring in your step

JAFRA Diamonds Blush is the new charming playmate to accompany the lavish and sophisticated JAFRA Diamonds fragrance. This chic, cheerful scent is the fruity, flirtier side of this scent duo. Feel yourself come alive in this undeniably unique fragrance created by the renowned perfumer, Marion Costero.

Diamonds Blush has notes of sparkling pink lady apple, honeysuckle, peony and pink amber that represent both a bright, rare beauty meant to be appreciated, and a joyful charm meant to be treasured. Every moment you are a part of is one to be remembered. It reflects your lively spirit and compliments your natural ability to envelope all that you encounter.

Shine like the flawless diamond you are, inside and out. Feel the intense, yet playful allure and the captivating confidence that lets you enjoy the spontaneity of life and shine like the precious diamond that you are. This is the moment when ordinary becomes anything but.

The Meaning of Freedom

JAFRA Employees get personal with our motto

“Freedom to be you” is more than just a slogan here at JAFRA, it’s a belief we have as a company. Every day we strive to create more opportunities for women to have the ability to live the lives they dream of living. But enough about us; see what some of our JAFRA Staff members had to say about our motto and what it means to them.
“…To be myself, to be able to express myself, to step out without fears, without approvals, to live my life the way I want to, to the fullest; to be unique, to be the one in a billion. When we are ourselves we put something beautiful into the world that was not there before and we come to a point where we don't need to impress anybody but ourself. This is the freedom to be ME.”

       - Ana Cuadra
        CRT Quality Assurance Analyst

“Freedom to be me means the ability to express myself and exercise my passions. It allows me to take risks and see the possibilities within my reach.  I am able to take charge of my future, learn from my mistakes, and continue to strive for success.”

       - Liliana Aguilar
        Project Analyst, WW IT 
’Freedom to be you’ personally means the ability to express myself without worrying about judgement. I feel like it enables and encourages me to try new trends and step out of my comfort zone so that I can embrace every part that makes me, me. Whether it is in fashion, beauty or in any aspect of my life, I feel that ‘Freedom to be you’ encourages me to get in touch with myself and explore different things.”
       - Fernanda Barragan
         Marketing Coordinator

"’Freedom to be you’ means that I am on my own life journey, driving in my own lane. Some days I'm speeding down the road, and other days I'm cruising on the Pacific Coast Highway, stopping to enjoy the view.  It is the realization and acceptance that I may not follow the same path traveled by previous generations, my friends, or even my millennial peers. It is the freedom to change career paths at 30, or travel with 20 strangers who have become lifelong friends to Ireland for two weeks. It means living in the city with the hustle and bustle, enjoying Sunday brunch with girlfriends or checking out the latest LA hot spots, but enjoying long weekends away to the desert or in the mountains. It means valuing and appreciating experiences, friendships and freedom that I have been given in life and not to waste it.”
       - Christina Martin
HR Executive Assistant

Product Highlight: JAFRA Blends

Here are three new ways to be uniquely you in 2017

Everyone has a scent, a special essence that makes you appear in the hearts and minds of those close to you every time it wafts by; your signature scent.

But what if you could actually make that scent your own? What if you could customize a fragrance to be exactly what you wanted it to be? Now, you have the freedom to do just that. JAFRA Blends are a trio of fragrances that are both beautiful on their own and combined with one another. Three sweet and vibrant scents, Sea Salt Rose Petals, Blackberry Juniper Magnolia and Violet Pomegranate, were masterfully created for this revolutionary concept.

These three fragrances are just as intoxicating alone as they are together. Sea Salt & Rose Petals is a romantic scent of velvety rose and warm woods paired with and feminine hints of carnation and vibrant greens that wraps you up in a world of modern romance. The Blackberry, Juniper & Magnolia combination is vibrant and fresh; a succulent bloom of Bergamot, Black Currant and Raspberry and notes of Jasmine and Magnolia. Violet & Pomegranate come together in the third fragrance to create an indulgent, sweet blend of essential oils enriched with Cedar Wood, Amber and Sandalwood. Wear them alone, mix your favorite pair, or layer all three for a vibrant scent that’s all your own. Just Spritz, blend and create. Ah, the sweet smell of freedom!

How to Use

Enhance your fragrance experience by applying these scents at your pulse points; your neckline, wrists, ankles and behind your knees. Spritz more or less depending on your desired scent intensity. There’s no wrong way to blend! Just layer them on to create something new and unexpected. Create a new scent for the New Year and start 2017 with a scent that’s uniquely yours.

Product Highlight: Full Coverage Matte Lipstick

Our smooth take on this must have lip trend

Let your lips talk the talk in seriously smooth matte sophistication. Our new Full Coverage Matte Lipstick is a luxurious long wear marvel that goes on easy and keeps your lips looking as amazing as they feel.

A matte lip is definitely one of the most wanted looks of the moment, but this trend doesn’t have to leave you high and dry. The velvety smooth formula in this new arrival makes for silky application and keeps your lips hydrated and kissable. Keep your pout pretty in complete coverage with high pigment shades that go from classic to daring. We can’t wait to rock all of the new colors, including a few Limited Time additions from the Endless California Collection.

To top it all off, this lipstick is better than smudge-proof, it’s BUDGE proof! That means your color will stay exactly where you want it without cracking or creasing. We have a feeling that this lipstick is going to be one of our new go-tos for looking phenomenal.
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