Product Highlight: Navigo Ocean

Set sail in a new scent meant for adventure

This new masculine fragrance is perfect to take along on a summer adventure! Navigo Ocean is the latest addition to the Navigo fragrance line. It features a collection of scents that can keep up with the venturous spirit of a true risk taker. Navigo Ocean draws you in with the smell of fresh oceanic sea salt. Vibrant Hinoki Wood and Ambergris minerals ignite the need for new experiences. Together, they exude an unstoppable attraction. Chase the sun in this intoxicating fragrance and live the summer you were meant to. 

Career Reads

5 books made for your entrepreneurial spirit

Okay, business-savvy bookworms! Bust out your bookmarks and get ready to add these publications to your reading list. These career-minded reads that will change the way you think about entrepreneurship, and maybe even yourself.
1. Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead
By Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s book is a follow up to her groundbreaking TEDtalk (You can listen to it here: It brings to light the challenges women face in the business world today and discusses not only the ways that women are held back, but the ways that we hold back ourselves. It’s full of personal accounts and data that exposes gender differences and gives practical, executable advice on how you can achieve your goals in spite of them. This read is all about what women can do as opposed to what we can’t and urges us all to come together in an effort to make the world we live and work in more equal.

If you’re a recent graduate, Sandberg’s latest publication, Lean In for Graduates, is described as, “A handbook that offers instruction and inspiration for the next generation”.

2. Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office: 101 Unconscious Mistakes
   Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers

By Lois P. Frankel

A very interesting read about how women can get in their own way before they’re even out of grade school. Dr. Lois Frankel reveals why some women soar in the workplace and others flounder though 101 unique behaviors that are often ingrained in women as children. Character traits like backing down too easily and explaining too much when asked for information, can actually have negative effects on how women are perceived in the work place.  This book helps you take control of the unconscious actions that could be holding you back and offers strategies that can better your social and business skills.

3. Girl Code: Unlocking Secrets to Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur
By Cara Alwill Leyba
In this book, life coach Cara Alwill Leyba explains why we're more powerful when we connect with each other. The “Girl Code” consists of thinking positively, supporting those around you and believing that you and your colleagues can truly achieve anything you set your minds to. With transparency comes the opportunity to grow, improve and live up to your true potential. This publication contains stories and accounts of the amazing things that can happen when female entrepreneurs join forces to make things happen.  Get ready to build up your fellow lady and become a better business woman!

4. I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This: Success Secrets Every Gutsy Girl Should Know
By Kate White

Bestselling author Kate White shares the secrets to her success as editor-in-chief of a top U.S. magazine. This book offers direct advice to women about their career paths and it’s great for women reentering the workforce, those just starting out or anyone looking for a change. It’s a vibrant read that mixes stories of challenges and successes to paint a portrait of what it looks like to not only reach your goals, but to exceed ones you didn’t know you had.  

5. Leading from the Front: No Excuse Leadership Tactics for Women 
By Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch

Written by two women entrepreneurs who were once captains in the United States Marine Corp., this book gives strategies and insight born from their intense training serving in a male-dominated sector. They offer 10 key practices to implement in order to become a strong leader. Make decisions easier, improve your focus and be the leader you know you were born to be. This isn’t a, “Men VS. Women” read; it’s about women learning to play to their strengths.

The Fab Five: Popular Picks for April

5 products that will make your month marvelous

April showers bring spring wow-ers! Here are some things to get excited about for spring, from fresh new fragrances to skin saving gift sets.
  1. Shine like the flawless diamond you are, inside and out. JAFRA Diamonds Blush is the new flirty playmate coming along for the ride with the oh-so sophisticated JAFRA Diamonds fragrance. Come alive in this chic, cheerful scent created by the renowned perfumer, Marion Costero. It has notes of sparkling pink lady apple, honeysuckle, peony and pink amber that leave an alluring impression, just like you do.
  1. Take your pick for skin perfection with the Royal Jelly Ritual Gift Set. For starters, it includes the Royal Jelly Solar Protection Fluid Broad Spectrum SPF 50 and the Global Longevity Eye Crème. After that, you get to choose either the Royal Jelly Global Longevity Balm or the Global Longevity Crème to join your team. Next, you get to select either the Vitamin Infusions Spot Serum with Vitamin C, the Vitamin Infusions Extra Hydration Serum with Vitamin E or the Vitamin Infusions Pore Minimizer Serum with Vitamin A. Last but not least, you get a Royal Jelly Luxury Lipstick in the shade of your choice and a Luxe Skin Care Bag totally FREE! Talk about an offer that’s already in the bag.
  1. Your hands do all of the talking when it comes to revealing your age. The JAFRA Spa Hand Care Trio is a three step hand care process that that keeps your hands feeling soft and looking young. The first step is the JAFRA Hand Scrub, which polishes away dead skin cells with Jojoba beads and protects your hands from premature again with Winter Cherry, Mung Bean and Fingerleaf Morning Glory extracts. JAFRA Day Care Broad Spectrum SPF 15 protects your hands from the harmful, aging rays of the sun while diminishing sunspots with powerful Chamomile, Mulberry and Honeysuckle extracts. JAFRA Night Care is the third and final step of this hand care process, soothing your skin and relaxing you with the scent of lavender while it hydrates your hands with Shea, Cocoa and Red Mango Seed Butter. This hand care trifecta will make your hands soft and keep your aging hands in check.
  2. Energize and nourish your skin as you unclog your pores and exfoliate dead skin cells. JAFRA's Mud Mask is a blend of mud, or silt, collected from various places including the Dead Sea and freshwater lakes in Eastern Europe. These muds combine to create a synergistic treatment of herbs and minerals that provide a cleansing and detoxifying experience. Dead Sea mineral mud is sourced from the Dead Sea Silt and Glycyrrhiza Glabra, a licorice extract with skin clarifying benefits. It draws out impurities and exfoliates dead surface cells while it improves hydration and restores moisture. Natural clays help detoxify the skin and reduce excess oil, infused with Ayurvedic plant extracts to give you a luminous complexion. The unique combination of all 3 muds creates a composition that is rich in organic materials that are fabulous for your skin. Skin feels fully hydrated and completely rejuvenated.
  1. Get this seasonal sensation before it’s too late! Royal Rose is a classic JAFRA fragrance that rejoins our product line from time to time to brighten our lives. This limited time treat is available in both an oil and a lotion that contain rose extract, keeping your skin soft and moisturized for hours. Royal Rose is a long standing JAFRA favorite, so don’t miss out on this one.

April Staff Picks

See what products are on Haley’s JAFRA hot list

We’re ready to have fun and look great this spring, so we asked our Events Coordinator Haley Mosdell which products were going to keep her happy all season long.

What new JAFRA product has caught your eye for spring?
I’ve got my eye on our Full Coverage Matte Lipstick in Attraction. I like to tone down my eye look for nights out during the warmer months, but love to draw interest with a good berry lip shade. 

What’s your favorite product to treat yourself and unwind with?
I put on the JAFRA Spa Mud Mask and take a bath with a glass of wine and some good music after a long day. So relaxing! 

Which addition to the Royal Jelly ritual is going to change your skin for the better this season?
The Royal Jelly Vitamin C Serum! I'm going to need it to save my skin after long beach days in the sun. 

Which product would you pick to get you through a spring concert?
The Twist-Up Lip Crayon in Tawny Twist gives the perfect amount of color to freshen up my look throughout the day and is sheer enough that I don't have to worry about smudging or feathering. 

Favorite product to help transition your skin from winter to warmer months?
My skin gets dry as the weather gets hotter, so the Royal Jelly Longevity Cream has been a miracle for chapped skin. I even dab it over my foundation if I have any dry patches, and it doesn't rub the color away at all.

What spring nail color can you not wait to rock?
Beyond Brilliant Gel Nail Lacquer in Confident Coral. I like neon colors because they instantly make you look more tan, even if you're more fair-skinned like I am.
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