My Life As A Leo

My parents met in astrology class. As early as I can remember I was told I am a Leo with a Cancer Rising and a Taurus Moon. I was taught that Leo has a big heart, that the Cancer Rising made me emotionally sensitive due to its water properties, and that the Taurus Moon gave me an appreciation for beautiful surroundings. My parents had hundreds of books outlining the positioning of the astrological planets. According to astrologers, your sun sign (in my case, Leo) represents only a fraction of who you are in all areas of your life. You also have several other planetary positions in your chart which influence who you are in relationships, career, home life, and everything else. 
One’s astrology chart is also combined by other factors including the date you were born, what time you were born, and where you were born. Sometimes you may come across someone like for example Lady Gaga. She is a Pisces, but some say she seems more like a Leo. Leos are sometimes said to display a more flamboyant personality, and water signs like Pisces are often said to be more reserved. Astrologers might say that she has other planets and signs in her chart other than Pisces which would make her seem more like a Leo.
I don’t know if Leos are really more flamboyant, but there have been many hot summers when I chose to wear a fuzzy warm coat just because it looked more extravagant LOL! At times I also wear high heels although there is no special occasion, as well as flashy red lipstick, red dresses, and all the red accessories a girl could ever want. I also love performing music on stage and striking poses for photoshoots. It may be a coincidence, but those things are considered typically Leo ...
On the flip side, I also can think of multiple ways I am not a typical Leo, for example my love for staying home, and my love for being behind the camera as well. After all, I think astrology is a fun way to learn more about yourself, but ultimately you can be whoever you want to be. Perhaps you may take inspiration from your sign but know you are the master of your own universe. I believe that we are all very adaptive, and we all have a yearning to learn, grow, and change, and we can emulate any sign we wish to be!

A Day to Remember

Going back to our roots

I was 5 years old when I learned my grandparents, Jan and Frank Day, were the founders of JAFRA Cosmetics. Wandering through their house in Malibu, I came across what looked like a million bottles of something called JAFRA Royal Jelly. Over time, I would begin to understand what it means that my grandparents founded this company. JAFRA would shape the rest of my life... Not only would Royal Jelly always keep me looking ten years younger than my actual age (LOL)... but more importantly, my grandparents had the magic ability to transform the lives of everyone around them. They inspired people to believe in themselves and reach for the stars! Looking back, I feel so lucky to have been raised by these two revolutionary minds. It felt completely natural to me that I had an unwavering belief in myself and that I could accomplish anything I set my heart to. What I didn’t realize until later is that I wasn’t born this way. My grandparents had taught me to believe in myself without my even knowing it. They also taught thousands of women at JAFRA how to possess these special powers. I see my grandmother in the eyes of everyone I meet in JAFRA. She has given us her zest for life, optimism, a dedicated drive to be the best version of ourselves, a wide open heart, and happiness to help those we meet. The ability and know-how to transform lives and empower others is the greatest gift my grandparents left to us. This is the power of JAFRA. 
After my grandparents passed away I lost touch with JAFRA for many years. Following my dreams and entrepreneurial path, I went on to become a womenswear fashion designer and co-founded a designer fashion label. I have been fortunate to design clothes for some of this world’s top fashion icons: Lady Gaga, Mary Kate Olsen, and Kendall Jenner to name a few. During this time I reconnected with JAFRA and was asked to attend the National Conference in Las Vegas in 2011. This experience changed my life forever. I was able to reconnect with hundreds of JAFRA friends. I felt as though I had found my long lost brothers and sisters raised by the same parents. It was also at this event that a JAFRA makeup artist transformed my look into the most glamorous version of myself I had ever seen. During my career I had always been dressing other people, concerned to make them look their best and paid very little attention to myself. I felt as if I had cracked the secret code to my life, that I had rediscovered my grandparents again, I had found my family, my heart, that I had found myself. 
Our JAFRA family has grown to over 600,000 passionate men and women today, paving the way for a better future for generations to come.  My grandparents blessed us with this legacy and I am so humbled to join JAFRA on this journey!  We are one heart. One family. One JAFRA!

What’s In a Name?

The secret of a young Malibu couple’s big dream

Here’s a secret only a few know about: it’s how the word “JAFRA” was created. Do you know the story? I’ll tell you anyway.
Before Bee Z. Before J-Rod. Before Speidi and Billary. Before Bughead
There was JAFRA.
One of the first couple portmanteaus in the business, Jan & Frank Day initially had a different name planned for their beauty business.

Our story begins on July 1, 1956, when a young and hopeful Frank Day goes to Dean Reed Company to register the business he and his wife Jan dreamed up: “Cosmetic Exclusives by Janna.” Their venture would be named after their daughter, Janna. The labels designed with that name looked attractive to Jan, but Frank suggested they try something different.

Here are excerpts from Jan’s diary telling the story of how “JAFRA” came about.
“Frank thinks it might be better to combine our names – like Frank and Jan – Fraja … or Jan and Frank – Jafra. My reaction – ‘Jafra?’ – that name is ridiculous. It sounds like Africa spelled [backward]. It will never catch on.”
Jan brushes off his suggestion and goes on to approve the proof labels with the “Cosmetic Exclusives by Janna” name. Suddenly, she asks the commercial artist if he would try the word Jafra.
“His eyes lit up and he started sketching. He said, ‘That name has magic – I know just how to put that on a label.’”
Excitedly, Jan rushed home to show Frank the new proof labels with the name “Jafra” on it. They agree on the new name and voila! JAFRA was born. Jan ends her diary entry saying,
“Frank is always right and has a sixth sense for names. Of course, I knew all along that JAFRA was [a] perfect choice.”
Take that Brangelina and Kimye! Jan and Frank were innovators not only in skin care, but in marketing tactics as well!

When the company was founded on August 6, 1956, it was inspired and created for two main reasons:
1. To provide the finest products available
2. To create a program that appreciates people 
Today, JAFRA is part of the Vorwerk family and has over 600,000 Independent Consultants worldwide. It continues to provide quality products and an exceptional business opportunity.

Cheers to 63 years and counting!

JAFRA ROYAL Boost blue light filter technology

Chances are you are reading this article on your phone.
And while I have your attention, did you know you could be damaging your skin just by simply swiping? Yes, it’s true. Harmful blue light emits from your mobile devices and is yet another thing we must protect our skin’s canvas from.  

Meet next-generation skin-smart, hydrating protection! Our JAFRA ROYAL Boost collection has two Broad Spectrum SPF 30 sunscreens with an ingredient that helps keep your skin safe from the damaging effect of blue light: Play it Safe Sunscreen for sensitive/dry skin and Cover Me Sunscreen for normal/ combination/oily skin. Loaded with powerful antioxidants, including matcha and ginger, these multi-action SPF products provide a moisturizing, protective shield for skin that defends skin from the damaging effects of harmful blue light radiation. Add that to JAFRA's exclusive Royal Jelly RJx technology and you’ve got an extra boost to help your skin stay looking younger longer.


Although sunlight is the main source of blue light, it’s everywhere ─ it's emitted from fluorescent lights, LED lighting, and the display screens of electronic devices. The amount of blue light we are exposed to from lighting and electronics is only a fraction of that from the sun. However, with the close proximity to these man-made sources as well as the time spent with them, they do pose a large threat to the health of our skin.
Dermatologist testing shows that blue light can disrupt the skin's natural circadian rhythm ─ this physiological 24-hour cycle allows us to rest, regenerate, and become energized. This disruption can cause skin cells to 'believe' it is still daytime and thus skip their nighttime repair. Both the penetration of blue light deep into the dermis, as well as the disruption in repair can lead to early, visible signs of ageing ─ including sagging, wrinkles, and under-eye circles.
Some devices offer a blue light filter, which favors yellow light and reduces the blue light emissions from your device. While this filter is beneficial, the various blue light sources in daily life dictate that we need further protection. The best research supported options to prevent blue light damage to your skin is sunscreen and products loaded with antioxidants.

Armed with this knowledge, don your JAFRA ROYAL Boost sun screen daily to shield your skin from damage and lock in vital nutrients. The benefits of this skin-smart formula, are more than ‘skin deep’. With a protective layer under your makeup, your skin will continue to glow, and your confidence will be BOOSTed. 
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