2020: The Year To Renew Ourselves!

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

I just love the turn of a new year! After vacation and downtime during the holidays… every year gives us a fresh start to reinvent ourselves and get closer to becoming the ultimate person we want to be! What are your New Year's resolutions? Who will the new you be?
This is a wonderful time to write down new goals, envision new horizons, and raise the bar! I grew up with my grandmother Jan Day who believed that everyone had the right to reach any goal without limit. This has always been one of my favorite quotes by her because it makes me question “what ARE my limits”? We all place limits on ourselves consciously and subconsciously. Every year I try to refocus and raise the bar for myself, letting go of old beliefs which hold me back and reinforcing new ones which will lift me to new heights.
One of the best ways to get rid of old unfavorable habits is to direct ourselves into new experiences. Sometimes “new” feels uncomfortable but “new” always evokes change and opportunities. Every year I remind myself of this and write down experiences that I would like to have, goals I would like to reach, and mountains I would like to climb, metaphorically speaking! Years ago I read a book, “Write It Down and Make It Happen”. Ever since, I started writing down my goals and wishes in a journal. Writing down new goals has a magical effect, it makes ideas more tangible, and in essence it is the first step to making it happen! One of my favorite parts about doing this exercise is going through old pages in my journals years later and having a sense of pride when most of the dreams on my list that seemed impossible at the time... actually came true because I kept pursuing them more and more each year. 
Moving on into 2020 let's remember who we are, where we are going, and most of all, let's climb higher than we ever have before. After all, we all have that right, let’s use it!

What Fuels Your Success?

There is a Reason Successful People are Successful.

There is a reason successful people are successful. They are fueled by an underlying drive to keep going, to push through the hard times and stay on their path. Most successful people have failed multiple times before they succeeded.

My grandparents wanted to create a better life for their daughter (my mom), Janna. They were living in a one-bedroom apartment, barely making ends meet, when my mom was born. When they started JAFRA, the drive to provide her with a life filled with opportunities kept them going through the hard times. My grandmother once told me the story of the first original JAFRA Makeup Kit, which they had painstakingly assembled the funds to produce. On the way to their first JAFRA Party, they were backing the car out of the driveway when they suddenly heard a loud crunch sound. They jumped out of the car and realized that in the frenzy and excitement of beginning the new venture, a terrible oversight had occurred. They had forgotten to move the Kit from behind the car to the trunk and had just run over and crushed the only kit in existence at that time. Can you imagine how discouraged they must have felt? Many people would have probably looked at this as an “omen” or a “sign” that they should stop pursuing this dream. Not Jan and Frank! They had a daughter that they needed to raise and they wanted her to have the best life they could give her! There was no stopping them. They began again and again saved enough money to make another First JAFRA Kit, and they were finally able to move ahead and have their very first JAFRA Party!

As success unfolds, other passions may start to fuel your “success fire.” After my grandmother found success in JAFRA and was able to provide a better life for her daughter, her new passion became showing other women how to do it! She had the burning desire to share with the world and help as many people as she could. The rest is JAFRA history!

As we enter the new year, let us always honor our passion for achieving success, refocus ourselves, quiet our mind, and feel our inner power propelling us forward. One of my favorite quotes by Sarah Jakes Roberts is “The vision is bigger than the struggle.” Nothing can stop you on your path to success! Let’s make this year our best yet!

Holiday Memories From Home

I Loved Visiting my Grandparents’ House on Christmas Eve

Some of my fondest holiday memories of my grandparents’ house in Malibu took place in the Studio--the room on the second floor with the large slanted windows. That room has always been my family’s favorite place to come together. We have had several holidays, birthdays, and celebrations there. The tradition started as far back as the late 1960’s when my grandparents celebrated Christmas in that room before I was even born. I especially love the photo of my mom as a little girl next to the silver and blue Christmas Tree. She’s holding her first camera that Santa brought her!

As a child, I loved visiting my grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve and being allowed to open one gift from under the tree. I would walk around the tree shaking the packages trying to pick the perfect present to open. As the years went by, I remember celebrating our birthdays in that room, anniversaries, holidays, and Thanksgiving!

It was tradition that when each of my siblings turned 12, we could have a big sleepover at my grandmother’s house with all of our friends. Being the youngest, I was counting the days until I turned 12 so I could go have a cool “slumber pool party” at Grandma’s House like my older siblings had. I remember that birthday party like it was yesterday, it was one of the highlights of my childhood.

This year it is a true blessing to be able to create new holiday memories at their home with our JAFRA Family! When JAFRA USA’s General Manager, Judith Sanchez, walked into the Studio she exclaimed “we must have a silver and blue Christmas Tree up here.” I couldn’t believe that she had said that! It is as if Jan Day was whispering in her ear! LOL! I ran to retrieve and show her the photograph of my grandparents sitting next to the silver and blue Christmas Tree and we had a ton of laughs. JAFRA placed one gift for each of our JAFRA Leaders under that tree which they could open before Christmas Day. I had not told anyone at JAFRA that it was a family tradition to open one gift before Christmas Day ... that was yet another magical JAFRA holiday coincidence!

The Gift of JAFRA

The Perfect Gift Ideas for your upcoming Holiday Parties

As we move into the holidays, my grandmother Jan Day taught me to never show up to a holiday party without gifts, and better if those gifts are JAFRA! We have so many wonderful gifts for women and men this holiday season, from the new JAFRA ROYAL Men’s Collection to our JAFRA ROYAL Color Collection, the following JAFRA products will be a sure hit for the holidays:
Rose Blossom Duo
I fell in love with this fragrance at the sound of its name! My grandparents Jan and Frank planted two rose bushes at their house in Malibu years ago, which are still there to this day. My grandmother was always picking roses when in bloom for decor for the house. Roses will forever remind me of her. The Rose Blossom Duo would be a special gift for a friend who loves our beautiful Rose Blossom fragrance… the lotion will send them over the moon! 
JAFRA Royal Luxury Lipstick
Royal Jelly has been the heart of JAFRA since my grandparents founded it in 1956 and now we have our patented Royal Jelly RJ˟ available in our Royal Luxury Lipstick! Even more, JAFRA’s Royal Luxury Lipstick is in the most beautiful lipstick case on the planet... this should make history as the first lipstick to be considered an actual purse accessory! This is the perfect gift for any woman. The sheer beauty of the case will melt her heart. Once you feel the conditioning texture on your lips, taste, and smell the gorgeous fragrance of this incredible lipstick, you will love it forever!
JAFRA ROYAL Men Collection
My grandfather Frank always had a way with words. He had a wonderful ability to make any complicated situation seem “simple” by breaking it down into a few easy steps. The JAFRA Royal Men Collection embodies this philosophy and makes a skin care routine for men so... simple! Between the 3 in 1 Face Moisturizer and the After Shave Tonic with JAFRA’s Royal Jelly RJ˟ Formula, this is the perfect gift to give any man during the holidays!
JAFRA Royal Jelly-Original Formula in a Glass Bottle
I remember opening my grandmother's cabinet when I was 5 years old and seeing countless bottles of Royal Jelly in the original glass bottles. This is when I first learned that my grandparents founded JAFRA! This special edition glass bottle reminds me of those original glass bottles I saw as a little girl. This would be the perfect gift to introduce a friend to JAFRA's Royal Jelly so that they can experience pure luxury, on their face and as decor on their vanity! 
There are so many wonderful JAFRA gifts to give your loved ones this year. Gifting JAFRA not only shares the spirit of JAFRA but it also shows that you care! And after all, sharing and caring is what makes the holidays go round! What are your favorite gifts from December's Client Brochure? Leave comments below, we would love to hear!
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