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There’s so much to love about the fall—the leaves are changing, the air is crisp, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING… But nothing feels quite as good as the spirit of giving that truly kicks off the holiday season. I was so excited to learn that JAFRA is teaming up with, an amazing online action network of over 140,000 volunteers, activists, and supporters to raise needed funds this Giving Tuesday. Between November 19 and December 1, JAFRA will match donations and fundraisers up to $10,000. Every dollar raised will support programs that encourage confidence, independence, financial freedom, and higher education for women and girls. works hard to address some of the biggest challenges facing women and girls. To do this they are powered by Soroptimist, a global volunteer organization with a 100-year legacy which provides access to education and training needed to achieve economic empowerment. This organization believes in opportunity through education, and each year they invest $2.8 million in furthering the education of 1,800 women. These women face obstacles including substance abuse, teen pregnancy, poverty, racism, domestic violence, and sex trafficking.
Studies have shown that women with some or completed secondary education have an 11-36% lower risk of violence. Soroptimist knows that access to education and control over finances is key to helping women feel a personal sense of autonomy, so they are secure enough to escape a dangerous situation.
Since the Live Your Dream Awards program was launched nearly 50 years ago, Soroptimist has disbursed about $35 million in cash awards and helped more than 35,000 women achieve their dreams of a better life for themselves and their families - what an awe-inspiring legacy, and program to get to be part of this season!
#GivingTuesday is certainly a do-good, feel-good fall favorite, and JAFRA continues their spirit of sharing and caring as the official matching partner. If you’d like to participate, don’t forget to make your contributions between November 19-December 1 to double your impact. Head over to to find out more about the organization. On the landing page, you may be prompted to take their Shero Quiz, which I would recommend. In a wonderful twist of fate, I took the quiz and got Mariska Hargitay (for anyone unaware - I have a degree in criminal justice and a small obsession with L&O SVU, so...) DUN DUN.

Beauty for Good

JAFRA continues its “sharing is caring” philosophy

Beauty companies are generally concerned with our outward appearance only, but JAFRA is different. From its very inception in 1956, Jan and Frank made it clear that JAFRA’s mission was to create an empowering community focused not only on making people look their best but feel their best, too. This mission is such a big part of what makes JAFRA unique, and the depth of its meaning has trickled down from the corporate offices to the individual consultants.

The last year and a half have shown us how kind gestures really count, no matter how big or small. As a company, JAFRA has chosen to step up in many ways, leading by example and illustrating that the best way to create a beautiful world is to care for one another and oneself. As individuals, Independent Beauty Consultants have been empowered by JAFRA to find their own ways to give back to the communities they serve.
In early 2020, the demand for specific self-care items skyrocketed, but the supply was insufficient to keep up. Companies that create and manufacture beauty products were uniquely equipped to step in and help when this need arose—and JAFRA did just that. When it heard the cry for hand sanitizers, JAFRA shifted priorities and devoted additional resources to creating and producing a new product line. As a result, JAFRA Daily Advanced Hand Sanitizer was launched, formulated with moisturizing aloe and glycerin.
JAFRA’s internal team spread the word and partnered with organizations that supported community workers in response to a need that it now had the means to fill. This included health facilities, residents and staff of nursing homes, women’s shelters, and food banks. In addition, JAFRA was fortunate to partner with Christian Community Action, Salvation Army, Los Angeles Food Bank, and more.

With summer quickly approaching the leaders at JAFRA decided to put their knowledge of skin-care and sun protection to great use and offer some extra help to some of the most essential workers in the world—the farmers! JAFRA's company philosophy has always embraced the “sharing is caring” mantra. The company recognized the need for better sun protection for farm workers since they have to worry about sun exposure daily. One of JAFRA’s largest donations went to the United Farm Workers (UFW) and consisted of over 3,000 sunscreens and JAFRA Daily Hand Sanitizers.

JAFRA Independent Beauty Consultants are uniquely positioned to see the needs of their local communities and respond to those needs. One such consultant, Hannah Wachter, identified a cause and organization needing assistance during 2020 that was important to her personally: Clackamas Women's Services (CWS). CWS is a non-profit that focuses on ”reconnecting survivors of domestic and sexual violence with the safety and well-being that they deserve.” Hannah's support efforts were tri-fold:
  • In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, for every person who became an Independent Consultant, she purchased a kit for a survivor of domestic violence.
  • She donated 10% of all of her sales in the month of October.
  • She was able to help one woman out of a dangerous situation and get her into a shelter thanks to the proceeds from a JAFRA party she hosted.
Throughout the year, Hannah partnered with other consultants to sponsor women who were receiving support at CWS. Through donating a portion of her commission, matching sponsorships with new Independent Consultant signups, and additional donations, Hannah was able to bring goodie bags filled with self-care items and hand sanitizers, a cash donation, and a laptop to CWS.

Of course, efforts have not stopped. The need for quality beauty and toiletries products hasn’t slowed down this year, and neither has JAFRA. JAFRA continues to provide products like hand sanitizers and face masks to local organizations like the Los Angeles Women’s Shelter to provide face masks and hand sanitizers. And of course, JAFRA is always on the lookout for new ways to give back and help everyone feel beautiful, inside and out. 
This year JAFRA celebrates sixty-five years of giving back, creating community, inspiring future generations, and sharing a love for world-class cosmetics. The generosity of JAFRA has continued to pour over communities in need through donations of self-care kits. These kits full of beauty essentials, hand sanitizers, and JAFRA's new We Fragrance were gifted to West Houston Assistance Ministries, a Texas-based non-profit providing help to families in need, and HOPICS, a Los Angeles-based non-profit outreach organization that helps the homeless. JAFRA believes in uplifting others, and the gift bags were given to help people in need stay well, safe, and feel their best.

As we get closer to the end of 2021, transformations in the beauty world and how we interact with each other continue to reverberate one principal message—when we take time for self-care and care for each other, we create a beautiful community.

JAFRA celebrates 65 years!

In 1956 Jan and Frank Day set out with a simple mission.

This year, JAFRA celebrates 65 years of cosmetic innovation - from humble beginnings of meeting on the living room floor of their Malibu home, to JAFRA's current internationally recognized status as a leader in makeup, skin care, and fragrance. In 1956 Jan and Frank Day set out with a simple mission: to create a company that sold exceptional products and build an empowering community that enabled its consultants to reach their dreams. Jan was so focused on providing exceptional quality that when she met with Dorothy Gordon, the chemist behind much of our original Royal Jelly line, she told her that she wanted the very finest ingredients, regardless of cost. Jan wanted to be sure that the products were good enough to stand - and speak - for themselves, since they did not plan on doing any advertising.

 When Gordon and her team created a line of products for Jan to try at home, after a short time of use Jan wrote in her diary "Does my face feel great!" If you’ve tried any of JAFRA’s skin care products, the excitement, mild surprise, and joy that is evident in this simple statement is not foreign to you. Jan probably had much more decorum, but if you're anything like me, you exclaimed something about how nice your skin feels, and then immediately made your significant other, best friend, or child, feel just how soft and amazing it felt too.

The first JAFRA Royal Jelly Milk Balm launched in 1957, just one year after JAFRA was created. It’s one of our flagship, iconic products and has created an enduring legacy that has evolved and grown into an entire lineup of products. One of the bottles of the original Royal Jelly Milk Balm is preserved and on display at JAFRA’s corporate office, along with many of the other original lines. This sweet homage to our history shows how JAFRA cares about its roots, and how invested we are in growth and improvement.

The Royal Jelly Milk Balm was a unique and radical product at the time of its launch. Made with Royal Jelly, a natural elixir that transforms an ordinary bee into a queen, it filled the need for an improved skin care product that would help skin to look and feel younger. The newer generations of Royal Jelly, introduced in 2018, include RJX technology which has multiplied the power of this already impressive elixir. JAFRA Royal Jelly RJX products deliver clinically proven results: skin not only looks younger, but it stays that way longer. Today, a JAFRA Royal Jelly product is sold every 6 seconds!

JAFRA’s Royal Jelly is a foundational thread in the rich tapestry of this company's 65-year history.  Jan and Frank’s dedication to quality and persistent pursuit of revolutionary ideas is a spirit that is deeply woven into the fabric of what makes JAFRA a truly amazing company.

Happy Anniversary JAFRA!

Inspiring Men at JAFRA

We celebrate these father figures!

The man that taught you how to ride your bike, makes the world’s best chile con queso, and never lets you win at chess, Loteria or MarioKart. This month reminds us of those special moments in our lives. Whether it’s a brother, father, husband, or friend, we opened the invitation to JAFRA Consultants to share their father figures. Whether you are a dad, have a dad, or know a dad, take a moment to celebrate them and we will honor them with you.
Let’s celebrate these male pillars in our JAFRA family:


Mirna Súchite 

“For some reason in life, my upbringing was without my parents. I had the best brother by my side though. Since I started elementary school, my brother was the one who provided my school supplies, clothes, shoes, and food. He stopped studying and started working so that I could study. I owe everything I am now to him. I remember when I was missing a pencil or notebook, I would arrive at the pharmacy where he worked, and his boss would tell him to give me the pencils and notebooks from their lost and found. I love my brother and I bless his life. He’s a super brother!”


Suzanne Holmes

“This is my grandfather and the man who raised me. His father was a sharecropper in Arkansas, and he rose to be a Doctor of Divinity. I remember Papa always having a mind for business and new endeavors. He was a driven individual with a commanding presence and authority respected by all. I wish he could see me pursuing my own dreams. I followed him into the ministry; got my Doctorate like him and I am working hard to follow my dreams just like he did.”


Sheila W Dutton 

“This is him on SOFTBALL, the magazine, playing in World Senior Games. He was only 65 then. Now he is 80 and registered for the 2021 games in St. George, Utah. He just finished a three-day tournament in Reno this week. He pitches, plays Catcher and 1st Base.   
Great JAFRA dads. Mine's the greatest!  Kelly Dutton!  I love, admire, respect, and thank you for your love, support, strength and endurance with me on my JAFRA journey! "Where's my Royal Jelly?" That was his comment after he tried out the lead product of my new venture. Reasons why he is the best: 
1.  He sat in the truck, with 9 of our 10 children, pulling a horse trailer, and waited from 10:00-12:00 midnight, as we were moving to Monroe for his promotion to manager for US West, while I was issued my JAFRA case. 
2.  He smiled as he assisted me on stage at JAFRA's award ceremonies to help present me with awards. 
3.  He supported me doing classes while raising the children and called it, ‘You're out’.  
4.  He made JAFRA deliveries for me. I rode with him on the back of his motorcycle, for one out of town delivery. We were run over by 3 head of deer and escaped with only minor scrapes and bruises to us and the cycle. 
5. 60 plus years of marriage, 13 children, years of enjoying JAFRA products and JAFRA friends and JAFRA scholarships for some of the children, 2 beautiful trips with JAFRA to Hawaii and he is still the greatest dad and greatest JAFRA dad!”


Susan Nichols

“Here is the story of my dad... someone so very special to so many people! 
He was known as Austin, Bub, Boston Bob and Dad, who lived at Nichols Quarters. He was a hard worker, who knew dairy farming at a young age, growing up in Pepperell, Massachusetts. He loved what he did. He was a true entrepreneur at heart. From his love of all animals, and love of nature, his skill at baseball, passion for fishing, to his adventure of homesteading in Alaska in the early 50’s. He carried those traits with him for years to come. 
He was a fair, humble, kind man. One who provided for his family by working shift work at Everett Plywood Company in Washington State by day or night and managed his 40+ acre farm in between. In other words, he never sat down until mealtime. He was extremely talented in so many areas. A carpenter by trade, building whatever was needed. He had an eye for invention, and creativity to see a job through. He was highly respected, a man of his word, honest, and a wonderful provider for his family and community. He made a ‘mean’ pot of spaghetti, not letting anyone in the kitchen, and would not tell anyone his ‘secret sauce’ ingredients. On the 4th of July, his favorite treat was strawberry shortcake which was heaped high on his plate. I marveled at how he could pack that away. Vacations were a family affair, and we usually went camping in our local National Parks. But the work had to get done first before anything else. His motto: Take care of the farm first and then you could rest. 
He was a man of few words, but a processor, and when he had words of wisdom to say… everyone listened. It always amazed me that he was such a whiz at math. He was planning and figuring the best way to construct whatever project was next on his list of ‘to do’s’. The carpenter pencil and piece of whatever paper he could get his hand on was carried in the breast pocket of his red plaid flannel fishing shirt. He always had time to listen, processed what you said and had a sound response. Looking back at this now, I can see why he had so many ‘good friends’. They came to him for advice, to visit and just to hear one of his jokes or stories. His sense of humor was infectious.  
His words of wisdom: ‘Always take care of what you have. You may not have a lot of money, but what you own, take excellent care of it and make everything around you look neat and tidy!’  Words I remember to this day. Thank you, DAD, I love you… and you are missed bunches.”  


Evelyn Morales

“The influential man in my life is my son, Ivan M Matos. I feel privileged and immensely grateful to God for my children. Ivansito, he is an extremely affectionate, respectful, responsible man, detail-oriented and most importantly, he loves God. In his role as son, husband and father he is a blessing. Thank you, JAFRA for letting me use this platform to say, ‘I BLESS MY SON, HE IS THE MAN OF MY LIFE.’”


Norma Hinojosa  

“The man who inspires me so much to continue at JAFRA is my husband. His name is Roberto Uribe, he has always been my support since I started offering JAFRA products. He is a good husband, father and son.”


Monzeratt Camposano 

“To the best Dad in the world 🌎 
Thanks for all the love and support and always being there when I need you.”


Victoria Ortiz 

“Ever since I was a young girl, I looked at how my dad found ways to provide us with the best. He always told me that we must place all of our interest in whatever it is that we’d like to achieve. He was always looking for opportunities where he could grow. Since he didn’t study and was a farm worker, he went to the city to be able to provide the best for his family. My dad told me that it had been his dream to go to the city. That’s why I believe that if one has dreams, one can achieve them.”
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