​Halloween is one of my Favorite Holidays

Fashion, Beauty and Transformation

Throughout history, people have always been excited about transforming themselves with makeup and fashion. From ancient facial paint to ball gowns, since the beginning of time, all cultures of the world have always used looks they created for themselves as a form of self-expression. Why are we so intrigued by transforming ourselves? It can change how confident we feel, it can affect the way others respond to us, and when everything comes together perfectly, it can even make you feel like the most beautiful person in the world!

Halloween is here, and it has always been one of my favorite holidays. It is THE holiday dedicated to self-transformation! As a little girl, this was the ultimate day of the year. I could be whoever I wanted to be. A month in advance, I would begin plotting my costuming carefully. The costume was more important to me than the candy or the trick-or-treating.

As an adult, I still love how people respond to costumes. A few years ago, I accompanied my best friend and her kids trick or treating in Malibu. I was dressed as a roller derby girl: blond pigtails, rainbow-colored socks, and roller skates. The kids were asking to take pictures with the Roller Queen.

Beauty products and Fashion not only affect ourselves but also those around you. Somewhere inside everybody loves to play dress-up! Even minimalist and sophisticated looks people create for themselves are still looks ...

Who are you going to be for Halloween? Let’s make this one count! Me, I will definitely be using Jafra’s new Galaxia Palette ... maybe I’ll even turn into Jafra’s Galaxia Girl!

Happy Halloween JAFRA Beauties!

JAFRA's Golden Rule

My Grandparent’s Philosophy led My Business towards Success

My grandparents, Jan and Frank Day, instilled in me a philosophy that helped my fashion business. As a result, I became more successful. They created JAFRA in 1956, spreading the philosophy of helping all people who seek the opportunity. Now, JAFRA operates internationally, helping others around the world live better lives.


When she first started in direct selling, my grandmother was lectured by a woman who belittled her and said that she was “not glamorous enough” to make it in the beauty industry. Rather than discouraging her, this experience empowered her. JAFRA values are rooted in helping everyone realize true and pure beauty. Anyone who wants to be glamorous absolutely can be, that is after all one of the main points of cosmetics!



I had a similar experience in the fashion industry. When I first started, the standard sizes were XS-L. Instead of following the “rules,” of couture, we began making fashion to fit all sizes. Every time I heard somebody say, “I love your designs, too bad you probably don’t have my size,” it was my great pleasure to say, “We do have your size, absolutely. If it is not in stock, we can custom make any size.” This enabled more people to enjoy our creations, and it greatly expanded our business. We also experienced some bullying. A few store buyers (we won’t mention their name here! LOL!) laughed at us when they found out we offered sizing lower than XXS and larger than 5XL. They asked in condescending tones, “Who would wear that?!” ... Well, many people do wear those sizes, and our business does quite well with those sizes, thank you!


Understanding beauty and glamour are an attitude, everyone can be beautiful and glamorous. If someone tries to tell you differently, it likely has nothing to do with you. Rather, this is someone projecting their insecurities or anger onto you. It is your choice to walk away from that anger and find your real beauty.


Seeing the beauty in who you are will help you navigate negative experiences where you may be on the receiving end of somebody’s bullying. This happened to my grandmother when she was lectured and called “not glamorous enough.” Her self-confidence enabled her to brush those comments aside and persevere in making her dreams come true despite what anyone thought of her. When you see your true beauty, you also see the beauty of all people. This opens a world of joy and opportunities in business as well—you will continually learn new things and make new friends! People who live differently than you come with a new perspective and a different outlook that can show you new ways of looking at things. By practicing appreciation of others you will also find that your business will expand.


Like my grandmother, we must unshakably believe in ourselves and our beauty. Back in 1956, she knew it was time for a company to understand the true meaning of beauty and to create products one can fully stand behind and believe in, so JAFRA was born. True artists in the field of beauty would not discriminate nor turn away anyone who wanted the opportunity. JAFRA offers, The Freedom To Be You, since then and still today.


If we practice appreciation of ourselves and others, we will expand our horizons, and become unstoppable. Practicing appreciation, respect, and compassion is to be a true leader!

The Greatest Gift

Growing Up as a JAFRA Baby

The greatest gift my grandmother Jan Day gave me was the power of example. She showed me the kind of person I could become. Children who grow up as “JAFRA Babies” are among the luckiest people in the world. Our parents represent freedom and empowerment. When I decided to become an entrepreneur, it seemed natural to me because I grew up with JAFRA Cosmetics. I didn’t even question or doubt if I could do it. I had full belief!

As early as 8 years old, I learned to be a self-starter when my grandmother asked if I would like to help her with filing in her home office and showed me how to shine silver in the dining room. At times, working on the beautiful artifacts she was collecting seemed to require a high degree of sophistication. Since I hoped for her to be very impressed with the outcome, I was worried my skills would fall short, but she would say, “Wow! Look at the amazing results of your hard work!” Her excitement fueled me to keep going until all the tasks were completed, and her encouragement showed me how much potential exists in doing something with full commitment from start to finish. In this way, my grandmother taught me with subtlety that I have the power to begin any venture and achieve success.

My grandmother’s early guidance stays with me and, to this day, continues to influence me in mostly everything I embark on. When I was 10, my mother, Janna, taught me how to sew. I starting making pillows and stuffed animals and I went door to door and sold them around the neighborhood. Every time I knocked on a door and they said “no” to purchasing my crafts, I was discouraged, but then I remembered my grandmother telling me to keep going even when times seem rough. Sometimes right before I felt like giving up, a door would open and somebody would say “yes.”  

By 16 years old, I was creating art for a party planner and by 20, after fashion college, I founded my first designer clothing company. It was a success as far as my creations were concerned - but somewhat of a disaster on the organization and business side. I always say that this first couture venture was where I made most of my mistakes and also learned the most! By the time I turned 26, I started my second fashion brand called Mark and Estel, which I still have to this day. Two months after the brand was on the market, Mary Kate Olsen started wearing our designs. Before I turned 29, I was designing clothing for Lady Gaga and other fashion icons like Kesha and Charlize Theron.

When I was 32, my dear father who was also our uniquely talented fashion photographer was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I stopped everything I was doing and almost went out of business because I just wanted to spend time with him through his last days. This was one of the hardest times in my life. A month after he passed away, I was trying to pick up the pieces of my career. A celebrity client had referred our fashion brand to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York, and they wanted us to show! This was a designer’s dream, to be sharing the same runway with Betsey Johnson and Ralph Lauren. One of the hard parts was, we only had 3 months to create an entire Ready-To-Wear Collection when most designers plan a year in advance for such a show. I didn’t waiver and said yes without any clue how I would make the impossible happen! We found a way, after many sleepless nights and gallons of coffee, and the show was a huge success! Our fashion shows opened up a new world of opportunities, and by age 36 I was creating couture and bespoke clothing for a multitude of celebrities and high-net worth clients.

The one thing I never struggled with through any of the hard times on my journey was “the D-word”: doubt. I went into everything with passion and excitement never thinking “what if I can’t?” There was never a plan B. I always bet everything I had on myself. I owe this attitude to my parents and my grandparents Jan and Frank. Never once did anyone in my family ever tell me I “couldn’t”. They always told me I “could”. This simple belief passed down from my family made me fearless. To have the confidence to start anything and do anything is an incredible gift that I wouldn’t trade for the world. This belief gets you through hard times, hopeless times, and times when you feel like you don’t have the answer. We all have these moments in life and everyone has their own crosses to bear. We all make mistakes, and we all have times when we can’t see the light. It is in moments like this you have to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you “can”, and you “will!”

Failing is how we learn to do it better next time and keep growing. The most successful people in the world will tell you that they failed a million times before they found success. These people have an unwavering belief in themselves and keep going when everyone else would quit. Every day is a new day to wake up and make a decision to be a better version of yourself. Each moment is a new chance to transform into the person you want to be. We are resilient and adaptable. If you make the decision to believe in yourself and go for it no matter what, you will be surprised by what you can accomplish!

My Life As A Leo

My parents met in astrology class. As early as I can remember I was told I am a Leo with a Cancer Rising and a Taurus Moon. I was taught that Leo has a big heart, that the Cancer Rising made me emotionally sensitive due to its water properties, and that the Taurus Moon gave me an appreciation for beautiful surroundings. My parents had hundreds of books outlining the positioning of the astrological planets. According to astrologers, your sun sign (in my case, Leo) represents only a fraction of who you are in all areas of your life. You also have several other planetary positions in your chart which influence who you are in relationships, career, home life, and everything else. 
One’s astrology chart is also combined by other factors including the date you were born, what time you were born, and where you were born. Sometimes you may come across someone like for example Lady Gaga. She is a Pisces, but some say she seems more like a Leo. Leos are sometimes said to display a more flamboyant personality, and water signs like Pisces are often said to be more reserved. Astrologers might say that she has other planets and signs in her chart other than Pisces which would make her seem more like a Leo.
I don’t know if Leos are really more flamboyant, but there have been many hot summers when I chose to wear a fuzzy warm coat just because it looked more extravagant LOL! At times I also wear high heels although there is no special occasion, as well as flashy red lipstick, red dresses, and all the red accessories a girl could ever want. I also love performing music on stage and striking poses for photoshoots. It may be a coincidence, but those things are considered typically Leo ...
On the flip side, I also can think of multiple ways I am not a typical Leo, for example my love for staying home, and my love for being behind the camera as well. After all, I think astrology is a fun way to learn more about yourself, but ultimately you can be whoever you want to be. Perhaps you may take inspiration from your sign but know you are the master of your own universe. I believe that we are all very adaptive, and we all have a yearning to learn, grow, and change, and we can emulate any sign we wish to be!
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