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Behind the scenes with ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Star’ Brittany Ishibashi

As the serious butt-kicking “Karai” in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows movie now in theaters, we wanted to get to know the softer side of small and big screen actress, and chic beauty, Brittany Ishibashi. This bonafide ‘product junkie’ clued us in on the one beauty trick she will never live without, and why Elmer’s Glue should never be a part of your makeup bag.
Q: You play the character Karai in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows movie in theaters now. Please describe what you think Karai's beauty philosophy is compared to your own in real life.
A: Karai has one look and she sticks with it. Her beauty philosophy is that it has to look threatening and be easy to maintain. She can't be doing touch-ups when she's trying to take over the world! I can relate to her need to have a beauty routine that is easy to maintain. As the mother of a toddler, I spend more time sweating and running around than I did pre-kids. I like a clean, chic look and prefer natural beauty products.  
Q: Your IMDB lists multiple credits as a TV screen actress, and now you've hit the big screen this year with 'Teenage.' Why the transition? If you had to choose, which medium do you prefer?
A: I love both film and television, I just happen to have worked a lot more in TV. I like mixing it up and doing episodic work and film- they both offer their own unique challenges. Be it TV, film, or theater, I just like getting to know a new character- it's a lot like making a new friend. 
Q: You've been acting since 1999 on many a set around the world. Tell us about a beauty mishap that happened either on set or in your real life and how it was fixed.
A: Oh man, the first thing that jumps to mind was during a community theater production I was doing in my late teens. I was getting ready backstage and couldn't find my eyelash glue. Our theater dressing room served as a daycare during the day, so they had a whole bin of art supplies... I thought Elmer's Glue would be a good substitute and used that to apply my false eyelashes. Whoops. I spent the better part of that night sitting with a warm towel on my eyes and slowly rubbing baby oil on my eyelashes (several of which I lost during the process)!
Q. What, if any beauty advice have you ever received on set or off that stays with you to this day? 
A: A makeup artist on a show I was working on lined my upper water line and changed the way I did my eyes forever! I always thought that lining the inside of your eyes made them appear smaller, but for me, if I line just the top waterline it opens everything up. Great trick for when I'm feeling super tired too! 
Q: If we asked you what three beauty products are in your purse right now, you'd say? What makes them special? 
A: I use an argan oil  product with SPF 45 - I'm very careful with my skin and reapply this throughout the day. I love how light (but luxurious!) it feels and how quickly it absorbs into my skin. It gives it a nice glow while also protecting it from the sun's rays! I use a sugar lip balm because it tastes delicious and feels great while conditioning my lips. I also use marajuca oil on my skin, really all over my body - on my hands, cuticles, face, toddler, everywhere!
Q: How do you handle film projects and being a new mom? Any plans to add more "family members?"
A: Haha, we've been getting this question a lot recently. We would definitely like to expand the family but the question is "when?" It's been tricky trying to balance the first two years of a child's life (and all of the hormonal changes) with a film/TV schedule. I was back to work a month to the day after Kai was born and luckily the creative team was very respectful and helpful throughout the whole process. I think one of the hardest parts for me has been traveling for work and negotiating the amount of time spent away from my son. I don't want to miss a thing!
Q: With limited time on your hands as a new mom, how have you adjusted your skin care routine so your skin remains in pristine condition?
A: The main thing I changed with my skincare routine wasn't so much time, but the products I was using. I am admittedly a "product junkie" in that I LOVE everything about beauty and skincare-- I love the way it feels, I love how it can transform, I love the packaging, haha everything! I streamlined the amount of products I use while also switching over entirely to products free from parabens, Phthalates, PEGs, and other "no-no's." 
Q: What tips would you share with women with and without children about how to look and feel their best when time is in short order?
A: Life is unpredictable and I've been practicing "just rolling with it." When I stress out because an unexpected appointment or demands of a toddler throw off my day, I can feel my shoulders rising, a furrow in my brow (go away wrinkles!) and my fuse is a lot shorter. That's not attractive at all. If I can take a deep breath and accept that this is how this moment is going, I soon realize that it's not the end of the world that I have no makeup on and reset my priorities. I also always make sure to carry an SPF and a CC cream in my bag, so even if I'm running around I can take a second to give myself a little protection and glow! I also always have a huge canteen of water with me and trail Mix- because no one's looking or feeling their best if they're hungry and dehydrated. 
Q: What kind of role are you dying to play in your next film or tv project?  
A: I would love to play another villain. Karai is the first "bad gal" I've been able to play and I've got to say- being bad is a lot of fun!
Q: What's next for you? 
A: I am writing a show with my sisters inspired by our childhood growing up in an Asian-American showbiz family. I'm also about to start on a new television show, but can't give it away just yet!

Product Spotlight: Royal Jelly Solar Protection Fluid SPF 50

The ugly truth about aging and the sun

Planning to lie about your age? The great lie about our ages is a practice that will never end, especially when you look-good-for or look younger than your years. But to sustain said white lie? Make sun protection a priority in your now-and-forever beauty ritual.

Before your depression hits a fever pitch over this thing called aging, and its effects on your skin - the onset of visible brown spots, wrinkles, and sagging - all due to  damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun, perk up. One way to slow down the aging process and protect your skin from the sun is with JAFRA’s Royal Jelly Solar Protection Fluid. But first, the truth about the sun - known as aging rays, Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays reach deep into the skin and damages skin-plumping collagen and skin-firming elastin. Referred to as the burning rays, Ultraviolet B (UVB rays) harm the surface of the skin and cause the formation of age spots and other blemishes. It’s important to note that both UVA and UVB rays play a significant role in the cause of skin cancer.

Beautiful Fact
Sunscreen should be worn every day of the year – rain or shine.
To age gracefully (and slower than most) is the goal, so to aid you in this, the most noble of quests is superstar sun blocking agent, JAFRA Royal Jelly Solar Protection Fluid. This lightweight and non-greasy sun block, which can be added to your daily skin care routine, acts as a shield against harmful environmental hazards like pollution and UVA/UVB damage, which leads to the acceleration of visible signs of aging. Solar Protection Fluid also protects the skin’s support structures so it remains plump and firm, while diminishing age spots.

86% of women tested saw smoother, more youthful and protected skin*

Part of JAFRA’s Royal Jelly Ritual, Solar Protection Fluid is a power-packed blend of rare ingredients like Royal Jelly – rich in more than 20 amino acids, B-Complex and other vitamins, as well as Vitamin C, which prevents sun blemishes, and Chicory Root Extract, which acts like Vitamin D helping to tighten and firm skin without the UV activation associated with sun exposure. Delivering on its promise of broad-spectrum protection, it blocks both UVB and UVA rays to keep skin looking youthful now and forever.

Beautiful Tip
Get the most out of Royal Jelly Solar Protection Fluid by applying it 15 to 30 minutes before you go outside – your beauty regimen will thank you.

The age of high-quality sun protection is now in full bloom.

*Percent of women agreeing in an independent consumer test of Royal Jelly Solar Protection Fluid  

June Staff Picks

Alexandra’s Fave Products

As the season of “fun in the sun” quickly approaches, we wanted to know what products our JAFRA staffers refuse to live without this summer. Picky, picky, picky.  
Alexandra Kiefer’s list, an Executive Assistant at JAFRA USA, starts with a skin care gotta-have-it item, and ends with a jaw-dropping color product that turns heads at just its mere mention.  
What is the most important part of your skin care routine?
Cleansing. I cleanse twice a day with Hydrating Advanced Dynamics to keep my skin refreshed and feeling healthy. This cleanser also ensures that my face is the perfect canvas for my other refuse-to-live-without this summer color products, and is my go-to for the end of the day makeup removal because there’s no residue left behind!  
What is your go-to summer fragrance?
What I’ll be wearing this summer is Le Moire Cerisse because it has a really delicate and fruity scent that works beautifully with my chemistry- a perfect pick for summer weather.
The beauty product you can’t go a day without using?
The Brow Define and Lift Duo! It’s what I use to fill in my eyebrows, as well as highlight and brighten them every day.  
Your favorite new product?
I’m really into our newest product - Brow Pomade. It’s the perfect product to fill in and accentuate my brows, but I love it even more because it’s long-lasting and doesn’t smudge!
The lip color you wear when you want to turn heads?
I’m a fan of the classics, so I turn to Royal Jelly Luxury Lipstick in Regal Red.

The Fab Five: What’s Hot in June

The 5 Products we’re Loving this Month!

Needing no introduction because they are that good, feast your eyes on our top five products for June…
Advanced Dynamics
“Doc, what exactly should I be using for my skin type?” said the male patient to the dermatologist. Well he’s in luck because the JAFRA Advanced Dynamics line of high-performance skin care products answers the question “what about me?”  
Described as modern, refreshing, natural, innovative, scientific, and healthy, Advanced Dynamics is a 3-step, unisex skin care line that targets the concerns of four skin types: dry, normal/combination, oily, and sensitive skin. Numbered 1-2-3 for order of use, this system is so easy to use:  Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize. Sounds like a simple skin care regimen even a man would use!   
Ideal for dry skin, the Hydrating collection moisturizes, rehydrates, and softens. Combination skin types should use the Balancing collection to get skin that feels smooth, soft, and balances T-zone oiliness. Oily skin is problematic for many, so this skin type should use the Mattifying collection which lessens the formation of blackheads, breakout tendencies, and over time, achieves a more matte appearance. Lastly, highly-reactive sensitive skin types should use the Soothing collection to calm stressed, irritated skin, while minimizing redness and promoting healthier skin.
Brow Lift
If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then how you shape the brows you frame them with should, in our opinion, top your list of things to always do. Give your eyebrows a “virtual” lift with Brow Lift - a jumbo pencil in a matte, cream-to-powder formula that instantly defines your arches and brightens your eye area. Just highlight under the brow bone and blend with your finger or sponge. Trust us. This works! Use Brow Lift in either Matte Buff to counteract any redness or Matte Rose to brighten dull skin.
Brow Pomade
No more looking in the mirror for brows that once were, instead, get long-lasting results with the newest color product on the block - Brow Pomade. Made for those of us who want more sedate-in-appearance, naturally-defined eyebrows or who want something more sculpted, which appeals to the bold in you, Brow Pomade is a cream-to-powder formula that applies smoothly for perfectly-precise definition every time. Use this pomade to get smudge-free results even in the most humid of conditions, and watch as it stays put for hours to come on all skin types.
JAFRA Spa – Brazilian Orange & Ginger 

Relax, relate, release  is an all-too-common mantra used by the time-challenged and over-stressed, so if this is you, take the time to heal at home with a spa treatment you won’t soon forget using Brazilian Orange & Ginger Bath & Shower Gel and Brazilian Orange & Ginger Dry Body Oil. Purely focused on getting you relaxed and centered, the uplifting fragrance of Blood Orange, Ginger, and Musk does much to get you into an “Om” state of mind. 

Of course, the shower gel is meant for cleansing as it soothes a stressful mind, but it is also an aroma-therapeutic bubble bath…time to pop the champagne cork and unwind! Complete your uber-relaxing soaking tub bath experience with a light misting of the non-greasy dry body oil that hydrates and leaves a hint of mood-boosting orange ginger fragrance on the skin to be enjoyed throughout the day.    

Legend Hero
For the man who exudes strength and dependability with a side of tender loving care, give him Legend HERO EDT. Successfully captured in this bottle is honesty, sophistication along with lively citrus notes that settles into a fougere accord, and finally rests with a woody warmth.  
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