Your Skin Changes Daily, So Should Your Skin Care

Customize Your Skin Care for Powerful Results

Your skin is the window to your overall health and it’s important to give it extra care and attention every day. Its needs are influenced by a wide variety of stressors: hormonal fluctuations, stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, sun exposure, and pollution. They leave your skin thirsty for hydration one day, needing extra toning and smoothing the next, and requiring daily protection from damaging environmental aggressors. All of these differences make your skin unique and a single beauty product simply can’t do it all. It is essential to develop an effective, customized skin care ritual to meet your skin’s daily, everchanging needs so it can always look its best.

The best skin care ritual is one that is made for your unique needs. It’s important to use products that work together and use them in the right order so you get the best benefits for your skin. Your products should work independently or together so you can adjust your ritual as needed so your skin can maintain its youthful resilience to the effects of time, stress, and the environment. JAFRA’s new Royal Jelly gives you a fully customized skin care ritual that effectively hydrates, protects, smooths, cleanses and keeps your skin looking youthful and healthy for a lifetime. Cater to your skin’s daily and ever-changing needs and unleash your boundless beauty today and for years to come.

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July Staff Picks

See what summer beauty products Brittany loves most

We asked Skin Care and Fragrance Chemist, Brittany Bagdanov which products are making her summer:

1. Which nail lacquer matches your summer vibe?  
Strengthening Nail Lacquer in Silk Coral. It’s bright and vibrant just like summer, and it reminds me of my honeymoon in St. Thomas.
2. What’s your go-to product to keep your summer makeup manageable?
Mattifying Primer - a must for those hot sunny days. It keeps my makeup fresh and in place all day long!
3. Favorite product to relax with?
The JAFRA Spa Mud Mask. It’s a spa treatment without having to leave my home.
4. Fill in the Blank: _____________ is the one product I’ll never leave behind on a night out no matter HOW hot it gets!
Paris et Moi (the 7mL travel size, of course!) It’s the perfect burst of freshness. I won’t leave the house without it.
5. Best summer hair product to keep your locks looking their best?
The Moisture Replenish Hair Mask. The rich feel and perfect blend of extracts helps keep my hair feeling smooth and moisturized on even the driest summer days.
6. What’s your must-have product for a low-key summer vacation?
Royal Jelly Solar Protection Fluid. Sunscreen is essential at any time of the year, but especially important during a summer vacation when it can be easy to forget to apply. It’s lightweight and doesn’t make my skin feel greasy.

The Fab Five: August Favorites

Five products we can’t wait to close out the summer with

We’ve got new lips, scents and looks for fall and we’re pretty excited about it. This month’s five fave products are going to keep you smiling from summer to fall. Keep scrolling to see what newness awaits!

1. The trendiest lip of the year has arrived. Our new Liquid Matte Lipstick is available in 6 shades so gorgeous, you won’t be able to choose just one. The unbelievably smooth liquid formula gives you full coverage color without drying out your pout.

2. Buckle up, this fragrance isn’t for the timid. Xclusive Speed  is an elegant, yet daring new men’s fragrance with notes of dry, refined cedar and amber that let the world know you’re not afraid to go full throttle.

3. Highlighting your best features has never been easier. Our new all-in-one Contour Palette features four blendable shades that sculpt and define in a snap. It also comes with a 3-step guide to help you keep it simple while you maximize your glow.

4. Say goodbye to summer in these sweet special editions! The original citrus scent, Eau D' Aromes, as well as the airy and floral Eau D' Aromes Ozone and the romantic Eau D' Aromes Splendor, will all feature special edition packaging for the month of August. Their new looks won’t last long, so get yours while you can!

5. Royal Jelly Longevity products are the perfect moisturizing skin prep for fall. The Royal Jelly Global Longevity Balm and the Royal Jelly Global Longevity Crème are both great options for immediate miniaturization. The balm is a little more lightweight, while the crème is a more dense and great for extremely dry skin. Nothing fights dry skin like the combination of Manuka Honey and Sodium PCA in this crème, which trap moisture so your skin stays soft. Both feature the RoyalActive Peptide exclusive to JAFRA that activates your skin’s resistance to environmental stressors and aging. 

Fab Five: October Sensations

Learn a little something about one of the newest additions to the JAFRA Squad

This month, we decided to highlight a gorgeous addition to the JAFRA family. Girl Squad is a bold and vibrant collection of makeup and fragrance made for you and your squad. Keep reading and check out the new top 5!

The Girl Squad Fragrance is the ringleader of this new line. It takes you to a place of playful excitement. Bright notes of White Nectarine inspire you to wake up the world and Purple Freesia joins the Better Together accord to create the perfect friendship of scents. The aroma of Fair Trade Vanilla & Red Musk stay with you like the unforgettable memories you make with your squad.
The most sharable part of this collection is the Girl Squad Lip Gloss Set, available in three slick shades that will keep your lips selfie-ready. The perfect lip accessory for whatever you and your team have planned next.
The Girl Squad Eye Liners come in two shades, Leather and Feather. They go on smooth and layer easily, so you can really have some fun with your looks.
The beautiful vibrant shades found in the All Eyes on Us Eyeshadow Palette combine perfectly with the liners. We can’t wait for you to see how these incredible colors go on and stay on through all of your adventures.
The fifth favorite of Girl Squad isn’t a product, it’s YOU and your BFFs! This line was made to share with your friends. The palette and the eyeliners mix perfectly to create an endless amount of looks for you and your squad to all look amazing in your own ways.
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