November Staff Picks

Liliana’s Fave Products

Once just a milk balm, Royal Jelly has become part of so much more at JAFRA. From color-rich lipstick to a comprehensive skin regimen, it’s clear we can’t get enough of this nourishing ingredient. But, which ones do we love most—and why?
We asked JAFRA USA employee and new mom Liliana Mendez about her love of Royal Jelly. The Communications and Marketing Program Specialist dished on her faves, from what she’d recommend to her friends to why she loves her go-to’s.
Your fave new Royal Jelly product?
As you can imagine, being a new mom means very little sleep! The puffiness and dark circles under my eyes are starting to find themselves a permanent home. I love the Royal Jelly Global Longevity Eye Crème because I instantly feel the hydration around and notice the reduced puffiness around my eyes.
The first Royal Jelly product you tried?
The Royal Jelly Milk Balm Advanced. I instantly fell in love with it. It’s a classic for a reason!
Your must-have shade of Royal Jelly Luxury Lipstick?
It’s of course Rose Nouveau!  I love the softness of the pink—it has such a romantic look and feel. It’s a perfect everyday go-to!
The Royal Jelly product you’d recommend to your friends?
My friends love playing with color and I know they would love our Royal Jelly Luxury Lipsticks. The smooth formula and easy application would win them over (and make them Royal Jelly fans!).
A Royal Jelly product you haven’t tried but are dying to?
I am dying to try the Royal Jelly Global Longevity Crème. I’ve heard such good things about it!

The Fab Five: What’s Hot In November

5 products we’re loving this month

What’s hot in November? Three welcomed new additions to the Royal Jelly Ritual, a delectable-smelling Parisian-inspired perfume (that we hope broke the internet when it launched in October), and the sweetest smelling hydrating lotion you will fall in love with. 
Called the “Corrector” of the bunch, the new Royal Jelly Vitamin Infusions Spot Serum with Vitamin C works overtime to improve the appearance of embarrassing dark spots and skin imperfections. Dark spots aren’t just a result of acne, they also show up as a result of too much fun in the sun, and aging. This serum contains Evergreen Complex, which helps lessen the look of visible spots for a more youthful appearance. Another ingredient is Vitamin C, which targets hidden spots you can’t initially see in the mirror, but will eventually appear if untreated.          
The “Renewer” among the newest Royal Jelly Ritual additions, Royal Jelly Global Longevity Crème with RoyalActive Peptide is a lightweight, multi-benefit, age-fighting treatment product that does much more than moisturize your skin. It contains ultra-hydrating ingredients Manuka Honey and Sodium PCA, which trap moisture so your skin looks smooth and firm. This product also includes JAFRA’s exclusive RoyalActive Peptide, which helps to slow down the effects of aging while speeding up your skins’ renewal process.
Aptly called the “Energizer,” the Global Longevity Eye Crème with RoyalActive Peptide brings that wide-eyed, youthful appearance back to tuckered eyes. This multitasking eye crème not only hydrates the delicate skin area around your eyes, it also brightens their appearance and minimizes the look of dark circles and puffiness. It also contains the RoyalActive Peptide. Other ingredients include Wild Algae, to calm swollen, puffy eyes caused by allergens, and Cassava, a skin-firming extract to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.     
Paris et Moi Perfumer’s Edition No. 1 by P. Courtière is well underway to being JAFRA’s most celebrated fragrance launch to date. This new and exclusive fine fragrance is the brainchild of brilliant perfumer P. Courtière, who hails from the famed Firmenich Fragrance House. Representative of the glamour of youthful Parisian women and the French delicacies Philippine ate as a young girl, this perfume is an expertly-blended mixture of Mara Strawberry, romantic Rose Petal Macaron Accord, and elegant Creamy Silky Woods fragrance notes. And the bottle?  It is Philippine’s Paris come to life as the city streets and the Eiffel Tower are delicately etched on the outside back wall with a prominently placed circular Perfumer’s Edition No. 1 logo on the cap.     
Coming in at number 5 on our November list is the Bonus size (16.9 fl. oz) Royal Almond Hydrating Body Lotion and Royal Almond Rich Body Oil with Vitamin E, which is only available for a limited time in festive holiday packaging, so hurry to get yours while they last! As you apply this hydrating lotion and body oil, delight in the sweet smell of almond blossoms and indulge.

“Beauty Talk” with Lori Duncan

A JAFRA Consultant shares her recipe for success

The lifeblood of JAFRA Cosmetics are its thousands of “Consultants” who have sought and acquired well-earned independence and success through the sales of state-of-the-art beauty products. One such Consultant, Lori Duncan who is a nine year JAFRA veteran shares with us what inspires her to keep reaching for the stars.   

Tell us about your journey to JAFRA. Why did you become a consultant?
JAFRA has been a part of my life since I was nine years old – my mom joined JAFRA in 2004. I was attending all of the company events, meetings, trips etc. It was my senior year of high school and I was taking a Business Entrepreneur class that required me to have a job in order to get credit, so my mom signed me up in JAFRA, placed a qualified order, and once it all came she used a majority of the product herself, and whatever was left, she packed up and put in the closet! At that time I had no interest in it. But then I graduated high school during the summer and my dad thought it was time that I get a job. I knew that working at Jack in the Box wasn’t in the cards for me, even though my friends were working there, so I told my mom to get the products out. I used them and fell in love!! I decided then that I would share it with friends and family, and would use it to earn extra money until I attended college that fall. I had friends host parties and in my first nine days I had over $2,800 in retail sales at the age of 18, opened my bank account, and never looked back!
How long have you been a consultant and what do you hope to accomplish?
I have been a consultant for three and a half years now. I achieved the Manager title the same year I joined and have held it ever since. While, yes, my ultimate goal is to reach Ambassador, what really excites me is becoming District Director - A lady in Red. That moment will be huge for me! 
Finish this sentence - the best reason to become a JAFRA Consultant is…
The best reason to become a JAFRA consultant is because of all the fun you will experience, and all of the friendships and money you will make. No other outlet could bring you so much joy and fulfillment.
What JAFRA product(s) do you currently use and can’t live without?
I use everything of course...I use the Royal Jelly Ritual along with the Royal Jelly Eye Concentrate Capsules, and Retinol every night! I cannot live without Royal Jelly Lipstick…I wear it every single day as well as the Risqué fragrance and Royal Jelly Milk Balm Advanced.
What inspires you the most? What are you most passionate about?
The corporate employees (Paulo, Scott, Ivan, etc.) and my best friends that are Ambassadors inspire me the most! I am passionate about every single aspect of JAFRA. I joke that I would even purchase JAFRA underwear if I could! Talking and sharing JAFRA with others, as well as being a leader for my team is my biggest passion. I catch myself getting teary-eyed when I talk about JAFRA with others and that's how I know I'm with the right company doing the right thing.
What most people don't know about me is...?
What most people don't know about me is that I used to be very shy and was a huge introvert. If you weren't close family and friends, I didn't care to talk to you. But, ever since joining JAFRA, I have come out of my shell and can become friends with a complete stranger and probably even make a sale or two with them! I'm now a social butterfly. I have JAFRA to thank for my personal and professional growth! 

Introducing JAFRA’s Paris et Moi by P. Courtière

Fall in love with Paris

Not satisfied with an already amazing portfolio of fragrances loved by many, JAFRA Cosmetics pushed itself to introduce an exclusive collection of fine fragrances that begins with Perfumer’s Edition No. 1. Created alongside hand-selected top perfumers from around the world, the fruits of a search for the Best-in-Perfumery garnered a JAFRA first - Paris et Moi by P. Courtière.
The Perfume  
Housed in a classic bottle design is a mélange of juicy Mara Strawberry, romantic Rose Petal Macaron Accord, and elegant Creamy Silky Woods fragrance notes - all reminders of French delicacies perfumer Philippine Courtière ate as a young girl growing up in Paris. Paris et Moi represents the elegance, glamour, romance and youthful energy of Parisian women.
The Inspiration                                                           
The juiciness of Mara Strawberry reminds Philippine of the typical French fraise de bois tartelette. The middle note of Rose Petal Macaron Accord evokes another typical Parisian delicacy – Macaron. And the woody bottom of Creamy Silky Woods reminds Philippine of the beautiful clothing fabrics found in Parisian fashion shops while sparking memories of her walks through the famous forest-filled Bois de Boulogne wood located at the west end of Paris. In awe of its rustic elegance, it is in this park where time stood still as she gave into fresh, earthy, sometimes sweet smell that lingered after an early afternoon rainfall, awakening her senses, powering her sense of smell.  
The Bottle
The simple, clean lines of the Paris et Moi bottle serves as the ideal backdrop for showcasing Paris’s iconic symbol and a favorite of Courtière’s – the Eiffel Tower, which pays homage to the master lattice work exhibited throughout this architectural wonder. Also elegantly depicted outside the back wall of the bottle is a lightly-penned illustration of the streets of Paris with a prominently placed circular Perfumer’s Edition No. 1 logo on the cap.
The Paris et Moi Woman
The Paris et Moi woman should feel “irresistible, and capable of anything,” says Courtiére. The wearer should be transported to Philippine’s Paris – a place where cafes abound, where well-appointed Parisian women litter fashionable boutiques, and where falling in love is considered the best of all extra-curricular activities.       
Not following “the technical rules of perfumery” has brought to JAFRA a one-of-a-kind creation that takes you through this prestigious perfumer’s  journey through the city of lights. Indulge. 
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