You’ll Never Believe What We Found Under JAFRA HQ

What was inside JAFRA’s Time Capsule

In the hot summer of 1979, when JAFRA was just 23 years old, loyal and passionate consultants gathered in their bellbottom jeans and polyester jackets for the opening of JAFRA’s new Headquarters in Westlake Village, CA.

Co-founder, Jan Day, was so excited about this milestone for our company and to make sure her JAFRA family was part of it, she extended invitations to consultants around the world to contribute to a time capsule that would be filled with JAFRA hopes and dreams. This relic would be buried beneath our headquarters in Westlake Village, CA, not to be opened until 2001, when a freak flood would bring our capsule to the surface.

In addition to high-quality beauty products, a rich history is something that JAFRA carries throughout its evolution. To celebrate, we looked through all of JAFRA’s old archives and found some amazing memories and events that we weren’t aware of. One of the things that we discovered was JAFRA’s time capsule! Happy birthday JAFRA Fam! In honor of our 64th anniversary, we’ve opened the vault and are so excited to share the inspiring words of our history.
    Santa Rosa, CA
“ I hope Jafra will be as rewarding to all the consultants in the 21st century as it has been to me. Jafra has taught me to share and to love my fellow neighbor. If each one of us uphold our sharing and care ideas, I know that this world will be a great place to live in in the 21st century.”
 Palm Springs, CA
“To my sisters in Jafra,
I hope our company is as good to you as it has been to me. Jafra’s sharing and caring concept has become a part of my everyday life and I wish you all the same success and happiness that I have enjoyed. Luck to you!”
 Port Hueneme, CA
“To all Jafra consultants in the year 2000, keep up the good work!
P.S. are there still trees?”
      Albany, OR
“If you try hard enough and long enough, Jafra will fall into place and you’ll get the confidence as many other Jafra consultants have.”
          Anderson, IN
“ I hope as you read this, you have found as much pleasure, gained as many new friends, and really love Jafra as I have! If so, no matter how much time passes we shall remain close because of a very special little word – “JAFRA”

What Would Jan Day Do?

She Would Have Looked for the Opportunity

Jan Day is the first person I thought of in March 2020 when I found out so many people were affected by this health crisis, and our state would be staying at home indefinitely.. It was hard to remain calm as the news came flowing in. Naturally, I thought about my hero: “what would grandma be doing right now?” And the answer came to me, then followed by a laugh! My grandmother would have absolutely remained calm. She would have taken advantage of the extra time and done everything she can to help those affected. Then when forced to stay home, she would have pulled out her backgammon set and challenged me to a game. My grandmother was always so adaptable to any situation. Being able to adapt to any situation was one of the greatest lessons I learned from her.
If Jan Day were here, she would have used this as an opportunity to spend more time at home with her family and to connect with her JAFRA friends even more! She would have looked for the opportunity, not the set-back. She would look for new ways help people in need. Often in life, we go where we look... if you look for the setbacks, you most certainly will be set back. If you look for ways to help people, you will find them.
Right now, let’s all remember what Jan Day would do... now is a time for us to get out of our comfort zone and learn new things. It’s a chance to look at life differently. It’s a chance for us to shake things up and make some new ideas fall from our tree. If we look for the opportunity like Jan Day, we will help the world and improve our happiness as well!

We are the Jan Days of the Future

My Grandmother left a Legacy

My grandmother Jan Day made history. It was her dream to teach others how to be as successful as she was and to replicate herself in others. This was the concept of JAFRA. From a small one-bedroom apartment, she and my grandfather dreamed of a company that would embrace all people who wanted success and had the will to transform their lives. From that dream, my grandmother became the first JAFRA Consultant and started to teach others how to be the best versions of themselves. She taught hundreds of women how to find success like she did. Today those hundreds of women have turned into hundreds of thousands of women!

My grandmother Jan Day left a legacy. That legacy is the concept of JAFRA. Today I am honored to share the journey with those women who were trained by my grandmother in the early days of JAFRA. During my lifetime I have watched these women create a legacy of their own and pass their own JAFRA Legacy on to hundreds and sometimes thousands of women. I am equally as honored to join these women and be a Jan Day of The Future, myself! I was born into a beautiful legacy and consider this legacy a gift. When I inspire someone to better their life or give somebody hope to transform their life, I feel like I am helping to continue the dream of my grandmother!
What thrills me more than anything is when I meet JAFRA Consultants who are the daughters or sons of those women who were trained by my grandmother. To pass the gift of JAFRA down to your own family is truly one of the greatest gifts of all. I received this gift myself!
Growing up as a young girl I admired my grandmother like she was a rock star or superhero. I know that the children and grandchildren of JAFRA Consultants feel the same way about them! To have such an amazing example for a grandparent or parent is the greatest gift a JAFRA Consultant can give their family.

Achieve Larger than Life Dreams!

Limitations Are Only In Your Mind


My grandfather, Frank Day, used to tell me, “if you aren’t faced with challenges, you aren’t growing.” This always resonated in times when I was required to be superhuman, defy all limits, and overcome challenges which seemed nearly impossible. This is especially true when trying to achieve larger than life dreams and setting extremely high goals for yourself, which my grandmother, Jan Day, advocated for everyone on a daily basis! My grandmother believed that everyone had the right to reach any goal without limit. She also believed when you do the right thing for the right reason, wonderful blessings will come your way.
When pursuing that path, you must believe in yourself 100% to reach unlimited heights. There will be setbacks, failures, and challenges along the way. The most successful people in life had to fail several times before finding success. The key to success is to keep going after unsuccessful attempts. This differentiates a leader. A leader knows that every failure is one step closer to success! 
This has also been true on my own journey. One of my ultimate dreams was to once again make my grandparents’ house in Malibu a place dedicated to JAFRA consultants. During my grandparents’ lifetime, their home not only became JAFRA’s headquarters for the first 20 years of the company, but after JAFRA moved into the Westlake offices, it became a home away from home for JAFRA Consultants around the world. This was part of my grandmother’s dream and she knew this was the right thing to do for the right reason. It is part of JAFRA’s history and legacy. In my late 20’s, I embarked on a 10-year battle to save my grandparents’ house to make this possible again.
One of the hardest challenges I faced was that none of the top lawyers I hired thought it was possible. When a trusted professional tells you your dream is impossible, you can start to doubt yourself. So, what did I do? I persevered regardless, because I knew I was doing the right thing, and after 10 years I finally succeeded in getting the house. It turned out that JAFRA leadership shared my dream, and as partners, we were able to open the house to all of you.
When we have larger than life dreams which nobody else believes in, it’s very tempting to give up. In these times we must remember my grandfather’s wise words. Being faced with challenges means that we are growing, defying, pioneering new paths, and that we are changing the course of history. We must meet challenges with open arms, find new ways to break through, and always believe in ourselves. If we embrace this struggle and defy the odds rather than let them discourage us, and if we are dedicated to the right cause, we will emerge stronger, smarter, and one step closer to achieving our greatest dreams!
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