Announcing JAFRA USA’s participation in UPS® carbon neutral

At JAFRA, we care about the health of our environment and the future of the planet we all share. Our objective is to reduce our carbon footprint as a company. With that goal in mind, we are proud to announce JAFRA USA’s participation in UPS® carbon neutral.
Starting in November 2021, all of JAFRA USA’s domestic Consultant and client product shipments are fulfilled through UPS® carbon neutral. This contractual program facilitates the offset of JAFRA USA’s carbon emissions related to shipping product orders. It comes at no additional shipping cost to our Consultants, clients or customers.
For the year 2021, UPS® carbon neutral provided verified offsets to mitigate 127.3 metric tons of JAFRA USA’s CO2 emissions from shipping.
By using UPS® carbon neutral, JAFRA USA’s commitment to reducing their carbon emissions is unfolding. JAFRA USA continually explores ways to be more mindful of their carbon footprint.
We can all contribute to a brighter future by taking steps such as turning off lights and appliances when not in use; taking public transportation when available; conserving water; and recycling packaging when possible. JAFRA cares about climate action and we thank you for caring, too!

Celebrating 66 years of entrepreneurial spirit!

Exceptional products and an inclusive, empowering community that is open to all is something worth celebrating.

In 1956 Jan Day was told she wasn’t glamorous enough to sell makeup. Rather than allowing that experience to break her, she became inspired. Jan envisioned a new kind of beauty company that would create exceptional products and have an inclusive, empowering community that was open to all. Since that year, JAFRA has inspired generations of beauty consultants to reach for their dreams, and the world-class cosmetics have empowered millions to feel and look their best, at any age.  

From humble beginnings where meetings took place on the floor of their Malibu home, to blossoming into an array of products sold by entrepreneurial men & women in more than 20 countries, JAFRA is a thriving network of empowered beauty consultants who are driven to help clients love their self-care products and daily rituals.  

This year JAFRA celebrates 66 amazing years of creating gorgeous products and nurturing relationships with the amazing people that network around the globe as part of the JAFRA family.  

Malibu is Where the Heart is 

Although JAFRA has independent beauty consultants and products in multiple countries, Malibu will always be the home of JAFRA. It is where Jan and Frank Day first began the business, and their Malibu home is still with the company, and even serves as a hub for consultants and company events! Jan and Frank would have meetings in their living room, host glamorous parties, dream up beautiful products, and it was where they molded JAFRA into the amazing, supportive, community that it needed to be to flourish and bloom.  



Over the last 66 years JAFRA has made its mark and shaped the historical landscape of cosmetics in so many ways. Here is a brief look back on some of the highlights of the journey of JAFRA:  

1956: Jan & Frank Day founded their own direct-selling company in Malibu, California. JAFRA’s iconic name comes from a combination of the names of its founders: JA(N) + FRA(NK) = JAFRA 

1957: JAFRA launches Royal Jelly Milk Balm 

1973: JAFRA becomes a subsidiary of Gillette Corporation 

1977: JAFRA starts selling fragrance and makes a debut with Jande Eau de Toilette; an elegant Springtime floral, oriental fragrance 

1978: JAFRA opens market in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands 

1979: JAFRA opens in the Mexico market 

1980: JAFRA opens worldwide headquarters in Westlake Village, California 

2004: JAFRA joins the Germany-based Vorwerk Group, one of the top direct-selling organizations in the world 

2012: JAFRA opens in the Indonesia market with an office in the country’s capital of Jakarta 

2018: JAFRA ROYAL premium Skin Care and Color collections, powered by Royal Jelly RJ×, launch 

2022: JAFRA celebrates 66 years!  

Arguably the most innovative and impactful contribution was the launch of Royal Jelly Milk Balm in the late 1950s. This was only the beginning of the amazing lineup of products that would be born from the Royal Jelly RJ× legacy. When Jan Day set out to “create the finest product available – at any cost”, she discovered the skin care benefits of royal jelly. This natural elixir transforms an ordinary bee into a queen and provides remarkable benefits for our skin.  

Royal Jelly RJ× Permeates JAFRA 

When Jan Day discovered the impressive skin care benefits of royal jelly in the 1950s that inspired JAFRA to create the Royal Jelly Milk Balm, I don’t think that she could have imagined the varied array of products that currently include Royal Jelly RJx. Since this natural elixir has such marvelous benefits for our skin, the possible combinations were near endless. JAFRA ROYAL Boost Skincare is one of my personal favorite lineups of skincare products, but RJ× can also be found in all the ROYAL skincare lines (Defy, Revitalize, Men, and Clear Smart) as well as the recently introduced JAFRA Body Care, with its newest products, the Smooth & Tone Body Crème and the Hand & Cuticle Complex. 

In addition to skincare, RJ× has made its debut in lip care, a prime ingredient in ROYAL lipsticks and glosses. Delivering a powerful boost of nutrients, royal jelly helps to keep your skin or lips looking and feeling younger. RJ× is JAFRA’s exclusive concentrated technology of nature’s potent royal jelly and helps to ensure that the ultra-rich products hydrate, soothe, and enrich our skin. Royal Jelly has truly revolutionized the brand and the way that many women care for their body – from head to toe! Improving self-care one body at a time.  

Today, a JAFRA Royal Jelly product is sold every 6 seconds!  

Cheers to 66 Years!  

66 years is not just another milestone; it is a year symbolizing harmony that should be celebrated with exuberance and joy! JAFRA has managed to keep alive the entrepreneurial spirit of Jan and Frank Day for more than half a century and each year their legacy has grown by leaps and bounds. The passion to deliver top-of-the-line products to consumers through a family of Independent Beauty Consultants, empowered to run their own small business, is a continuing force that is alive and well within the company. Re-imagined items, fragrances, or colors grace the catalog each season, and new opportunities are offered for those looking to join the JAFRA family as well. Jan would be proud of the amazing, thriving garden of talent that has blossomed from the small seed of hope that she and Frank planted back in 1956. What an amazing transformation JAFRA has undergone!  

The Future is BRIGHT!  

With each new year, JAFRA has continued to revamp their products and offer new and innovative creations in the beauty world. With the interest in on-demand need for products, they launched an option for subscription box services – and even offered an amazing, discounted price for the incredible products within! In the face of a worldwide pandemic, this company that had already perfected the virtual makeup party, rolled out the virtual skin consultation and virtual makeup try-on for their clients. These tools allow clients anywhere to see what products may suit them best before committing to a purchase and can be incredibly beneficial for anyone who is considering becoming an independent Beauty Consultant as well!  

As we improve our self-care routine, JAFRA continues to surprise and delight with vibrant new colors of well-loved favorites and creative new products to fall in love with. Looking back at what JAFRA has (and still does) helped me prepare for, their mission of transforming lives and empowering women and communities feels like a personal success. From putting on makeup for interviews (back in my days of hospitality management), to getting ready for work, to my skincare routine… and even to prepping my hospital bag when I was getting ready to have my two children… JAFRA cosmetics has been there for me. There has been a staple – or two – that I have used throughout each “phase” of my life that has made me feel more put-together… more powerful -- Like I could take on the world. Most days you don’t need a cape, you just need a really great lipstick.  


We can’t wait to see what new products and tools JAFRA dreams up next!  

Cheers to 66 MORE years!  

Kids just wanna have fun! Sweet, Stackable fragrance!

Create family time and explore creativity with sweet fragrances and fun activities.

Have you ever bought your kids the coolest new toys, just for them to end up playing with the box it came in instead? Sometimes the box – or the stacking! – really is the best part of the present. JAFRA’s newest fragrance  is interactive and designed in a box that is meant to be played with and reused – perfect for the creative kiddos who love color and tactile play! The new Bitblöx fragrance  looks like blox but smells like fun!  

Candy Apple 2.0 With a Tropical Twist!  

Bitblöx Kandē is a bold apple red bottle that starts on a sweet note with a bright orange oil and tropical passionfruit topped with an irresistible dash of caramelized apple. This floriental and fruity fragrance begins with orange oil, raspberry, and rhubarb. Mid notes of passionfruit, rose and freesia join the heart of the scent and lead us to the signature of the fragrance; the caramelized apple, musk and amber.  

Stack. Connect. Inspire.  

Bitblöx are stackable plastic bottles!The bottles are almost square with a little notch in the side that is perfectly shaped for the cap of the bottles to slide inside. On the front face of the bottles there are four raised dots, and on the back are four small indents. [If you are an 80s baby, these bottles might give you some major nostalgia vibes – reminiscent of a game that had falling bricks] They are a great little interactive fragrance bottle for older kids and teens!  

Creativity Is Cool 

The Cool Carton is made from 95% recycled paper and is designed for creative reuse, so you have an opportunity to give it another life! You can choose to recycle it again thanks to the How2Recycle® label, or you can reuse it and create a super cute container for your desk or room. You can turn it into a crayon or pencil holder… or perhaps a utensil holder for your next garden party – the choice is yours. The cartons come in vibrant colors that bring on the fun. Allow your creative juices to flow and design a new pattern or color scheme for the exterior of your Cool Carton to match your room!  There are so many creative ways to reuse your Cool Carton; What will you do?!  


Make sure to post your creations (with parent permission, of course) and tag @JAFRAcosmetics on social media!  

Stack Up The Fun!  

For kids who appreciate the interactive aspect of Bitblöx, they will be all about incorporating other fun family activities! You can plan to decorate the Cool Carton together or make additional ones for the rest of the family that match theirs! Siblings can get in on the fun too, or you can invite friends over and make a group activity! Continue to stack up the fun by creating a Bitblöx themed dessert night! Bitblöx are dessert-inspired, so why not flip it around and make some desserts inspired by your kid’s new favorite fragrance?! For a cold dessert inspired by this fragrance, try a tropical ice cream bar! Vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit toppings (raspberry, passionfruit, apple, etc), as well as caramel sauce. YUM! For a warm dessert inspired by this fragrance, try a rhubarb and apple cake with homemade caramel sauce … or try a freshly dipped caramelized, candied apple!  


Creating Lasting Memories With Bitblöx 

Crafting a crayon holder or making fragrance-inspired desserts may seem silly at face value to some… but I want you to think back to your childhood and consider the memories that have the strongest emotional connection for you. They likely have a scent component attached to them; maybe it was spending time with your grandmother, or working in the garden with your father, or hugging your favorite cousin… but if you close your eyes… can you smell any of those memories? I would be willing to bet that there are at least a few parts of your childhood that you can vividly smell.  

The best part about an interactive product like Bitblöx is the ability for someone – a sibling, a friend, or a caregiver – to be able to create an amazing memory with a really cool kid. To form a bond. Create a connection.  Centered around a fragrance.  

Bitblöx is a unique fragrance in that it has the opportunity for multiple memories to be made; it is interactive in the construction of its bottle (although it is not a toy per se, it is stackable and fun!), it has a reusable carton, and it has given us the opportunity to be inspired to create delicious desserts and dine together. Enjoy all of these opportunities for connection and inspiration!  

JAFRA Cares About Bees

Our social responsibility initiative includes bee research & education.

At JAFRA, bees are at the heart of our company. We depend on them to make royal jelly, a key ingredient in many of the beauty and skin care products you love, from our iconic Royal Jelly Milk Balm to our newest JAFRA ROYAL innovation. Bees are also earth’s essential workers. Their work as pollinators helps support a healthy environment, contribute to the global economy and ensure a healthy food supply.
JAFRA is taking action to protect bees by donating to Pollinator Partnership. It is the world’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to protecting bees and other pollinators. Their mission is to promote the health of pollinators, crucial to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education and research.
Through Pollinator Partnership, we created the JAFRA Cosmetics International Inc. Honey Bee Health Grant to fund the University of Mexico’s (UNAM) research project in conjunction with France’s National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (INRAE) in Avignon, France. The scientists are developing a tool to evaluate the risk of pesticide exposure for bees. They will share their findings with environmental agencies, researchers and beekeepers.
You can support nature’s hard-working honey bees by planting a pollinator-friendly garden and spreading the word about the importance of bees to a healthy environment. Together we can make a difference!
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