​Halloween is one of my Favorite Holidays

Fashion, Beauty and Transformation

Throughout history, people have always been excited about transforming themselves with makeup and fashion. From ancient facial paint to ball gowns, since the beginning of time, all cultures of the world have always used looks they created for themselves as a form of self-expression. Why are we so intrigued by transforming ourselves? It can change how confident we feel, it can affect the way others respond to us, and when everything comes together perfectly, it can even make you feel like the most beautiful person in the world!

Halloween is here, and it has always been one of my favorite holidays. It is THE holiday dedicated to self-transformation! As a little girl, this was the ultimate day of the year. I could be whoever I wanted to be. A month in advance, I would begin plotting my costuming carefully. The costume was more important to me than the candy or the trick-or-treating.

As an adult, I still love how people respond to costumes. A few years ago, I accompanied my best friend and her kids trick or treating in Malibu. I was dressed as a roller derby girl: blond pigtails, rainbow-colored socks, and roller skates. The kids were asking to take pictures with the Roller Queen.

Beauty products and Fashion not only affect ourselves but also those around you. Somewhere inside everybody loves to play dress-up! Even minimalist and sophisticated looks people create for themselves are still looks ...

Who are you going to be for Halloween? Let’s make this one count! Me, I will definitely be using Jafra’s new Galaxia Palette ... maybe I’ll even turn into Jafra’s Galaxia Girl!

Happy Halloween JAFRA Beauties!

Granddaughter of JAFRA’s founders, Jan and Frank Day, Estel has more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. Through her brand, MARK AND ESTEL, she designs custom bespoke fashion for some of today’s most stylish fashionistas including Lady Gaga, Kendall Jenner, and Kelly Osbourne. Her vast experience on the fashion runway, fashion photoshoots, designing for celebrities and growing up as a JAFRA Baby with Jan and Frank in Malibu gives her a unique perspective on beauty, style, high-fashion, and our JAFRA founders!


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