The Best Sunglasses for your Face Shape

Tips to finding your perfect pair

Sunglasses are a fashion staple no matter what season! The right sunglasses will define not only your face, but your persona, while also protecting your eye health. Here is a guide to discover the ideal sunglasses for your face shape.
Square face
When you have a square face (a strong jaw line and broad forehead), try frames with rounded edges to soften the angles of your face. A frame that sits high on your face will also pull attention away from your prominent jaw. The best styles for you are a modern cat eye (with edges that round down) and cool aviators.
Round face
When your face is round, your approach is the opposite of your square-faced friends. Choose styles with rectangular or square frames to balance the curviness of your face. Darker colors (black or dark brown tortoise) will help minimize roundness as well. If you like curved frames, try a traditional cat eye with sharp corners that point upwards.
Heart-shaped face
If you have a heart-shaped face (broader forehead, high cheekbones and narrow chin), look for sunglasses that accentuate your chin to balance out your face. Styles to try should be wider than your face; they can also be lighter in color. Also try frames that emphasize the lower rims and bring attention downward.
Oval face
Oval faces can really get away with any shaped shades! Whether it be a classic Jackie O, a feminine cat-eye, rimless aviators or retro square frames you have the option to choose any style that will reflect your personality and mood.


Nina Sutton is a TV host, spokesperson and beauty/lifestyle expert. She specializes in mommy beauty and style.  She is also one of the winners of People Magazine’s “Real Beauty at Every Age” contest and was featured in the April 2012 “Most Beautiful” issue. With an MBA and a business background in beauty, fashion and consumer packaged goods, Nina brings real world expertise to audiences around the country.

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